2019 fashion vs 2020 fashion


           You know about the fashions. Even if you are doing fashions or else, you are expecting to do fashions. However, if you are interested in the latest fashions, this article will benefit you. You know that if your heart is pure and beautiful, you have a beautiful face too. As well as that any fashion suits you. If you are busy with your work, you can’t pay more attention to your styles. Therefore you can use this as a guide for maintenance of your physical appearance. I told you about the hairstyles and hair colours through my previous article. Now we would talk about another essential thing for your physical appearance.          

       There are new trends that are upcoming for every season, every year and the everyday. Same as that there are new trends for this year 2019. We will say about them now. They are as follows. 

  •  Choker necklaces
  •  Sweatpants
  •  Ripped denim
  •  Cut off jeans short
  •  Wide leg pants.

Those above are the trends of 2019. Now I describe them briefly. 

2019 new trends of the year

  Choker necklaces

 This is a type of cute necklace. But this necklace symbolises the woman who is wearing this as a prostitute. But some women practise wearing these types of chains that express individualism and self-pride. These types of necklace worn by women in ancient civilizations to the protection of their neck parts 


  This is a somewhat different name. Why is this called as sweatpant? Because this is made out of the heat, consume material. This is a suitable material that is suitable for activities such as athletic activities, sports activities, jogging and exercise activities. Not only in that activities these sweatpants are using but also in casual wearing. These are made out of using soft fabric. 

Ripped denim

   In ripped denim, there are tears and rips. Usually there the rips and tears are on the knees. But now there are rips and damages are in other places too. As well as that if you want to rip your Jean, you can use a knife, scissors or a razor. Using this equipment we can cut and tear our denim. These jeans symbolise the free lifestyle of Europian people. 

Cut off jeans short.

   These types of jeans made out easily through the long jeans. There is no fem in these types of jeans. You can make this out using scissors or tweezers in other than that you can make short jeans out of a skirt. 

Wide leg pants 

    There are some types of wide-leg pants flares, palazzo and flares

 Those above are some of the most popular trends of this 2019 year. Now we would talk about the next year 2020. 

2020 new trends of the year

  Now I’ll tell you about the new fashion of the next year. They are as follows.

  •  The disco collar
  •  Crochet 
  •  Hot pants 
  •  Highlighter reel
  •  Tiered maxi skirt

I can describe them briefly. 

The disco collar

    Do you know how should a disco 70 can wear? At first, you have to wear a collared shirt. Then unbutton the top buttons of the shirt. After that, wear bell-bottom pants. Then find a 70’s jacket. Then throw a pair of black platform shoes. Wear a medallion necklace. Finally, style your hair according to the style. 

Crochet collar pattern

    This is a beautiful collar pattern that is mostly using. There are some types of collar patterns. They are as follows. 

  1. Simple peter pan collar pattern 
  2. Lacy peter pan crochet collar pattern
  3. Soft Spoken crochet lace collar pattern
  4. Versatile retro georgette collar pattern 
  5. Pierrot crochet collar pattern
  6. Crochet collar necklace pattern 
  7. One skein ribbed lattice collar pattern
  8. Crochet lace collar and mitts pattern
  9. Adjustable size crochet collar pattern
  10. Dorrit collar and cuffs crochet pattern 

Hot pants

      They are short of shorts. This is also one of treading fashion nowadays. This is mean to fashionable wear and sportswear. Usually, these are along with the mini skirts.

Tiered maxi skirt

     This is a unique type of skirt. Layered skirt, tiered skirt, and cotton tiered skirt are such types of beautiful dresses. 

 These are all about new trends of 2019 and 2020 both years. 

Colour trends of 2019

  Now I am going to introduce to you the new colour trends of the 2019 year. Fiesta, jester red, turmeric, living coral, pink peacock, pepper stem, aspen gold and princess blue are some of them. They are as follows. 


    This is a bright red and orange in colour. 

Jester red

    This is the colour of love, passion, warmth. This conveys energy, strength, and courage


    This is a type of golden yellow 

 Living coral 

     This is similar to a pink colour. There is another importance in this colour. This is announced as the colour of the year. 

Pink peacock

    This is a bright magenta with cool purple. 

Pepper stem

     This is a sesty green colour

Aspen gold

     This is a medium yellow colour. 

 Those above are the new trends of the 2019 year. Now I have to move my topic to 2020. 

Colour trends of 2020

  The future colour trends of 2020 years as follows. Flame scarlet, saffron, classic blue, Biscay green, chive, faded denim are some of the top colours. 

 Flame scarlet

    This is red in colour. This has some slight orange colour. 


   This is a type of orange colour. 

Classic blue

   This is a type of blue colour. 

Biscay green

   This is a type of light green colour. 


  This is dark green in colour. 

Faded denim

  This is a combination of dark and light blue colours.

  I finished about the trending clothes and the trending colours for the years 2019 and 2020

 Now I would like to tell you about the new trends of the year. 

 Those are as follows. 

  • ● Nautical themes are making waves
  •  New year new denim
  •  Sweaters get lighter and brighter 
  •  Rediscover wrap dress
  •  Skirts are getting shorter 
  •  Be bold in black

 I think now you are wondering about what you are going to dress in the next year. Here is the solution. It is,

 New year, new denim

    This denim has new features like embroidering, straight legs, lower rises and dark rinses. I think you have to try your own to test other trends and understand them. Then work those once. 

 Now I am giving you some extraordinary information about these new trends. Now I have a question to ask from you. It is, do you know the fashion colour of the 2019 year? This is a sweet lilac colour and it is a pretty pink colour. alsothis is a beautiful and charming colour. 

    Turmeric colour is the summer colour code 2019. This is similar to the golden colour. Living coral is the colour of the year 2019. This is a warm pink colour. 

  I have come to the end of this article. I think I gave you some useful details about the latest fashions. As I told above these details will be helpful for you. 

all pictures from Unsplash.com. also wee have many more posts about fashion. you can read it clicking here.


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