A 7-year-old game reached 2nd place in best game chart


Counter strike global offensive got the second place in the recent ranking of the most popular core PC games. League of Legends got first place while Minecraft is the second place. But I would like to tell you about the counter strike global offensive that reached the third place. this 7-year-old game; Counter strike global offensive is 2nd top game in the highest current player chart.

2nd best game in the world

Do you know how did the ranking takes place? Sometimes you may know that. The top games are selected through research on a random month of the year and according to the number of players who play these games. From that counter-strike global offensive got the third place.
CS: GO is the short name that the players called counter strike global offensive. In other than that counter strike global offensive is a game that can play free. But this goes free after the introduction of a new battle royal mode. It is the Danger Zone. Before that, this game costs about $14.99. From the 6th of December 2018 onwards this game made to play entirely free. In August 2018, they released the offline version of the game as well. So there is a free version of this game you can play that free forever. If you want to play this game online for free, you can download the no-steam version of the game.


Minh Lee and Jess Cliffe have designed a counter strike. Even valve corporation and hidden path entertainment developed this game. Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, Linux are some platforms for counter strike. This is a multiplayer shooter video game. This was first released on the 21st of August 2012. This is the fourth game in the series of counter strike global offensive. The development process of the counter strike global offensive began in March 2010.


There are nine stages in counter strike global offensive. They are competitive mode, casual mode, deathmatch mode, arms race mode, demolition mode, wingman mode, flying Scotsman mode danger zone mode and weapons course mode. From out those nine modes, the competitive and casual mode is the types that the players mostly played. This is an FPS game. What is an FPS game?

Sometimes you may know that. First Person Shooter is called FPS in the short term. In here the player can see the hand that is holding the weapon only. If you have the following needs in your pc, you can play counter strike global offensive comfortably. You need 15GB of free disk space to install this game compulsory. In other than that you need 2GB RAM to play this game, and you have to get a CPU Intel Core 2 Duo E6600.
Though this is a well-developed game the name of this game named for numerous awards, as for examples “Best spectator Game “in IGN’s Best of 2017 Awards, “esports Game of the Year” at 2017,2018 and 2019,Golden Joystick Awards for “Best esports game” at The Game Awards 2017, “fan favourite esports game “and “fan favourite esports league format “and “esports title of the year” of Australian Games Awards, this significance causes for my decision to write my article about counter strike global offensive.


In this game, there are two against teams. Those are terrorists and the country terrorists. Terrorists are the group that plant bombs and defend the prisoners. Counter terrorists are the group that prevents the bomb blasting and rescuing the prisoners. In the beginning, they got some adverse reactions to this game. Later with the new versions, people praise global offensive. The developers estimated about 11 million players per month.
Earlier I told you about the nine modes of counter strike global offensive.


Now I would like to explain briefly about some that the players mostly used to give you some rough idea. In here the counter strike global offensive competitive mode is more severe than the casual and deathmatch method. Arms race and demolition are like gun games. In that, the guns can be upgraded through killing enemies. There are five types of weapons. They are rifles, submachine guns (SMGs), heavy, pistols and grenades. In the grenades, there are different types of grenades as hand grenades, smoke grenades and Incendiary grenades.

Flashbang is a gun that used to make blind the players for sometimes. In the demolition, the player can plant as well as explode the bomb. The player can upgrade their gun when starting a new round if they have killed an enemy. To prevent cheating, there is a valve anti-cheat system. In other than that in Counter-Strike Global offensive, there is a spread range of weapons. Just for as examples shotguns, pistols, submachine guns.

items you can buy

With the release of counter strike global offensive, there are new accessories released too, such as headsets, mouse, and mouse pads. After the first release, designers began to update the game with new maps and weapons. Arms Deal is also a such an update as well as those players can add to the game user creative content such as custom game modes.
With the popularity of this game, the media get attracted towards counter strike global offensive. Turner Broadcasting and US cable television are such media companies.

Top of charts

Counter strike global offensive got to the top of the best game charts as soon as global offensive released. I told you this game got many positive reviews from the people. The study from gamesTM says that “the game as a glowing reminder that quality game design is rewarded in longevity and variety”. In other than that Mr Martin Gaston said that excellent instalment of the best games ever made”. Alistair Pinsof said that Global Offensive is a “polish and better looking.”

From the above article, I told you about the game counter strike global offensive. As I mentioned above, that took place in the third of the world’s best and popular top games. If you want to download counter strike global offensive check whether your PC is suitable according to given guidelines, if you desired to play this game, I think the above details would be beneficial. let’s discuss, comment down your thoughts


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