A Brief guide to Edge Computing


Have you ever thought about your data belonging to a network, which is being processed and interpreted as valuable information for decision making? For instance, what if the mobile application that you are using to analyse your sleeping patterns might help to uncover new patterns on your generation’s lifestyle? The emergence of the IoT (internet of things) revolution, information technology has reached a significant milestone in this decade. 

The devices that we own to transfer information such as IoT (internet of things) devices are used diversely as solutions for everyday problems that we encounter. For example, a police car now has connectivity to the head quarters database with multiple systems such as sensors, scanners and cameras. The input information that gets through these systems, are directly connecting with the database for processing, which outputs meaningful information for the end user. 

However, until recently, the communication between these devices and the primary application raised a big question mark, with regard to its security and connectivity. Not all IoT devices are connected to a cloud server at all times and were vulnerable to hacking attacks. This led engineers to look into the possibility of distributed processing and streamline the flow of traffic for the servers. Therefore, the term “Edge Computing”emerged.

Edge computing suggests that the devices locally process the data, closer to where the data generates instead of sending to the server to process. This will be a time saver for most systems communicating with hundreds of devices, real time.

When it comes to security, the debate is twofold. Some experts argue that since the data will not travel back and forth to servers, the processed information would be much secure than taking long routes to servers where as some defend by stating that keeping data locally would be much more vulnerable to threats. Either way, the more secure the device and its generated data through encryption and access controls, the less vulnerable it would be for attacks.


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