A solar eclipse 26th of Dec, 2019


   You know that there are incidents that happen very rarely. The scientists and other people wait for these incidents for years. That is important as that. Now we will talk directly about our topic. You know that it is a natural event. There are some other natural incidents too. Some of them are moon eclipse and Meteorite showers. From here, I had decided to tell you about a recent solar eclipse. But before that, there are some more that you have to know. Then you have to know what is the solar eclipse. 

What is a solar eclipse???? 

   I think you know that solar means the sun. Then what is an eclipse??. Then we see that. 


   Usually, a solar eclipse occurs when the sun, moon, and earth are aliens. And then, a solar eclipse occurs when the part of the earth in a shadow by the moon. It blocks the sunlight from the sun. Here it means the moon. I think you have heard about a total eclipse. In that situation, the disk of the sun is entirely obscured by the moon. 

   You know that looking straight towards the solar eclipse is a harmful feature to our eyes. As well as that cause various disorders of the eye. Some of them are permanent eye damage or the blindness of the eye. But seeing at a solar eclipse can be done in various ways. Some safety precautions have to follow when you are looking at a solar eclipse. You have to develop an indirect viewing of the eclipse, or else you have to use special eye protection when seeing at an eclipse. 

   In other than that this solar eclipse has various phases. But unfortunately, many people don’t realize those phases. Approximately the solar eclipse remains for about 3 hours. I remembered to tell you this when I heard about a recent solar eclipse that is on the 26th of December. I’ll let you know more details later. Now we have to see the next part of the solar eclipse. 

How a total solar eclipse works

   Here above, I told you about the eclipses of the earth. One eclipse remains for about 7.5 minutes for any location. As similar to the phases, four types of eclipses are there. The total eclipse, the annular eclipse, the hybrid eclipse, and the partial eclipse are those four types. See below for a brief description of those four types.


  • Total eclipse 

     This occurs when the moon obscures the bright light of the sun. In the narrow track, the totality occurs at best. The narrow trail is called the path of totality. 

  • Annular eclipse 

    This is happening when the sun and the moon and the earth are in the same line. But there is another thing. As you know, the moon is smaller than the sun. Therefore you see the Moon’s s surface area cannot cover the sun ‘s surface area. Because of that, the sun can be seen as a ring behind the moon at this time. It can be known as a bright ring. It is called annulus too. 

  • Hybrid eclipse

     I think you can understand what is this by the topic itself. The hybrid means a mixture of two. The hybrid eclipse is a mixture of the above two eclipses. These are infrequent eclipse types. This can be seen as a total eclipse in some parts of the earth, while this is visible as an annular eclipse to another part of the planet.

  • Partial eclipse

  This occurs when the sun and moon and the earth are not in the same line. This can be seen from the large part of the earth outside the track of an annular solar eclipse. There are observable when there is someone observing through a darkening filter. 

  For example, in 1969, Apollo 12 observed the Earth eclipse the sun. In other than that, the Cassini probe observed Saturn eclipsing the sun in 2006. The moon’s orbit is elliptical in shape. That is similar to the earth’s orbit around the sun. 

   In the above, I told you that there are types of eclipses. There is one generic term for all those. It is a central eclipse. But this is totally correct. Here we will look at the definition of the primary eclipse. See below. 

  ” the central eclipse is an eclipse during which the central line of the umbra touches the Earth’s surface.” 


Total Solar eclipse

  Now I had told you many details about the eclipses. I think now you think that there are many details about this. But there are some more. We will see them too. In the above, there are some more phrases. Now I am going to say what are those. See the below for that. 

    They are the first contact, second contact, Totality, third contact, and the fourth contact. The first contact is the phase that the moon’s edge is tangential to the sun’s edge. In the second contact, the disk is fully covered. That is mostly starting with the bailey’s beads and the diamond ring effect. The other one is the totality. In this incident, the moon obscures the entire disk of the sun. The solar corona is only visible. The next is third contact. Here, the first bright light can be seen. Shadow of the moon moves away from the observer. Then the diamond ring can be observed again. The last one is the fourth contact. This is the ending of the solar eclipse. Here the trailing edge of the moon overlaps with the solar disk. 

  I told you much information related to solar eclipses, as I said above. There will make a solar eclipse on the 26th of December 2019. We will see them now. 

Recent solar eclipse 

    This eclipse was identified as an annular solar eclipse. I think you remembered that. If not, see the above. I had described it earlier. This solar eclipse will visible to various countries. They are as Oman, India, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Qatar, Northern Mariana Island and Indonesia. There is another thing. That solar eclipse will not be visible to all over the country. There are certain places that we can see. For example, Doha, Madurai, Dumai, Jaffna, and Kuching are some of them. 

  The estimated time duration of this eclipse is 220 seconds. There are many organizations that ready to have workshops on this day to observe the eclipse. Sometimes you may be a person who is organizing such type of campaign, or else you can be a member who would like to participate in the campaign. Therefore I think these above details are more resourceful. 

   When you are observing this eclipse, don’t forget the precautions that have to follow. If not, you can have some disorders due to light. Hence this is an annular eclipse. You would be able to see the sun as a bright ring. We will see that in a few more dates. Stay peacefully.


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