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It’s a no secret batman is one of the greatest super(my most favourite character ) heroin dc universe. Today batman has won every field, comic television also in the movie. Batman is a genius who has a 192 IQ level. And also he is a billionaire .so he has all the power to make his suits better.
Here are the best armours ever he made(top 10). And I want to mention its only about armours. Such things like batman beyond suit have bat suit didn’t count.

10. Dark Night Returns Armor

Batman created this armour to defeat the superman in DNR limited series. Its the armour also used in batman vs superman movie. And it also used in the batman brave in the bold cartoon. Everyone knows this is the most popular armour in history. Because it used for most famous fights in all of comics, account like superman vs night return.
This armour is one of the most vigorous and most iconic shields, which allows Batman to lift the Batmobile with one hand. But it’s not the best armour ever he made.but; personally, it’s my favourite.

 9.Bat Mans Augmentation Suit-bat man and robin issue 12 of the new 52

Bat Man firstly used this armour to fight with a villain named terminus, who has a superhuman strength suit in issue 12 of the new 52.
This armour is pretty impressive, and it has super strength.it has red eyes and a red bat icon on the chest. And it’s capable of granting the man inside immense power and flight capabilities, and it allows Batman to stop a nuclear missile dead in its tracks.

 8.jim gorden’s Bat Man Armor-bat girl vol4

 Gorden’s batman armour made by power industries for Gim Gordon. It made by nanocarbon. It has a rocket launcher on its shoulders. And the best thing is it has autopilot mode.it was like getting two batmans for the price of one.

 7.Azrael Bat Man Armor-Batman Sword of Azreal

This armour is not a one of bruce armor.this made for Jean-Paul Valley.it has massive blades on its hand. And its design was great. Its a custom made armour with the razor disk blades and a large cool cape.
Jean-paul called as Assbat. He trained by bruce as an upcoming batman.

6.kingdom Come Armor- kingdom come

Its a suit of future in 2020. In 2020 most of the Justice League members retired, including Batman. But Bruse didn’t leave Gotham unprotected.he made a league of bat knights to protect his city.robots can’t be the only defence against superior threats.
So batman returned and helped to superman.on that time he wears this suit.it made him young again and make him equal to superman.

5.Bat Man Beyond Armor-Bat Man beyond 2.0

Batman creates this to presumably aid him in his old age, so that he may continue his crusade against crime in Gotham City.
It has synthetic kryptonite lased into the suit. That could be activated while fighting with superman. It also has superhuman strength and heightened senses. However, the best part is that the suit automatically generates its batarangs.

4.justice armour-2005 justice comic series

Bat man use this to protect himself from Brainiac’s mind control.it’s designed for combat against the world’s toughest supervillains.
This suit has wings that can make him fly. And it can take a punch from superman.

3.Thrasher Armor- Bat Man issue 8 of the new 52

This suit was built for war.and its design to thrash people around.
The suit is made by meta-aramid fibres wich stronger than kevlar the armour. It’s capable of withstanding polarising temperatures. And also, it can produce enough oxygen for Batman to survive in for several weeks.
Also, it can emit an electromagnetic pulse.

2.Justice Buster Armor-Batman issue 35 of new 52

This armour can take down the entire justice league. The Justice Buster armour contains protocols to withstand attacks from every Justice League member.it has super strength and red sun knuckles to punch cap out of superman.at last, this is a beast.

1.Hell Bat Armor 

This armour is the most durable armour ever made.this made by justice league members to make batman as a super Human .super man forged the shield in the sun and green lantern create wings. Flash test the suit to make sure it could withstand the speed force. Cyborg gave the advanced armour technology, and even wonder women and aqua man contribute it.
Being the most potent Batsuit, the Hellbat Armor enables Batman to fly, run at super speed, and emit massive energy blasts, while also enhancing his strength and durability. 
But it has a dark side allso.it drain energy from batman’s metabolism. So batman can even die if he wears it for an extended period.
But with this suit batman can fight with the Darkside himself self.so this is the most magnificent armour ever made.
All images are copyrighted to Wonerbros and DC comic. this is for the fair use and we will not provide links

Let’s talk about, The best criminal mastermind, the joker has many origin stories. And today we are going to discuss him.


1.The man behind the red hood(most common story)

This story is from batman vol.1#168. This comic wrote by Bill’s finger.
Batman and robin invited to teach criminology for Gotham university students.
Over a month batman decided to give a real case to students about the red hood.
After students investigations that the Red Hood decided to steal one million dollars from the Monarch Playing Card Company, but was thought to have been killed after jumping into a basin of the company’s chemicals following a confrontation with Batman.
But the real story is, He survived but was left with his trademark green hair, chalk-white skin, and red lips. After the accident, he thought its a batman’s mistake. Then he starts to revenge from batman by dedicating his life. And he became the joker.

2.The killing joke

This story is from batman the killing joke in 1988 wrote by alan Moore.

An engineer worked at a chemical company, and he quits his job to become a comedian. But he failed. At that time, His wife was pregnant, and he needs some money for her. Then he agrees to guide two criminals through the chemical plant where he previously worked. But during the planning his wife has died in a household accident .the engineer tries to withdraw from the plan, but the criminals strong-arm him into keeping his commitment to them.
Once inside, they encounter security personnel, a shootout ensues, and the two criminals are killed. The engineer is confronted by Batman, who is investigating the disturbance. The engineer scared and jumped to the chemical tank. The chemicals have permanently bleached his skin chalk-white, stained his lips ruby-red, and dyed his hair bright green. The engineer lost his family and became a freak. He becomes the joker.

3.Bat man movie

This story from batman movie 1989. This movie directed by Timm burton.
In this story, the joker was a gangster named Jack Napier. And also he was the killer of bruse’s parents.
And he was the second in command of mob boss Carl Grissom.With the help of corrupt police lieutenant Max Eckhardt, Grissom engineers Napier’s death in a raid at Axis Chemicals. However, Grissom’s plan is foiled with the sudden arrival of Commissioner Gordon, who wants Napier captured alive.

In the ensuing shootout, Napier, who has realised he was set up, kills Eckhardt. Batman arrives and, in a struggle, Napier is knocked into a vat of chemicals. Batman escapes, and Napier is presumed dead.
Napier emerges from the vat but is left disfigured with chalk-white skin, emerald green hair, and a rictus grin. The sociopathic Napier is driven insane by the incident and begins calling himself “the Joker.”

4.love and the madmen

This story is from batman confidential #7-12 (2007-2008). This is written by andy Diggle.
One year after Batman starts his war, bruce starts a relationship with Lorna shore. A man named Jack, who was a waiter, start a carrier in criminal. He robs a bank .and during the rob batman and police arrive. Jack leaves a note for Batman thanking to make his day.

Over the next weeks, Jack commits random crimes to draw out Batman and observes from a distance Batman’s frustration with being unable to capture him.
At this time, Lorna made a new computer to calculate Jack’s next crime. When Batman arrives and interrupts the theft, Jack takes Lorna as a hostage. Jack draws a knife and slashes Lorna across her midsection before attempting to flee. In a fit of rage, Batman flings a Batarang at Jack. It cuts him on both sides of his jaw, giving Jack a Glasgow smile. Batman takes Lorna to the hospital, where she is in critical condition. After Batman got mad and he called a jack’s enemy and informed Jack’s location. This enemy, Malatesta, beat him, but he manages to escape and fight them before falling into an empty chemical vat. Jack is disappointed to have still survived his fall. A goon tries to shoot Jack, but the bullet hits a massive container of anti-psychotics above them, flooding the vat. Batman arrives but believes Jack is dead. Believing he is about to die, Jack wishes he could see Batman one last time. He happens to see a drainpipe, leading him to a lake outside the factory. Jack emerges from the water with green hair, bleached skin, red lips, and his brown suit dyed purple. He begins to laugh at the joke that the world is playing on him, and becomes the joker.

5.The house of hush

This story is from batman street of Gotham #14-21(2010-2011). It was written by paul dini. In this story, Martha works as an aid at a clinic. There, she regularly looks over Sonny, a young boy in foster care who suffers frequent abuse from others.
A criminal named Sallie Guzzo kidnapped this kid, and he keeps sony as his aide in his home, abusing and molesting the boy. The many years later joker killed this gangster repeating words the mobster once told Sonny.

All images are copyrighted to Wonerbros and DC comic. this is for the fair use, and we will not provide links


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