Apple Airpods Vs. Airpods pro (also about why apple best )


 I have some questions to ask from you before starting my topic. Do you have an airpod? I guess you have an airpod or else you are thinking to buy an airpod. This article will be useful for both people groups here I mentioned above. If you have an airpod, see whether these following features consist within your airpod. Is there the active noise cancellation? Function in your airpod? Is there contain H1 chip? Is your airpod can charge wireless? In other than that is there the battery life good? Now I think you had answered all the above questions. If the answer is yes, your airpod is the best one. There are only a few of such type airpods. Have to be an apple airpod. Today I would like to tell you about apple airpods. 

         Before that, we have to know some more about this production company. It is the apple company that is famous throughout the world. 

Apple company

    This is an American Company, and it was started on the 1st of April 1976. You know that there are many electronic devices, computer software and online services along with the apple brand. There are Apple mobile phones, Apple tablets and Apple computers. I’ll tell you which fields that apple company is famous. They are as follows. 

Main things apple made or sell,

  •     Artificial Intelligence 
  •     Semiconductors 
  •     Computer hardware
  •     Computer software 
  •     Cloud computing 
  •     Consumer electronics 
  •     Digital distribution 

Basic details

  The founders of this Apple Company are Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. I told you above that this company is famous for software, hardware and online services. Now I can list down them under their category. Some equipment of this company is an iPhone smartphone, iPad tablet computer, iPod (portable media player). Apple watches (smartwatch), Apple TV (media player,) Homepad smart speaker. macOS, iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS are the software or the operating systems made by Apple companies.

Final cut pro, logic pro and Xcode are types of professional applications by Apple organisation. iTunes Store, Apple Music, Mac App store are some of the online services by Apple company. Apple pay, Apple care, Apple store, Genius Bar are some other services. There are about 132,000 employees in apple company. Apple Energy, LLC, Apple worldwide video, Apple Sales International are the subsidiaries of the apple company. 

 The headquarters of the Apple Company is in Cupertino, California. Apple occupied many essential places in history. This organisation has several records. They are as follows.

Golden records

  •     World ‘s most valuable company 
  •     World’s largest technology company 
  •     First public US company to be valued over $1 trillion. 
  •     World’s third-largest mobile phone manufacturer 
  •     iTunes Store is the largest music trailer. 
  •     Apple brand is the most valuable brand. 

This all above are the significance of Apple products. 

Do you know that about 1.3 billion people are using Apple products? 

 There are many significant points in the history of the Apple company. There are too many so that I’ll tell you only about in 2019.

 On the 29th of January 2019, Apple company reported its profits in a decade. 

 In February 2019 Apple company bought ToyTalk company 

 On 25th July 2019, Apple and Intel had an agreement. I have to tell you another important thing. It is a plan of Apple company. Sydney Morning Herald said that Apple is planning to create an electric car in 2020. As well as that they expected to produce this car with autonomous driving. Other than that Apple decided that automobile engineers from Tesla Motors, LG Chem, Samsung Electronics, and Panasonic had to take part in this project. 


 I think you have found much more details about the Apple Company. Now we will talk about airpods. These are superb airpods that you can find. There are mainly two types of Airpods produced by the Apple company. Those are, 

  •     First one with a charging case
  •     The second one with the Qi-based wireless charging case. 

Now I’ll move my way towards the Apple airpod pro. 

Comparison Apple airpod pro and Apple airpod 

  As you know, this is made using advanced technology. You can listen through this airpod pro about 4.5 hours after one charge. As well as that through Apple airpod, you can listen to about 5 hours. In both of Apple airpod and airpod pro have the Hey Siri always on. In Apple airpod pro there is wireless charging case included. In Apple airpod, there is wireless charging case, and a standard charging case included. Personalized engraving feature presents in both Apple airpod and airpod pro. You can buy Airpod pro for $249 and airpod at a cost $159.

    Now we will look about only apple airpod pro. 

Apple airpod pro

   Apple airpod pro has a rating of IPX4 under IEC standard 60529. This is water-resistant and sweat resistant. Don’t charge Apple airpod pro under wet conditions as well as that the water-resistant and sweat-resistant are not permanent conditions. It is not valid in water environments. This is thoroughly tested under laboratory conditions. I mentioned above only the resistance of the airpod. But it is not acceptable for the charging case. The charging case is not water-resistant and sweat resistant. This can adjust to mid and too low frequencies easily. Here the H1 chip employs ten audio cores. The force sensor is to control music and calls quickly. 

 Tests are conducted in February 2019. It is done using 2nd generation airpods, charging case, wireless charging case units, iPhone XS unit. This consist of full airpod battery discharged while playing audio. These battery settings depend on one the environment, settings and usage. This consists of 358 various audio tracks by the iTunes store. In here the battery was charged up to 50%. The cycle is repeated until discharging the airpod, and the case is over. 

  The test of Apple airpod conducted in October 2019 under laboratory conditions. This is tested using airpod pro with wireless charging case and software paired with iPhone 11 pro max. In this test, they have used 358 various audio tracks tested. Noise cancellation and transparency turned off the listening were up to 5 hours. Here even battery life depends on the usage, settings and the environment. The battery is charged up to 100%.

  I have to come to the end of my article. I told you about the recent two airpods. Now I think you can suggest a good airpod for yourselves.


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