Ariane 5 launch


 They have begun the new year 2020 with a successful step. That is the launch of the Ariane 5. That brings a fortunate result. Therefore this year will help them all the success in their project. Here, who are they?? That has to be the leader of the above project. That is. Arianespace. Actually, that is not the Ariane 5. They have released communication payloads. Those are through the Ariane 5. Along with that, another commercial European broadband satellites also launched. There are another 21 launches. We can see all those in the future. Mainly they have planned about 22 launches. Among them, one is already succeeded. 

NASA’s rockets

  All the above launching took place on the 16th of January 2020. That means the last Thursday. The Ariane 5 rocket is tall about 180 feet. There are two boosters. They are solid-fueled. There is another stage that fueled by hydrogen. Do you know the launchpad??? That is the ELA 3 launch pad. That was on the French. The Ariane 5 achieved an amazing speed. The speed is near to the speed of the sound. Actually, it is less than one minute. The first stage of the rocket has to be separated. Normally it is releasing to the oceans in the world.

  The above procedure is also the same. The first stages fell to the Atlantic ocean. There is a certain location of the fallen part. Definitely, that part fell to the ocean in the west to Africa. The main engine shut down for nine minutes. 

  Then the second stage also has to shut down. There is a certain amount of time to do that. It is shutting down to release the Eutelsat connect to the satellite. The above instrument has a special task. That is the instrument designed for broadband connection to the people who are living in Africa and Europe.

  After releasing the above, the other one even released. That is the Indian instrument. That is the Indian GSAT 30 communication spacecraft. All things happen as per the plan. Do you know the upcoming projects of the same company??? You know the company is. Aerospace. One of them is Vega C. There is another one. That is the update of the Ariane 5. That is the Ariane 6. That becomes the launch vehicle in the future. Within this year, you can see about 12 launches. They will be the launches of Soyuz, Vega, and Ariane 5.

All rockets will launch from the same center in the above paragraphs. 

  Except then the above, another eight flights will launch from another site. That is in Kazakhstan. In their eight flights will be performed by the Soyuz. Soyuz is a rocket made by Russia. Finally, Soyuz will release many satellites into space. When it performs one launch, it will carry 30 satellites. Like that, it will carry 30 satellites per launch. Finally, that will place more than 300 satellites in the sky.

SpaceX Rocket

  I can say something for sure. Within this year, Arianespace performs about six launch pads. Overall the Arianespace finished about nine launches in the last year. Among them, one didn’t succeed. That is a launch by Vega. That launched in July. That is about the destroying of falcon eye one rocket. The above task is for some special countries. The above country is the United Arab Emirates. Vega is an Italian production. 

  Vega will continue its work in the future. It will start its work in March this year. Before the above launch, there is another one to launch. That is the Soyuz. That is the first full-scale mission. The whole Soyuz is not using for the above mission. Only the Soyuz booster is using. Fregat upper stage uses with the Soyuz booster. 

   The JCSAT 17 will release to space in the middle of February. That is a type of communication satellite. This is not alone. GEO Kompsat 2B is the other one. That is in South Korea. This is a type of ocean ministering spacecraft. Through the Vega, another space vehicle will launch. That will launch two of them. Those are the French Taranis Scientific Satellite and the Spanish Ingeno Earth Observation. 

  The other launch of the Soyuz will release three other satellites. Those are spy satellites. The above satellites are for the French military. Then we have to know about the Ariane 6. This will launch in the last part of this year. This will use to launch the one Web spacecraft. All over, there are about 650 satellites that will orbit in space. That is for the benefit of people all over the world. Through the above people will receive a good and speedy Internet connection. 

  Mainly there are two of the Ariane spacecraft. They are as Ariane 62 and the Ariane 64. The above Ariane 62 is with two strap solid rocket boosters while Ariane 64 is with four boosters. 

Then I have told all the basic details of the recent missions by Arianespace. Now we will see some brief details about the company. According to the above details, it is depicted the Arianespace plays an important role in satellite communication worldwide. Mainly those are for military use and for the Internet connection. Then we will see about the Arianespace. 

The Arianespace

   This is a spread organization. There are many people symbolizing various nationalities. This is a commercial service provider corporation. As in the above, there are many launch vehicles. They are as Vega, Ariane 5, Ariane 6, and the Soyuz. The above corporation was founded in 1980.

  This has a proud history. Until now, it has launched about 600 satellites. Not only the above Ariane 5 and Ariane 6, but also there are Ariane 1, Ariane 2, Ariane 3, and Ariane 4. The major competitors of Arianespace are the SpaceX. There are some others, but SpaceX is the major one. 

  In 2004, the Arianespace took half of the market of releasing satellites into the orbit. Orbit means the geostationary orbit. There is another thing to tell you. Arianespace holds a main place in the European space agency. That is a leading place in the marketing field. 

  That is about the Arianespace organization. Then we will see another important space vehicle. That is, 

Vega Mission

    This is a space filed program that aimed mainly on the venus missions. Those two spacecraft included in the above mission are Vega 1 and Vega 2. Other than the venus, this is to observe Halley’s comet. 

  The power supplying method is different in the above spacecraft — no need to use fuels for that. Only the sunlight is needed. Because there are solar panels there, other than the solar panels, there are other instruments too. Some of them are cameras, spectrometers, magnetometers, and infrared sounder. 

   The single spacecraft can not perform such a task. Therefore some other instruments also needed for that. Examples for penetrometer, meteocomplex sensors, hygrometer, small solar batteries, aerosol analyzer, chromatography, and the scatterometer. Now Vega is in stable places. Those are now at the heliocentric orbits. 

  All the above are a brief description of the Vega Mission and the spacecraft. In the above, I told you about the recent launches that will take place. Then we will move to the next topic. That is, 

Ariane 5

NASA Orion spacecraft conducts first altitude abort system test

   This can be identified as one member of the Ariane rocket family. This is a space vehicle that uses to send some payloads to geostationary orbits. There are mainly two stages in the above spacecraft. There is a special capability of the above spacecraft. That is, on one launch, two payloads can release to space. There is a special term for that. That is the dual launch capability. 

   There are two things that can be used for the main stage of the above space vehicle. Those two are liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen. There are two solid rocket boosters are there. You also know there is a second stage. That is usually placed below the payloads. Through that, you can understand some other things. That is, the second stage is above the main stage. 

   These projects cannot be maintained at a low cost. There can be two satellites that can launch by the same mission. One can be placed in the upper position, and the other one is at the lower position. The total cost is about 150 million Euros. That was the estimated cost in 2015.

   This above description says about the Ariane 5. Then we will see about the Ariane 6 spacecraft. That will launch in the future. 

Ariane 6 

   Like the above one, this is also a spacecraft of an Ariane family. In the above, I told you the instances where this will use. This will perform its initial flight in the year 2020. This is the upcoming member of the above family. Until now, this is a developing project. 

   There are two or four boosters included in the above spacecraft. As in the above, there are two types of the above Ariane 6. Those areas Ariane 62 and the Ariane 64.

   There is a specific name for the first stage of the above vehicle. That is LLPM. There are lower liquid propulsion modules, solid rockets, and the above part liquid propulsion module are some parts of the above-mentioned space vehicle. On the 6th of May, the initial step of the above Ariane 6 taken place. That is the plan. That is to the missions that will launch in the last months of 2020.

  Now we have reached the last part of this article. I started about the recent launch of the Ariane 5. That was successful at the beginning of the new year. Other than that, some more to release in the future too. They all will be successful. That is the expectation of us.


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