Best selling cars and trucks 2019 part II


    I think you have read about my previous article about the best selling cars and trucks. I am talking about the best selling cars. These are popular because of some particular reason. Now we are talking about those special reasons that cause this. I described three out of eight in my above article. Now I can continue the rest of my article. The topics are as follows. 

  •  Nissan Sentra
  •  Jeep Wrangler 
  •  Toyota Tacoma
  •  Jeep Grand Cherokee
  •  Honda accord

Now I can start to tell you one by one. 

 Nissan Sentra

      Nissan Sentra is producing from 1982. In 2000 this was known as a compact car. Then Nissan Sentra is known as a rebadged export version of the Japanese Nissan Sunny. After that from 2013 onwards Sentra is a rebadged export version of the Nissan sylphy B17. Do you have heard the word Nissan Tsuru? This is used in Mexico. The first three generations of the Nissan Sentra is known as the Nissan Tsuru. This car named as Santra by the Ira Bachrach of name lab.

   There are eight types of generations. They are as follows. 

  •  B11 (1982-1986)
  •  B12 (1985-1990) 
  •  B13 (1990-1994)
  •  B14 (1994-2002)
  •  B15 (2000-2006)
  •  B16 (2007-2012)
  •  B17 (2013-2019)
  •  B18 (2020 -) 

First generation 

    If we pay attention to the dimensions of the car, the wheelbase it is 94.5 in, the length is 167.3 in, width is 63.7 in and height is 54.5 in. This car introduced in May 1982. This has a sign in the car history. This was ranked the seventh safest car that ranked by the centre for auto safety. 

Second generation 

   Here the wheelbase is 95.7in, length 168.7 in, width 64.6 in and height 54.3 in as well as that this is known as excellent in fuel economy. 

Third generation 

   The passenger ‘s sight vanity mirror and black body side mouldings are in this model. 

Fourth generation 

   This was introduced on the 5th of January 1995. There are some versions, and there are changes year by year in this model. 


   The wheelbase is 99.8 in, length 177.5 in, width 67.3 in and height are 55.5 in. 

Sixth generation 

    The wheelbase is 105. 7 in, length 179. 8 in, width is 70.5, and the height is 59.5 in. This car introduced in January 2006 at the North American International Motor show. 

Seventh generation 

   The wheelbase is 106.3 in, length 182. 1, width 69.3 in and the height is 58.9 in. This is introduced in August of 2012. 

Eighth generation 

  This is introduced in November 2019 at the Los Angeles motor show. 

 Jeep wrangler

  This is a series of compact and mid-size. Now it is in the fourth generation. The current manufacturer of this jeep is Pars Khodro. American Motors, Chrysler Corporation and Chrysler LCC are some other manufacturing companies. This is called different names such as Jeep YJ, Jeep TJ, Jeep Jk and Jeep Jl. There are some other names than I told you. As I said above, there are four generations if these types of jeeps. They are as follows. 

First-generation (YJ, 1987-1995)

       This had rectangular headlamps. Other than that, there is an open body with only mirror notifications. 

Second generation (TJ, 1997-2006)

     This introduced in 1996. These are having round headlamps. 

Third generation (JK, 2006-2018)

     This released in the 2006 year. Power windows, remote power door locks and the improved navigation systems are the new features. 

Fourth generation (JL, 2018- present) 

 The wheelbase of a two-door jeep is 96.8 inches while the four-door jeep is 118.4 inches. Then the length of a two-door jeep is 166.8 while the length of 4 door jeep is 188.4 inches. The width and height are 73.8 inches and 43. 6 inches respectively. This is introduced in 2017.

 The jeep wrangler got many recognitions. They are the lowest depreciation after five years, one of the most iconic cars of the last 20 years, the best resale value awards, the jeep won the prize that Canadian black book’s best-retained value award. 

 Toyota Tacoma

     This is a type of pickup truck. This was the truck of the year 2005. This is sold in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, Panama, Bolivia. There are three types of generations of this truck. They are as follows


    This is first introduced in February 1995. There are three types of engines there are. They are as follows. 

  •  2.4 L four-cylinder, rated at 142 hp and 160 lb-ft torque
  •  2.7L four-cylinder, rated at 150 hp and 177 lb-ft of torque
  •  3.4L v6 four-cylinder, rated at 190hp and 220 lb-ft of torque

Now the second generation. 

Second generation 

    In 2000 the development of the second generation began. On the 4th of February 2004, this car was launched. There are eighteen configurations of this truck. Toyota replaces X-runner trim for the s-runner trim. Rear looking and limited-slip are some other optional features. 

Third generation 

     This is launched in January 2015. As well as that on the 10th of September 2015 another launch has taken place. There are handlebar system and added a larger touchscreen and also soft-touch materials replaced for the harder materials. 

 There are other new Toyota Racing Development. These include off-road tyres, 16-inch alloy wheels, TRD dampers, and TRD graphics. 

 Jeep Grand Cherokee

       This is mid-size jeep that produced by Americans. The former manufacturer of this jeep type is FCA US LLC. Chrysler Corporation, Daimler Chrysler and Chrysler LLC are some other manufacturing companies. 

There are four types of generations of the trucks. Those are as follows. 

First-generation (1993-1998)

       This is launched in 1992. These originally come in three models as a base, Laredo and the limited.

 Second generation (1999-2004)

      There are some significant features in this vehicle type. It is a quadra type. It is as the automatic drive option. 

Third generation (2005-2010)

     In this truck, there is minor facelift and high-intensity headlamps. 

Fourth generation ( 2011 – present) 

 This is launched in 2009. This is at the New York Auto Show. This has new features like with a modern and sleek body style. As well as that there are interior features like leather trim and real wood accents. 

 Honda accord

   This is a type of a honda manufactured product. There are four days of this. There are ten generations of this car type. But all the ten types of generations cannot describe here. Therefore I am only explaining the last and the former generation of this vehicle. 

Tenth generation (2018-present)

    This is launched in 2017. There are magnetorheological dampers, acoustic front door system, automotive head-up display as the new features. 

 There are some important places in history are allocated for this car. Some of them are the 2018 and 2013 Canadian car year, 2018 North American Car of the year, 2014 green car of the year and 2009 car of the year. 

      These above are the most useful details of the best selling cars of the year, 2019. Now you can think about what features take these to the list. 


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