Best selling cars and trucks in 2019


  First of all, I have a question to ask you. Why are you reading this article? There are some reasons to be. Do you have a personal vehicle? Definitely, you may have one. I think you are reading this to get to know about other cars or else you want to see new useful features of the vehicle. Don’t be puzzled. The following cars are good in condition and the systems. That is the reason to become these vehicles to the top list of best selling vehicles of the year. I think you have a personal vehicle. It may be a car, van, truck, or jeep or something else. You know how it is useful for you. Therefore buying a well-conditioned vehicle is essential. In other than that, you have to check whether is this car safe for my family members and me as well. 

 Now you can see the unique features of the cars on the list of best-selling vehicles in the year. 

 They are as follows. 

  • ● Ford fusion 
  • ● Jeep Cherokee
  • ● Nissan Altima
  • ● Nissan Sentra
  • ● Jeep Wrangler 
  • ● Toyota Tacoma
  • ● Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • ● Honda accord

 Here I gave you the list. Then we will see them one by one.

Ford fusion

   This car has four doors, and five passengers can be seated comfortably. This is a midsize car. Ford motor company marketed this ford fusion. The fusion of the car manufactured at ford’s Hermosillo stamping and assembly plant in Sonora, Mexico. 

 Production of the first fusion started on the 1st of August 2005. There are two generations of these car types. 

 Those areas,

  •  First-generation (2006-2012)
  •  Second generation(2013-present)


 The platform of this generation is ford the CD3 platform. When we talk about the other dimensions, wheelbase 107.4 in length 190.2 in, width 72.2 in and height 57.2 in. This is the first car that can see “new face of ford “with three bar grill. At the first launch of the car, the fusion was available as S, SE, and SEL trims. The Base engine was 160hp Mazda designed 2.3 L Duratec 23 I4 paired with a five-speed manual or five-speed automatic transmission. In other than that, SE and SEL models are available with 221hp 3.0L Duratec 30 V6 and a six-speed automatic. 

Second generation 

  The platform of this generation is ford the CD4 platform. I want to tell you the new significance features of this only because there are more details. There are many supportive features for drivers, such as new sensors, cameras, and radars. 

 In future ford motor company has decided to discontinue manufacturing Ford fusion. After that, they will pay their attention to the production of SUVs and trucks. 

 There is some more extraordinary information, but I’ll tell you only some because there are some more. 

Jeep Cherokee

   This is a type of American vehicle. Cherokee is the name of a tribe community in North America. The former manufacturer of this vehicle is FCA US LLC. American Motors, Chrysler corporation are some other manufacturing companies. The present class of the car is compact crossover UV while there are the front engine and four-wheel drive. There are five generations of this vehicle as follows. 

  •  First-generation – SJ
  •  Second generation – XJ
  •  Third generation – KJ
  •  Fourth-generation – Kk
  •  Fifth-generation – KL

Now we would see them one by one. 


    This was marketed as a sporty two-door jeep. 

 Second generation 

     This is an innovator of the modern SUV. This was getting more attention from the people quickly. 

 Third generation 

     In this generation, there is a rack and pinion steering. Even there are PowerTech engines too. 

  Fourth generation 

    There are new airbag features that include in this jeep as well as that Bluetooth, rain sensor wipers, Sirius satellite radio, and an excellent navigation system are other optional features. 


    This has become a vehicle among the best selling vehicles. There is a 2.0L turbo engine added. There is already 3.2L V-6 and 2.4L inline-4.

Nissan Altima

 This is a midsize car. This is a continuation of the bluebird type. The top trim line of the Nissan Leopard for the Japanese market got the name Altima at the beginning. The first Altima car produced in June of 1992. Honda Accord, Ford Fusion, Hyundai sonata are the main competitors for Nissan Altima. As in the above categories, there are even six generations. 

  •  First-generation (U13, 1993-1997)
  •  Second generation (L30, 1998-2001)
  •  Third generation (L31, 2002-2006)
  •  Fourth generation (L32A, 2007-2012)
  •  Fifth-generation (L33, 2013-2018)
  •  Sixth generation (L34,2019-present) 


     This is a four-door vehicle. The official name is stanza Altima. Four adults can sit here comfortably. These are consists of mudguards, old emblem package, and a pinstripe. As the extraordinary features, there is adjustable lumbar support on the front seat, automatic digital climate control, colour-matched side mirrors, sunroof, etc. 

Second generation 

     There are new features added to this. Front seats with a driver’s height adjuster, cup holders for the rear seats, revised seat cloths are some of them. Side airbags were newly standard on GLE and GXE and SE. 

Third generation 

       This is a four-door car. When we talk about the dimensions of the wheelbase 110. 2 in, length 192.3 in width 70.4 in and height 57.9, this is built on the FF-L platform. 2003, 2004 models receive a two-tone dash colour. And 2005 received facelift, including new front grille. 

Fourth generation 

      This was the first vehicle that used the smaller Nissan – D platform. This used the revised version of the engines from the third-generation model. This has the smart key function, Bluetooth capability and parking camera are using in this


       This is a type of four-door sedan. This was made according to the Nissan D platform. If we pay our attention to the dimensions of the wheelbase is 109.3in, length 191.3, width 72in, and height is 57.9 in. There are five different trims of the Nissan Altima. They are as 2.5,2.5S,2. 5SV,2.5SL and 3.5 SL. The advanced drive-assist display was added to this car in2013. There are some more details. Here I would like to give you some rough details only. 

Sixth generation 

     This is also a four-door car built according to the Nissan D platform. Here the dimensions are as follows. The wheelbase is 111.2 in, the length is 193 in, width is 72.8in, and the height is 57 in. This car has very new features according to the latest technology. Nissan’s intelligent mobility, Nissan smart around-view monitor, are some of the elements as well as that this car has five trim levels. They are S, SR, SV, SL, and platinum. This provides the facility of autonomous driving too. 

 There is another sign in this car because, In 2019, Altima won the “Top safety pick “award from the IIHS. There are some other awards that are received by the Nissan Altima. They are as follows. 

  •  In 2002, his Nissan Altima won the North American Car of the year.
  •  In 2010, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s highest front impact crash safety rating 
  •  In 2017, this was named as a top safety pick. 
  •  In 2019, this was called a 2019 green car of the year. 

Through this article, I told you about some essential details about three types of cars in the above list. You can read the next section for the other five types. 

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