Best tech in smartphone 2019

s10 vs pixel 4

xiaomi is going to release the concept smartphone with a crazy amount of specs. And an even crazier display it looks like Samsung.when we talking about Samsung, they are bringing a much-needed feature to their in-display fingerprint scanners on the S10. Also, we have some more leaks that show us pretty much everything else we probably didn’t know about the pixel, and by the time we get that announcement from Google. I don’t even think we should get a decision we should go directly to the hands-on for all the rest of us to have some coverage on it. All right let me explain the way it goes because these 2020 phones have a lot more innovations.

Android 10

one ui 2

Now let’s talk about Android 10 and which smartphone manufacturers are adopting it. Because at the moment you could pretty much only get it on the pixel. Except that changes are coming one plus, Samsung, Huawei have pretty much confirmed that their new series would come with Android 10 pre-installed some phones like 2019 and 2018 flagship will receive android 10. also we have a post about Huawei’s Android 10 phones. Read it here( if the link does not work.commet down). Android 10 has new box design icons and dark mode in every app. even in the third-party apps.

Mac Pro and trade war

I can’t wait now a fascinating twist with this whole. You know trade war that’s happening between China and the United States is obviously. How Huawei is being affected like the case of Apple with the tariffs and everything. We have decided to cave in and be like you know what I’m not going to be part of this problem. The company has decided to move its production of the Mac Pro to the United States because of this trade war. You remember it was going to be assembled in China because particular vital components were in China, but now it will be constructed in Austin, Texas. In the same factory, they’ve been using for the Mac Pro since 2013. The parts will be made in 36 different states supporting 450,000 jobs according to the statement you know to a certain degree I’m happy that this is happening that you know that there’s production in the United States period but then again.

Xiaomi Mi mix alpha

xiaomi now ready to release their new crazy flagship device. It is available in January 2020. With 108 megapixel Samsung camera senor with two other cameras. One of them is a 20-megapixel ultrawide camera, and the last camera is 12 megapixels 2x telephoto camera. This phones camera system is excellent at the time. The main good thing about this phone is 180.6% screen to body ratio display. There are 65.6% to 67.7% screen to body ration in iPhone 8 and 8 plus. That is a perfect display when we were comparing this with iPhone 8 and 8 plus. also the display of this phone is Flexible Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen technology.

Also, this phone is very durable. This phone is made from Titanium alloy frame (TC4) and sapphire glass. This phone has 4050Mah Battery with 40-watt fast charging, and when we talk about security, this phone has an in-display optical fingerprint sensor for more protection. This is a 2020 phone, because of that, this is a 5g phone. The best thing about this phone is this phone, this is the first phone, which has 1080p super slow motion with 960 fps video and this phone is the first phone with 8K video recording function. you can record up to 8k 30fps or 4k 60fps or 1080p 960fps.

Xiaomi Mi MIx Alpha has 12gb DDR 4 ram and 512gb of UHF 3.0 storage. That is the fastest storage system in a smartphone. Also Alpha comes with snapdragon 855 plus chip. These specs are the most potent specifications in 2019. This phone has only one colour, and that is black. The phone comes with android 10 with MiUi 11, and it also has a premium price of $2000 or more. i think this will be $2500 for the base model.


Samsung galaxy s11 and s11 plus

Samsung Galaxy S11 rumours and leaks have started to pour in. We have some new information about the Galaxy S11 release date and a few leaks that reveal radical camera improvements of the upcoming Galaxy S11 and S11 Plus. We do not have any Galaxy S11 official videos yet, but we know that the release date for the Galaxy S11 Plus will be February 2020. Galaxy S11 and S11 Plus are bringing radical camera improvements. The latest leak confirms the ridiculous upgrade that will blow your mind.

Samsung Galaxy S11 and Galaxy S11 Plus could have 100x zoom camera according to new information. The Galaxy S11 and Galaxy S11+ could also come with secondary 10x optical zoom lens and 108MP sensor. Samsung will unveil the S11 early next year. The Galaxy S11 rumours also say the camera will have laser autofocus for better and quicker focus. Also, s11 must have four or cameras and that it for now,

Huawei Mate 30 pro

If this have google updates, this will be the best phone in 2019. Here is why, The Huawei Mate 30 Pro features 6.53″ OLED Horizon Display, Quad Cameras, that is 40MP Primary, 40MP Cine Ultra-wide, 8MP Telephoto, 3D Depth Sensor, and when we were talking about the video it has 7680fps Slow-Motion, 4K 60fps recording with electrical and software stabilization feature. Also, this phone is powered by Kirin 990 4G or 5G, 8GB RAM and 256GB storage, this Huawei mate 30 pro has 4500 mAh massive Battery, and Huawei SuperCharge 40W Wired fast charging and 27W Wireless fast charging. Also, this has Reverse wireless charging, phone with EMUI10 on Android 10 and without google apps. This phone has not volume buttons because mate 30 pro has an edge to edge display like Samsung.


and new 2019 iPhone

This year there is first-ever iPhones called “pro”. The first iPhone to be called Pro. It Shoots with all-new 12-megapixel Ultra-Wide camera with 4k 60fps recording, 12-megapixel Wide camera with 4k 60fps recording, and 12-megapixel 2x Telephoto cameras with 4k 60fps recording. Take photos in drastically lower light with new first-ever Night said that “it captures the highest-quality video of any smartphone” and that is true. All these features powered by A13 Bionic chip, the fastest chip in an Apple smartphone, and with an unprecedented leap in battery life. Oh, and also it’s water-resistant up to 4 meters for 30 minutes.



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