Canon EOS 1DX Mark III REVIEW – The King is BACK!


Canon EOS 1DX Mark lll is The most expensive DSLR camera in the market right now. Most of the professional cameramen use this great DSLR for their daily professional uses because this is the best quality camera in the market now.

Sensor and shutter

Canon EOS 1DX Mark III

The 1d x mark lll have an extreme speed that speed need for particular photography tasks. The camera has a new autofocus algorithm that will improve stability and tracking when using both optical viewfinders.  In live view, shooting modes, and live view, users will be able to make the use of 525 autofocus areas. This dual pixel CMOS Autofocus sensor on covering approximately 90 to 100 percent of the image sensor, the camera supports significantly faster frame rates of full autofocus and auto exposure and using either the optical viewfinder up to approximately 16 frames per second. Mechanical shutter or live view up to around 20 frames per second, mechanical or electronic shutter, additionally the cameras dual CF Express card slots.

CF Express card is kind of the next iteration of C fast card. It’s a better card, and you can pump data onto these cards. It’s a great thing that it’s a dual CF Express, not just one but dual. The camera has an entirely new sensor. They’re not telling us the megapixel count yet. It might be around the 20-megapixel to 24 megapixels range. They don’t want to have a ton of resolution on these cameras. If you have 50 megapixels on a sports camera like this, the files are just gonna be way out of hand.

Video features

 It’s a whole new sensor and an all-new processor that will deliver more excellent image quality. At even higher ISO with the ability to capture.stills in ten-bit using the HEIf the chief codec or file format, but here you go the fun part the specs. This thing is going to shoot 4k video, including 4k 60p. Because the 1dx mark ii had it with 10 bit 4022 Canon log internal recording. This camera here had Canon log for some reason. The 1d x mark two did not have cataloged. The 5d foregut Canon log through a firmware update. The EOS R, the mirrorless canon camera, had Canon log straight out of the box. 

This camera has given us a 10-bit HDR recording and Canon lock, but. They’re not telling us about the photography codec. I hope to God that it’s not the same motion JPEG codec. That we’re used to with the one DC with the 1DX Mark 2. The 1DX mark iii ha 4k 10 bit up to 60 frames per second. But we are going to have the internal raw recording for video on the 1DX mark 3. This is a piece of vast news big news bears as they call it a full-frame sensor. Hopefully, they’re not doing a crop the same crop that we’ve seen here. The APS-C cameras like canon 70d, 750d,800d have a 1.3x crop, not that big of a deal. 1DX mark 3 is a costly camera, and it’s probably in the $6,000 range.


  • Lense mount – Canon EF
  • Camera format – Full Frame (no crop factor)
  • Pixels – not specified by the manufacturer
  • Sensor type – CMOS
  • Image file formats – jpeg, HEIF, Raw
  • Bit Depth – 8,10,14-Bit
  • Continuous Shooting – 16 fps(Mechanical shutter, with optic all view)
  • Focus type – Auto and Manual focus
  • Autofocus points – phase -detection:525 (during live view only)
  • Viewfinder Type – Optical (pentaprism)


  • Updated CMOS sensors and DIGIC processors.
  • This camera can use up to 16 frames per second.
  • Canon 1DX Mark lll DSLR Camera can shoot 4K  with 10 Bit HDR videos up to 60 frames per second.
  • This professional camera also has a feature of Raw video recording.because of Raw videos. You can edit  That footage and get more use out of it.
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF, 525 selectable areas.
  • 10-Bit HEIF Stills Support.
  • And this camera has Dual CFexpress
  • Mag.Alloy Body, Illuminated Buttons.
Canon EOS 1DX Mark III


Canon 1DX Mark lll camera is ideal for sports and wildlife, and the flagship canon 1DX Mark lll DSLR is being engineered and designed using feedback from the worldwide community of EOS-1DX and EOS1DX Mark photographers. Continuing canon’s rich heritage of creating first-rate optical products. The EOS 1DX Mark lll offers an enhanced autofocus system, with dramatically improved still and video image quality and communication.

The other best feature of this professional camera is the much-improved focus when shooting through the viewfinder and faster processor. Not only that, this camera has wifi, Bluetooth and Gps. And the design of the 1DX Mark is a little bit bigger and so different from the other cameras.most of professional cameramen like to use canon 1DX Mark because of the quality. And it’s straightforward to share photos because of the speed of wifi.

Need for Speed

The Canon EOS-1D X Mark III will be blisteringly fast. It is offering exceptional precision, reliability, high-performance autofocus, and subject tracking. This DSLR is providing a photographer with a tool that helps to capture the shot they are hounding. The camera’s new autofocus algorithm to improve stability and tracking when using both the Optical Viewfinder and in Live View shooting mode. Also, DSLR using Deep Learning Technology and modifying to help facilitate accurate focus tracking for every shot. When using the optical viewfinder, the camera uses a new autofocus sensor, with around 28 times the resolution in the center of the EOS-1D X Mark II.

Powered to Dominate

Canon EOS 1DX Mark III

The development of EOS-1D X Mark III is a clear example of Canon’s obligation to pushing the boundaries of creative imaging products featuring optically superior technology. The camera can support an all-new, Canon-developed, CMOS sensor and DIGIC processor, that delivers more exceptional image quality, at even higher ISOs, with the skill to capture stills in 10-bit using the HEIF (High-Efficiency Image File) file format. HEIF produces a more comprehensive dynamic range and more excellent color representation compared to JPEG. The power of 4K resolution brings stories to life – shoot 4K videos comprising 4K60p with 10-bit 4:2:2 Canon Log internal recording.

Conveniently Connected

For professionals, content delivery is just as urgent as image capture – the EOS-1D X Mark III makes it easy, featuring built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth low-energy connectivity in addition to GPS technology. To keep pace with ever-shortening deadlines, the camera transfer data at more than twice the speed of the EOS-1D X Mark II was he using the built-in Ethernet connection. Or the new optional wireless file transmitter – the WFT-E9, which is also compatible with Canon’s previously launched Cinema EOS C500 Mark II camera. Coupled with a simpler network and set-up the camera wildly enhance the professional workflow.

These are the all-time entertainments of the 1dx mark lll DSLR.So do you think another DSLR is best?


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