Cape Canaveral launch in USA


I think you have heard about this launch already. Because it is a recent launch, that launched very recently successfully. Specially there was good weather condition on that day. That is a developed step of human beings in the earth. Not only a reasonable level, but also it is a successful step. Forecasters predict that the Monday night is the suitable time and the definite date for the launch of the Cape Canaveral launch. Other than that the  SpaceX will launch another 60 satellites within this year by the critical falcon nine rocket.

Rocket by SpaceX

This was a critical project planned through the SpaceX. Other than that even this project will be a turning point of the global communication system. We all have to be proud of that as we are living on the earth. And that activity was winning of all human beings. After this project, other people will even courage. Different people mean scientists and engineers. After the 60 satellites, the total number of Satellites is 180. You know this is a creation of the SpaceX. The owner is the Elon Musk.

Then we can directly talk about this launching. This will launch on the 6th of December 2020. That will be the suitable Monday that already selected. That is a date chosen after various postponed dates. First of all that planned on the 30th of December and after that, it went to the 3rd of January this year.

However, the launch of the SpaceX ‘s 229-foot tall Falcon nine is set for Monday. The exact time is 9.19 pm. That is from the cape Canaveral’ s complex launch 40 launch pad. This is an essential launch in space history as well as in the falcon nine histories. Why am I saying that??? You can guess it because this is the 78th flight of the Falcon 9 rocket. That is 2010 upwards. That is not all. This is the 81st flight of the SpaceX’ s falcon nine families. I think you can remember the triple-core falcon heavy vehicle. Those 81 flights consist of the three launches by this above triple-core falcon heavy vehicle.

This weekend too special for the creators of this launch. Because the pre-launch testing of this will be held at the weekend, through this testing, it can be decided that this is suitable to launch or unsuitable for launching. In the above, I told you an appropriate date for the launch is Monday. But it is not 100% suitable date. According to the weather team of Cape Canaveral, it is a reasonable date then 90%. It will be like that. Our hope is so.

The following details mentioned in the forecast issued last Thursday. That is, “strong and gusty northwest wind behind a frontal passage on Saturday will bring fresh and dry weather through the weekend and into early next week.

” That is a prediction through the meteorologists from the 45th Weather Squadron. They have predicted that “strong high pressure will build across the southeastern United States on Sunday is forecast to be centred across Florida by Monday night. That will bring dry conditions and light northerly flow for the first launch window.” 

    I think the meteorologist’s predictions are at a good level. At the Monday night, they expect for a clear sky. Even the sky has to be with great visibility. The Northerly winds have to be about 5 to 10 mph at the launch time. The other important factor is temperature. The temperature has to be around 57 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cape Canaveral

Then after considering these above all facts, the launch postponed to Tuesday night. Because of this launch postponed to the next day. Why is that??? I know this is your question. Because on that day the weather condition will 80% good. And then the meteorologists predict that Tuesday weather condition favourable than Monday. Other than that the liftoff time will move around 20 minutes earlier.

Then we will see some other important launches by the SpaceX organisation. They said that they performed about 35 to 38 launches during the last few months. Those are through Florida and the California launching pads. Those are not all. More other satellites will add to the company’s Starlink constellation of the broadband satellites. Even SpaceX planned to manage about Starlink satellites higher than 341 orbits from the earth.

There is a big reason for these launches. That is the regionally broadband service. After completing these launches, they will start this project as soon as possible. And they said that about the end of this year they would be able to start that. As the last announcement by the SpaceX, I’ll tell you this.

I think we probably will mature as a provider, and it should not be bumpy, really in ’21. By 21, I think we probably will have figured out most of the problems.”

That is about this project. Now we will see about the Falcon nine rocket. In the above, I mention the falcon nine several times. Do you know the details about this falcon 9? I guess that you know some more. Try to recall those details now. I’ll add some more details that you have already recorded.

  What is Falcon nine rocket??? 

As in the above, this is a creation by the SpaceX organisation. This is a two-stage to orbit medium-lift launch vehicle. The power supply is even significant. This is powered by the Merlin engines: the kerosene and the rocket grade propellants used as the energy supply methods.

Usually, you know the productions of the SpaceX can reuse. Like the others this falcon nine even partially reusable. As I told above this rocket has two stages. The first stage is capable of re-entering the atmosphere. That is after the separation of the second stage. Then it will land on the earth vertically.

Falcon 9 included the category of the orbital launch vehicle. It performed its last flight on the 16th of December 2019. Do you know this?? It can lift about 22,800 kg. It is amazing. That mass is to the lower earth orbit. Also, that can send about 8300kg to the geostationary transfer orbit.

SpaceX Rocket

Then I would like to turn towards talking about the special features of the falcon 9. The most important feature of this rocket is reliability.


SpaceX is saying that falcon 9 has high reliability. Because it is with the philosophy,

through simplicity, reliability and low cost can go hand in hand” 

There is another important feature. That is the hold-down feature. The Falcon nine launch sequence includes the hold down feature. That important feature allows full engine ignition and the systems check before liftoff. This is not the only spacecraft that use this special feature. On the Saturn V and the space shuttle, this feature included. And also the unloading of the fuel and the automatic shut down will apply if there are many different conditions in the falcon 9. In other than that there are triple-redundant flight computers and the inertial navigation and with a GPS overlay. Those are some developed features.

The Falcon nine designed with the engine out capabilities. As I told above this us partially reusable. Those reusable parts are equipped with parachutes for the reentry of these reusable parts. But it failed to survive the aerodynamic stress and heating during the reentry of the atmosphere.

In the early stages of the Falcon nine rocket covered with the ablative cork. And they have made this using magnetised by corrosion-resistant saltwater metal. Then I have told you more details about the Falcon nine rocket and as well as about the recent launch in the future. Then we can know more after the launch. We have to wait patiently. If there are more, I’ll tell you. We will meet another article very soon.


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