Christmas gift guide – Smartphone Edition


  The 25th of December is an essential day for all Catholics and Christian people who live in worldwide.

You know what the reason is. All children, as well as elders, like to celebrate Christmas without any difference in religions. The most popular practice with Christmas is exchanging gifts, among others. You may also be planned to buy gifts for your relatives or any other person. If you decided to buy smartphones for your special people, this article would be useful for you. You can consider my item as a guide to select smartphones for your particular person, for a business person, for a friend.

For a Student or Boy (age below 30)

Students like to get the best things for them because every student wants to be a special one in any way. Every student wishes to get the best smartphone, the best car, or best lover. But everyone cant gets the best things. Nowadays, the best smartphones cost nearly $1200. A lot of students can’t afford that. They want a new camera or chipset on their smartphone. They want a smartphone form the world’s best brand. The essential thing that they wanted to have to be on their smartphone. As my knowledge, they want a flagship phone. A flagship phone means that it is the best phone at the time. Samsung have Note series and S series, Huwaei have P series and Mate series. When talking about apple, every apple smartphone will be flagship because they lunch two or three smartphones per year.

If it is a girl down further down. If it is a boy, choosing a smartphone is very tricky. They know about specs very well, and they want maximum capacity, maximum size, best camera, and maximum speed. If he loves Samsung and if you have money, Get Samsung Galaxy S10 plus 1TB or Samsung Galaxy Note10 plus 1TB. S10+ 1TB will be $1599 and Note10+ 512GB will be  $1199. The lowest phone for the S10 family is called S10e, and it is now $749. If he loves Apple and if you have money, buy Apple iPhone 11 Pro max 512GB, Midnight Green color phone. That will cost $1499.

Budget version

If you have a small budget, you can buy iPhone 11 ($699) or Realme X2 pro. This Realme X2 pro is an excellent phone, and it is not released it yet. it will be $459

If you have a small budget buy Xiaomi Redmi 8 series. There are five phones in that series.

 For a Girl

  Girls like price, brand, and color. They only want the most expensive pink color apple or Samsung phone. They dont like Galaxy fold or Huawei mate X ( these smartphones are nearly $2000 phones but not small). Girls like very beautiful, very colorful low to medium size phones. If you have more money, give her iPhone 11 pro 64gb gold color phone. That will cost $999. Girls dont look about specs, as I told before they look about price, brand, and color. If you have a small budget go for Samsung Galaxy S9, it is Samsung’s 2018 flagship, and Now it is just $299. Please dont buy black or gray. If you have a very tight budget, get a Samsung galaxy a10 or Xiaomi redmi 8a, a10 will cost  $129 and 8A will cost $95.

For a businessman (above age 35 )

No business person have time. They want a phone to call, capture a simple picture, and keep it forever. But the smartphone shows his wealth and power to others. If he owns a big business with lots of workers, He needs an iPhone. Buy iPhone 11 or 11 Pro to him. If he is a Swamped man, buy him iPhone 11 or Xs max. ( look upper section of the article to price and links )

If your budget is small and he is busy, Buy him Samsung galaxy M20. It will have a great battery life because of its 5000mah battery. also, M20 is a gorgeous smartphone from Samsung, and it will cost  $199

For your mom or dad

Buy a new lovely phone. That’s it. NO need to have Triple cameras, no need to have a flagship processor with 8gb ram. get a simple but powerful medium size phone for them.

there is a list for you( price; low to high)

  • Nokia 3310 3g – $54
  • Samsung Galaxy A10 – $129
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 – $299
  • iPhone 8 – $449
  • iPhone XR- $599
  • Samsung Galaxy S10E – $749

For teen

They want the best phone, but dont give the world’s best phone. After a little while, they want a new phone again. Also, teens are tech geniuses. They new which phone new and which phone old. They want Penta cameras, flagship chip, massive ram and battery for gaming, and Biggest display.

If you are bill gates, please dont buy iPhone 11 pro max 512GB smartphone to your son. Buy him a Realme x2 Pro or iPhone 7 plus or Samsung galaxy s9. Realme and iPhone 7 are three times cheaper than the iPhone 11 pro max, and Realme has the fastest android chipset in 2019 with high-speed Storage. We have another article about that Realme x2 pro. Xiaomi Note 10 is a great smartphone for him. It has five cameras on its back, and it has a 108mp mega camera. There is another article about it also. If you have the small budget go for Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro ($180) or Xiaomi Redmi 8 ($129). Also, you can buy him iPhone 6s or SE ( NOT RECOMMENDED). They are very cheap now.

at last,

If you want more help, contact me on facebook, or Instagram.links are in under my name (down of article). I’m nineteen, and I use s9 ( because it is cheap, released in 2018, and it is a flagship of 2018). Everyone likes to have the best smartphone, but prices are too high, If you gift a phone to someone, buy grate valued phone. The most expensive phone is not the best phone. Some peoples like me, they want to use their phones every day, and they want much more from the phone. Some peoples buy a $1000 phone and use it only for calls and facebook. A $1000 phone can be a computer for you. We have a writer who uses her’s $60 phone to write this kind of content.


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