CRT – 100 will release in the future


  Sometimes I have a question. That is, why are the scientists don’t stop finding the space. There are various reasons for that. The first one is that there are many secrets of the area that cannot reveal by anyone. The other one is that scientists are not tired of those any of the works. I think now they like to investigate many things after finding one secret. We are also like that. If we are addicted to one thing, we are always trying to do more. Therefore it is the nature of me, you, and all the other human beings. 

   I told the above because today you can see this kind of experiment. Finally, they have decided on the launching date for CRT – 100 capsules. That is the specialty that made me write an article about this. This space capsule from NASA. Actually, NASA is the beginner of many recurring events. This is such a type. Now we can start the description of CRT – 100. See that you can gain more knowledge about this space capsule too. 

   Boeing’s starliner mission

A rocket going to outer space

     The most crucial detail that I have to tell you is this space rocket will launch on the 20th of December 2019. In other than that their area a few days more. We called this starliner as CRT 100 even. Then this space capsule will perform a journey to the International space station in a few more days. That will perform its specific task. 


  I can say about the exact details of the launching. 

  That will plan on the 20th of December 2019. It is at about 6.36 am. That will launch from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. That Air Force Station in Florida. On the 12th of December, NASA and Boeing held a flight readiness review. That is called an FRR. 

   From the conclusions through FRR, the scientists decided that this can launch on the 20th of December 2019. That decision announced by Jim Motard. Jim Motard is the NASA deputy administrator. He told us that ” I am happy to announce we are going for lunch.” He said this at the teleconference of the FRR. There the following is the idea by Kirk Shireman. He is the manager of NASA ‘s International space station programs. 

   ” I thought it was an excellent review. Our international partners were part of this review…. They are satisfied and ready to proceed.” 



  During the FRR, the critical mission managers presented the most important details of this crew vehicle. Some of those most critical details are its systems, mission operations, and support functions. Their decisions are taken with these factors. There are two other optional release dates. Those areas of December 21 and December 23. McAlister told about that launch, ” hopefully, we should all be getting an early Christmas present this year.”  

  Then the final late cargo will be loaded into the starliner on the 14th of December 2019. Scientists will think this test vehicle return to the earth on the 28th of December 2019. It can be done when It will make a parachute assisted landing. That is in the white sands Missile Range in New Mexico.

  There would be no crew members included in this crew vehicle because this is only a test drive. There will no human beings inside them. But there is a test dummy called Rosie. This Rosie is capable of many tasks. There are sensors with a multitude. Through those sensors, it can be measured through critical data, including G forces endured during the flight. Through this dummy, scientists can identify the experiences that have to feel by the crew members.

   Now we have finished talking about this mission. This is the first flight for a NASA docking system. Now there is another thing left in here. We missed the description of the CRT 100. Then I think this is the time to talk about CRT 100. See below for it. 

The crew vehicle CRT 100.

  This is a space vehicle that design for transport crew to outer space. Boeing is the production company of this crew vehicle. Actually, this is designed to travel team to the International Space Station and other private space stations. That individual space stations like Bigelow Aerospace commercial space stations. 

  The produced country of this is the United States of America. This is a type of crewed capsule. This crew vehicle had a weight of about 13,000 kg. This is a concept that is very similar to the Orion program. The producer of CRT 100 is the Lockheed Martin. This is a bit larger than the Apollo command module. As well as that is smaller than the Orion capsule. Through this crew vehicle, about seven people can be transported to the outer space. This is compatible with four other launch vehicles. Delta IV, Atlas V, Vulcan, and falcon 9 are those above four. 

  The budget of the crew vehicle

Crew Dragon by SpaceX

     In the beginning, CCDev awarded US$18 million for the development. It awarded in 2019. Then $93 million received for the event in 2011. From the commercial crew integrated capability, this project has received $460 million. That is on the 3rd of August 2012. Then in 2014, another $4.2 billion had won. 

  This is using the NASA docking system for the docking. There is Boeing lightweight ablator for the heat shield. To supply the power to this crew vehicle, there are solar cells. Those solar cells are placed on top of the micrometeoroid debris shield. That shield is located at the bottom of the spacecraft ‘s service module. Through these solar cells, it can be produced 2900 watts of electricity.

  In other than that this space vehicle will perform an airbag landing method. It will show on the ground better than in the water. There are about five landing places that made for the landing of CRT 100. There is only one tourist’s seat is included. Anyone can travel to space in this seat. But he has to pay for that. NASA is allowed to see those seats.


  In June of 2010, the name of the capsule was announced publicly. Do you know what is meant by CST? It is for Crew Space Transportation. Spin crafts, Samsung, airborne systems are some of the technology partners involved in this process. 

  On the 4th of September, this crew vehicle had its official name. It is even the CRT 100. The scheduled date is postponed up to many days. Here there is no need to tell those above. 

   Now we have reached the final part of this article. Now you know that this will launch on the 20th of December. You have to alert for it. I had told all the details I have. If there is anything new, I’ll let you know them.


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