Danger of the star-link project


I think I had told you before about this project from my previous articles. But today I thought to tell you about some unfortunate effects of this project. You know that this is a project by SpaceX organisation. As you SpaceX is an American company. Elon Musk is the head of this company. SpaceX had performed various tasks in the astronomy field. Plus they all achieved very notable places in the astronomy history. Now before moving to the central fact, we can talk about our project the Starlink. I remembered that I had only told you about brief details. Therefore, today I would like to tell you more information about the star link project and the problems that have to face because of the Starlink project. 

 The project star-link

Star link

  As you know this is a network that design to provide a good internet connection throughout the world. Now you can see the necessary details from below. 

  As I told above the primary goal through this project is to provide satellite Internet access worldwide. You know that they use many satellites for that. Those satellites will perform their specific task by joining with the transceivers. The transceivers are placed on the ground. SpaceX didn’t plan to use these satellites only for the Internet connection. But they planned to use those satellites for scientific, military and some exploratory purposes. Those are not limited to only one country. But for some people from various countries as well as that they can earn extraordinary income through these services too. 

  In the November 2019, they had released about. One hundred twenty-two satellites to space. Per one launch they had launched 60 satellites. Even though they are supposed to have one start for two weeks. Overall the scientists planned to launch about 12 000 in the mid of the next year. It is 2020. That is not all. They planned to place about 42000 satellites in orbit. 


   I know that now you have a question. That is how there are like 42000 satellites in the earth orbit. Actually, it is the danger of the Starlink project. We can see later what is that problem and the suggested solutions for that. Therefore wait curiously. Most people raise questions if there would be a space junk when these will place in the orbit. As per the reported details, SpaceX engineers are finding solutions to this problem. 

   This project was started in 2015 — the initial prototype launched in February 2018. There were two prototypes. Then the second launching finished on the 24th of May 2019. At that time the 60 satellites were launched. The estimated cost of this project is about US$10 billion. 

   In other than that SpaceX engineers had planned to launch these satellites through on starship. Because that is a straightforward method to transfer settlers to the earth orbit, at one time there can be 400 satellites transfer to the lower earth orbit. Finally, then they are planned about nine launches in the year 2020.

By the way,

  Here I was told that the 60 satellites launched in May. In there some more details to tell you. Those satellites placed on the orbit to provide a good connection. Therefore SpaceX has to maintain contact with those satellites. Until June of 2019 SpaceX maintain the connection with those satellites. But unfortunately, they lost connection with three satellites. Still, 57 are working. Then after that 45 satellites were placed on the final orbit. It has an altitude of 550 km.

Then some other five are still rising to the orbits while another five satellites were checking for raise to their orbits. There are two other satellites remaining. But the engineers don’t think to place them on higher realms. Those two will remove from the orbit and re-enter the atmosphere. These two used to check the re-entering process of this will perform correctly. In the above, I told that there are three satellites that lost the connection. SpaceX engineers assumed those three even would enter the atmosphere. But that didn’t happen. 

    Now you know many details about the Starlink project. I think this is the time to see the problems of the Starlink project. There are many people raised many questions about this project. See the below paragraph. 


This made an excellent criticism for many astronomical communities. You know that there are many stars are in the sky. As in the above SpaceX planned to place 42000 satellites in orbit. They are even as bright as the satellites. Therefore the stars and satellites cannot be identified separately. Even their both optical and radio wavelengths are similar. Those both will affect scientific investigations very severely. Also, you can understand. It is challenging to observe the stars by avoiding them. After that, the International astronomical union and the national radio astronomy observatory express their view about this matter.

   Do you know how those various astronomy companies questioned about this project?? They are raising their ideas by observing at the Starlink v0. 9. Then other than that, Elon Musk stated that SpaceX would work on reducing the albedo of the satellites and will provide on-demand orientation adjustments for astronomical experiments. 

  After that, on the 18th of November 2019, the Chilean observatory’s observations were interrupted by this starlink project with the sixty satellites. As I told above the problem of space junk is raised. That space junk will result from placing thousands of satellites in orbits above 1000 km. There the orbital decay took several thousand years ago. 

   You know this is a programme that people all over the world aware. You know that this project basically consists of satellites. Now we will. See what the technological base of these satellites is. 

  The satellites


    These satellites have a mass of 100 to 500 kg. These are planned to have an altitude of 1100 km in other than that those were intended to place this in lower earth orbit. The first sixty satellites have a mass of 227 kg. Then these satellites will employ optical inter satellites and phased array beamforming as well as that these are some products produced at a low cost. Musk said that ” we are going to try and do for satellites what we have done for rockets”. 

 Now there are about 5000 satellites in the lower earth orbits as I told above this project planned to place about 42000 satellites. After putting them, there can be many accidents that can take place. I think now the SpaceX engineers had found out some solutions to this. We will see more in the future. 

    Today I told you about the Starlink project and the problems that have to face by the SpaceX. If there are new more details, I will tell you them surely. Certainly, there will be more details. Wait for calm. Also, we had new articles about Elon Musk, SpaceX, NASA and much more. Even about the Indian space program and also the Russian space program. Check those articles from the category section.


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