Earth’s new magnetic North


 Our world is earth. We depend on this world. If there is no earth, there is no existence of this world. As well as that there is no existence of living beings, including the animals and human beings in other than that for living people. Today I would like to tell you about the magnetic North of the earth.

As you know, there are two poles as magnetic North and magnetic south. There is some urgent thing about the magnetic North. Therefore be ready to see that. I think you are awaiting curiously. 

 Then what is the earth’s Magnetic North??? 

Magnetic North of the earth

Magnetic North of the earth

   The magnetic North is a wandering point on the surface of the northern hemisphere. This earth’s Magnetic field points vertically downwards. You think that the magnetic north stays still. No, this is not like that. It moves over time. The direction changes because of the magnetic changes in the earth’s core, as well as that the magnetic poles of the planet are not symmetrical. Therefore the North and south magnetic poles are not antipodal. Now I know that you have an arisen question of what is meant by this. That means if you draw a line from the north pole to the south pole, that line doesn’t pass through the geometric center. 

  Do you know that there is another name for the two poles?? The Earth’s North Magnetic poles and South Magnetic poles are known as Magnetic Dip Poles.  These above are some brief descriptions of the north magnetic pole. You can see some in-depth details about the north magnetic pole. I think you would also like to know them.

   You know that we called the two poles as the North Pole and the South pole. Have you remembered something the same as this? It is a magnet. Even in an attraction, there are two poles. The two ends. Those two are also called the North Pole and the South Pole. Do you believe me if I say some odd things? The Earth’s North magnetic pole is a magnetic south pole, and Earth’s south magnetic pole is a North magnetic pole. That is because of some essential reasons because the opposite poles attract. 


  In other than that, do you know that there are lines called magnetic field lines??? Yes, there are magnetic field lines. They are the edges that emerge from the north pole after that they released from the south pole. 

   There is a unique instrument that uses to navigate the direction. That is the magnetic compass. Many ships, airplanes use this magnetic compass, usually, in the boats that magnetic compasses are used. And hikers even use this magnetic compass. The direction that indicates by the pointer is typically magnetic North. But that is not the actual north pole. But most of the maps are based on this real northerly direction. There is another thing related to North America. North America is in the line of zero declination. What is this line of zero declination? This is an agonic line that runs from the North magnetic pole down through lake superior and southward into the Gulf of Mexico. In other than that the North is the same as the magnetic North. 

   As well as that, do you know that the earth’s Magnetic field can be modeled as a simple dipole? This is actually like a simple bar magnet. And the earth’s Magnetic and geometric poles are very far from each other. You know that the North magnetic pole is attracted to the bar magnet. The same as that, the North geometric attracts the North pole of the bar magnet. 

  Here I told you about many details about the north pole. As you know, our primary focus is to tell you about the importance of the North magnetic pole. Before that, I would like to tell you about the south magnetic pole in here. 

The south magnetic pole

The south magnetic pole

    This has a definition. 

“The south magnetic pole is the wandering point on Earth’s southern hemisphere where the geometric field lines are vertically upward.” 

   There are two as the south magnetic pole and the south grammatic magnetic pole. They are two. Some of the people confused with these two. 

  Other than that, you can find the directions of the magnet. The magnet can be hung freely. Then the path that points to the North is called the North pole, while the road that leads towards the south is called the south pole as well as that the Earth’s south magnetic pole is the North magnetic pole. Then as in the above, the south pole continually changes. It is because of that the Earth’s Magnetic field. 

  You know that there is a South geometric pole. That is the point where the axis of this best-fitting titled dipole intersects. That is on the Earth’s surface in the southern hemisphere as you know that the south magnetic pole doesn’t coincide with the south geomagnetic pole.

  This all above is about the south magnetic pole of the earth. Now I have finished saying about the north magnetic pole and the south magnetic pole of the planet. Then we will move to our essential thing here. 

  The importance of the North magnetic pole

The importance of the North magnetic pole

     That is about the fast wandering of the Earth’s Magnetic North pole. At present, the Earth’s Magnetic pole has crossed the prime meridian as well as that the magnetic north is away from the Canadian arctic. That is its previous home while that is away Siberia at a rate of about 34 miles. 

   On the 10th of December, the latest model of the Earth’s Magnetic field. That is from the National Centres for Environmental Information and the British geological survey, as well as that this predicts that this movement continues for about at a slower rate of 25 miles each year. This magnetic field is still weakening. Do you know the reason? That is because of the magnetic north is drifting. 

   I think you know that the scientists are creating updates of these magnetic maps. Do you know how many years that they release them?? They are updating this map for every five years. There is a new thing in the 2020 model. That depicts the blackout zone around the magnetic North. 

  Now we came closer to the end of my article. I think I told you so many details about the north magnetic pole, south magnetic pole, and the importance of the North magnetic pole. Then if there are some more new details, you will be alert quickly. 


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