Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL is now $200 off, why so cheap


I don’t hate this phone by any means, but after a month of using it, I don’t love it anymore. I first did, and this still really feels like a big disappointment and a misstep from Google. You can buy this phone with a $200 discount. The link at the bottom of the page. Here’s why this 2019 flagship device is not $200 less,


It is pretty extraordinary that a battery is a thing I most want to talk about the battery. With this, which is the smaller regular model, not the XL with a less than 3000mah battery. I’m still only 3,700 on the bigger phone. That’s not enough, and it never looked like enough. I felt like it wasn’t enough; the battery was honestly the main reason. In the first place because while that 2,800mah capacities.this is a good deal because 2019 google flagship is now $599. You can buy a phone + big power bank, and you are good to go. Even my two-year-old Samsung galaxy s9 has 3000mah battery, and it was not enough when 2018.

I wanted to give Google the credits and hope that its adaptive battery tech would save the day. Essentially it claims that it will manage your battery usage throttling and switching off apps that you don’t use very much. While leaving in that other extra battery power for the stuff that you use all the time. It kind of work I think the battery life has been better a now. I feel like I’m getting an extra hour each day. Which is a significant improvement from what I was getting before? But it’s just still not enough; it’s still the case that the phone tends to die about 8 or 9 p.m. every night or at least it’s getting very close to dying by that point. I’m hitting single digits

guaranteed at some point in the day, and when I went travelling using the phone all day to take photos to check Google Maps. 

The battery just went I had to top out every single option in without

fail, or it would have died before I even made it to dinner. That’s not good enough from a flagship in 2019. Now, if you’ve got the pixel 4 XL (the bigger model), that’s less of a problem. It’s still not a remarkable battery life, but it will be enough to get you through the day (most of the days).

How to keep your battery full day

 On the smaller pixel 4 and lager pixel 4 xl There is 18w high-speed cable charging, and also, there’s wireless charging on pixel 4 and pixel 4 xl. So it is easy to keep your battery in a higher number. So if you need to sort of power source it in for half an hour in the afternoon, you’ll get a decent amount of battery back from that which does decrease the problem lightly. 

If you’re just happy with the idea that you’ll have to remember most afternoons to plug it in for a little bit, then it’s excellent. You’ll be ok with that for me I don’t like those bargainings. I don’t want to be worrying about my battery all the time. I think that when you’re spending this much on the phone, having to have battery life stress doesn’t make sense in the 2019 flagship. You could buy a phone for half the price with basically double the battery capacity like redmi note eight or even triple battery capacity in Samsung galaxy m30s. 


 The pixel 4 is a small phone, and it’s a slim phone. There’s just no reason it couldn’t be bigger still. I guess that would negotiate one of the things I do like about it, which is the design. I know it’s been a little bit questionable. Everyone does not love the design, but I’m a fan of how the pixel four looks. There’s a lot about that design to like I like .how pure and rare the back. I think the matte orange and white look a lot good. They are unique, and it means that a black camera cutter perfect for the design. 

You certainly still get that kind of colour contrasting power button is one of my favourite little touches. This pixel has an ugly, sort of black, matte, cheap, bezels. A lot of people I have spoken to said ‘they don’t like it. They find the fact it’s grippy and plastic, and it makes the phone feel cheap to them,’ though it helps me keep a good grip and almost otherwise just a slab of glass. This phone is like a Nintendo where it does feel kind of toy. You can get full-screen displays, and pixel 4 has this massive bezel at the top. This issue is a big downside for google pixel 4 and 4 xl. 

New Motion sensors.

This motion sensor system is new for all smartphones. But in 2014, Samsung galaxy s5 has this kind of system without more radar sensors. That 2014 phone can skip songs, browse photos, and that kind of thing. But new pixel 4 can do many more things. Like handsfree mobile unlock and wake up, skip songs like 2014 s5 and some more functions. Also, this radar system can make better selfie portraits. It will help you face up the phone a tiny bit

quicker when you pick it up great. I not even sure I could tell the difference to be honest. Apple already does that

with an accelerometer, and it works fine. It doesn’t need all that chunky bezel space you can. You know wave at Pikachu on the wallpaper fun. I love it I’ve got the Pikachu wallpaper wholly unnecessary, and the sort of actual motion controls like waving your hand to silence an alarm or skip tracks. I never use some people might I guess if you’re cooking or something but knowing times out of 10 you’re still going to be better off just using the touchscreen, and I don’t feel these are better or more reliable or faster in any significant way than LG’s camera-based

Implementation in the g8. It’s a little bit better but not enough to make me every use it, of course, the other thing that that big chunky top.

New google assistant

In pixel 4, google assistant is much intelligent, and she can react much quicker. Now google assistant is not cloud-based service like Siri or Alexa. Now google assistant is packed in 500MB local storage package. Because of that now google assistant is excellent. Now, this assistant can beat Siri in many ways. Look at this video below.


There is another downside in this is storage. Pixel 4 and 4 xl only come with two is 64GB and 128GB. This phone has no expandable storage, and you will be stuck to 64 or 128GB. Previously pixels phones have unlimited google photos storage function. After lunch pixel 4, that feature is not working for pixel 4. these days, $200 to $300 phones have more storage than this pixel. Some flagships like galaxy s10 have 1TB of storage with an expandable storage feature. If you have 512GB sd card and 1TB galaxy s10, you have 1.5TB storage like a computer for you. How do you compare 1.5TB storage versus 128GB storage? Even iPhones have 512GB maximum storage.

s10 vs pixel 4


When talking about pixel 4 and 4 xl, I want to talk about pixel camera. So pixel phones have always best cameras in past years. That’s been the thing that Google has pushed through the photography side. Now the first time we have two cameras in pixel. That’s good. In 2016, google dominated smartphone photography with one camera, when all other smartphone camera makers put two or three cameras in their smartphones. The did it with software, in 2019 what everyone else throws four lenses google put two. Why it was a big deal that it threw our second lens into the pixel for a telephoto lens.

 Now you can get two times optical zoom, and then there are all sorts of digital zoom stuff going on beyond that computational photography. It gives you much better results on the eight times zoom. And it is awe-inspiring. Well, it’s a shame, is it’s not better than what other people are doing in what way is p30 pro and in the oppo. We know ten times zoom there’s similar tech going on, and these other companies are doing. It just as well as Google. 

Also, google’s HDR effect is very good at all times. Also, Google has the best night mode in the last years. Now google pushed it until to astrophotos. Now you can shoot stars without DSLR. Google camera is a good camera as the flagship, but other parts like battery are not compatible.


There are all flagship features like both handsets feature OLED screens with a fluid 90Hz refresh rate, more speed the Snapdragon 855, with 6GB of RAM. One might have complained that Pixel 4’s $599 starting price would be on the pricier side so that the latest discounts may have changed your mind by quite a bit.

It is made some progress in the camera side but not enough to match other flagships with this battery and display. The fact that everyone else in the industry is chasing Google as fast as they can and have caught up or gone past them in a few key areas. It all just comes down to me into that battery life it’s just not good enough, and I cannot recommend this pixel 4 and 4 xl, but now anyone buy this pixel 4 phone for five hundred pounds or six hundred dollars and also pixel 4 xl when you pay $100 more.

link to purchase pixel 4 and 4 XL, click here (amazon)


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