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You know that the world is changing day by day. Sometimes people change their breathing pattern with the beginning of a new year or else with the start of the new season. However, people are changing rapidly with these various lifestyles. I have to say some important things here. It is that people only change their outer appearance. No one can change their inner beauty. We see many beautiful people. Some of them are with their natural beauty, but some have made-up beauty. But I guess definitely the right beautify people have a brilliant mind as well as a pure heart. I think I also know that the thing that I told you above. we have another post about fashion. please read it before this post.

  After that, you know that new clothing styles are introducing every year, every month and every day. Among those various styles, some are capturing the attraction of people worldwide, but few of them are rejecting without any market. Today I would like to tell you about the fashion of hairstyles in 2019 and style of hairstyles in 2020 both through my article.

Hair colours 2019

 For women and girls hair

  Now I am starting to write about fashion within 2019. First of all, I’d like to tell you about the hair. Hair colours are updating with the styles. In 2019 the following are the leading hair colour trends. 

  •     Rich Auburn
  •     Buttery Blonde
  •     Sultry chestnut
  •     Lush honey brown 
  •     Ravishingly Ravan

 Rich Auburn

        This is mostly described as reddish-brown or colour of dark ginger. This is suitable for fair skin types. This colour is as of medium to the dark. This is a type of fresh colour. 

Buttery Blonde

 This is suitable for all skin tones. This colour gives a healthy look for the hair. 

 Sultry Chestnut

 This colour gives you a warmth look for your hair. This ranges according to the light, medium and dark. 

 Lush honey brown 

    This is similar to the caramel colour. This is suitable for dark and light hair colours. 

Ravishingly raven

   This is similar to a bit of grey colour. As well as that this gain fresh look to your hair. 

 These above are known as the primary hottest hair colours in 2019. In other than that living coral hair, glitch hair, lilac hair, chestnut brown and golden hair, Inky black hair, ash grey hair are some of the popular colour trends of 2019. As well as that Ash brown balayage, Mahogany, ultraviolet, rich chocolate, pretty pink are, some of the gorgeous hair colours 2019. Among those many colours, people used black and brown as their hair colour. 

For men and boys hair

   Platinum waves

      The colour is similar to the colour of platinum. There are some people that have this colour naturally. But some of the people are the victims of disease albinism. 


     This is a combination of several colours such as blue, purple, pink and yellow. 

    Trendy ash grey

     This colour is a fresh colour. There are some types of grey shades. 

    Smoky grey colour

     This is such a type of another grey colour. 

    Copper brown

     This is a type of reddish colour. 

    Natural dark blonde

      This is a multi-dimensional colour. This has the combination of grey, brown and red. This exhibit as both warm and refreshing look with the skin colour. 

   In other than that grey, black, pink will be the hair colour that suits for children. 

  These above are the popular hair colours for men this year. 

 Rainbow colour and pink colour are suitable colours to colour the hair of small children 

 Now I would like to move to 2020. Those are predictable hair colours for 2020.

 Hair colours 2020

 Women and girls hair

 Red hair

      About 2% or 1% of the human population has natural red hair. Cherry coke, bright auburn, red sand, brick red are most frequented red hair colours. 

 Platinum blond hair

      This is a light hair colour. Some people have this colour naturally. But most of them have a disease called albinism as well as that this is a rare type of hair colour. 

 Black dark hair 

       Black hair makes light skin people look older. The face is a highlight of this hair colour. Blackest Black is the darkest hair colour. 

 Bronde hair

      This ks is a colour between black and brown. Bronde named with the combination with those two words black and brown. 

 Chocolate brown hair

     This is similar to the cocoa colour. This is such dark hair colour. 

 Men and boys hair

 These following are some types of popular hair colours for the men and boys in 2020.

 Black colour, brown colour, purplish-black, purplish-brown and grey colour will be trending hair colours in 2020.

 These are some upcoming hair code colours in 2020. That’s all about the hair colours. Now I think we have to talk about hairstyles as well. 

 Hairstyles 2019

One’s hairstyle is unique to him or her. Through a haircut,it can be decided on the personality of that person. There are many hairstyles for women, girls, men, boys and children as well. 

 Women and girls hairstyles

 The most popular hairstyles are as follows. 

  •     Curly hairstyles 
  •     Short hairstyles
  •     Red hairstyles
  •     Cornrow hairstyle
  •     Shag haircut 

Those are the famous hairstyles that are suitable for women and girls. 

 Men and boys hairstyles. 

   The most popular hairstyles are as follows. 

  •     Quiff
  •     Fauxhawk
  •     Slick back
  •     Comb over
  •     Slicked back faux hawk +undercut
  •     Brushed back wavy hair +undercut
  •     Spiky hair
  •     Side swept hair

Those above are some hairstyles that are suitable for the men and boys

 Children hairstyles 

    The most popular hairstyles are as follows. 

           Mohawk, quiff, slick back, side part, crew cut, the crop are some of them that are suitable for small boys. 

   Cornrows, braid, high ponytails, and low ponytails are some hairstyles suitable for small girls. Through these hairstyles, they would look prettier. 

  These above hairstyles are the famous hairstyles of 2019. Now I move this topic to 2020. 

 Hairstyles 2020

 First of all, I’ll talk about women’s and girl’s hairstyles 2020. 

   Women and girls hairstyles

  •      Braided hairstyles
  •     Side braid hairstyles 
  •     Bob hairstyles
  •     Two strand headband
  •     Wavy bob hairstyles

These above will be the best hairstyles for men and women in 2020. 

   Men and boys hairstyles

  •     Long textures with a super clean high fade
  •     Modern pompadour skin fade 
  •     The messy combover
  •     Short slicked pomp with the hard part
  •     Curve hard part ultra short
  •     Cool slicked back undercut fade 
  •     Fresh hair design undermined thick textures on the top. 

   Children hairstyles

       Braid hairstyles, long ponytails, and short ponytails are some of the famous hairstyles in 2020 for small cute girls as well as that short haircuts are suitable for the little boys. 

 We talked about hair colours and hairstyles for 2019. Wearing hats become a simple style for people. You know that most of the people wear hats. Now I think to talk about various hat styles that you meet day to day life. Those styles are as follows. 

2019 hat patterns

  •     Fedora
  •     Homburg
  •     Porkpie
  •     Bowler
  •     Western hats
  •     Panama hats
  •     Boater 

Now we will see them one by one. I am sure you would even like this. 

Fedora hat

  This hat a round brim that is wider than the trilby hat. As well as that this is a hat that is suitable for both men and women. Movie detectives and criminals are wearing this hat usually. 

Homburg hat

   These are in dark colours. There is a wide silk grosgrain hatband ribbon on the hat. 

Porkpie hat

   Crust filled with a slice of pork or hair boiled an egg. Because of that, this hat is called a porkpie hat. This can be worn casually. 

Bowler hat

    These hats are the invention of Bowler brothers. Because of that reason, these hats were named as bowler hats. This is also named as billycock

. This is a felt hat with a rounded crown. 

Panama hats

   Ecuador is the country of origin of this hat. The people of the countries north and south America are referring this hat in various names. They areas jipijapa, toquilla and montecristi. 

Boater hats

  This is a famous hat that invented in 19th and 20th centuries. And also this is made using sennit straw with a wide grosgrain hatband. 

that is all about the 2019 hat patterns. now time to move forward. because now 2019 is pretty much over. Welcome to the future, Now we will look at the 2020 hat patterns. 

2020 hat patterns

 As you know, all of the lifestyles are updating the new year. Now you can see the future hat patterns. 

  •     Petal hat knitting pattern
  •     Sakura pattern
  •     Winter serenity hat pattern
  •     Piuma hat pattern
  •     The rustic ribbed hat pattern
  •     White Amaryllis hat pattern 

I think you don’t need any description for the above hats. Because they are upcoming hat fashions. You can see and understand about them when you see them. So I am pausing the details about upcoming hat designs. 

 Now I have come to the end of my article if you are a person that was always trying to refresh this will the best guide for you.all pictures from Also wee have many more posts about fashion. You can read it clicking here. Write down your comments below and stay with us forever.


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