Hidden Fully electric supercar from Hidden country calls SRI LANKA

Mr.Harsha Subasinhe
Mr.Harsha Subasinhe

Sri Lankans made thair first car. It is 100% electric, 100% made by Sri Lanka, and Sri Lankans’ first supercar is not very cheap, not small, not slow. It is a supercar call, Vega. This car is now in the test-drive stage. This supercar dream comes true because of Mr.Harsha Subasinghe as known as Sri Lankan Elon Musk, who is the chief executive of Colombo-based CodeGen and a software developer of the travel and tourism industry. Not only Mr. Harsha Subasinghe is behind this project, but also Mr. Beshan Kulapala is also behind this massive project. He was the project manager.

As you know, this is an electric car. This car is a need for the contemporary society and the future. This car will also be a solution to environmental pollution as well as this is a solution for reducing energy needs. This is a less expensive method for transportation.


Let’s talk about the car. This car can get 0 – 100 Kilometers per hour or 0 – 60 Miles per hour in 3.1 seconds. The official site says it will going to have 4 seconds. But the Mr.Harsha Subasinghe said now it is 3.1 seconds to local tv reporter named Chathura Alwis. Also, Mr.Harsha Subasinghe said this could drive up to 270KM in a single charge. The maximum speed of Vega will be 260 Kilometers per hour. This is made out of using carbon fiber technology. Let me tell you about some more about carbon fiber technology.

Carbon fiber technology

  This is not harmful to technology. There is no destructive act to the animals, plants, and humans through this technology, as well as that this is a renewable technology. Do you know what a renewable technology is? Renewable means that the technology created by renewable sources. Examples for some renewable technologies are wind, sunlight, and ocean waves. This is made out of using PAN. PAN use as a short form of polyacrylonitrile. Do you know about this polyacrylonitrile? This is a composite material that is made out using carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. This material is known as polyvinyl cyanide and creslan 61. Mainly this is a combination of acrylonitrile. A mixture of monomers is the designing of the polymer.

   This PAN uses in various production fields othet than in producing carbon fibers. PAN uses to produce carbon fiber because of its significance. PAN is not melting under reasonable conditions. Therefore PAN uses to make carbon fibers as well as that carbon fiber is a low-cost product.

 We have to know about the designer too. In the above, I mentioned you Mr. Harsha Subasinghe could be similar to the Elon Musk that is the owner of an American Company SpaceX. Mr. Harsha Subasinghe made this creation mainly targetting at the youth generation because they like very much for the new cars, mobile phones, PCs, pc games, and movies. Therefore Vega got popularity from the young generation within a short time. Harsha Subasinghe told me that he planned to launch the vehicle in April of the next year at the Geneva motor show.

Back to the VEGA

      I talked about the significance of this vehicle at the beginning of this article. I can list down those as follows.

  •  It can acquire 0-100 speed within 3 seconds.
  •  It can gain 260 km/h maximum speed.
  •  Ths parts of the car are initially designed in Sri Lanka.
  •  It has 900 horsepower with 530 found feet of torque.
  •  This car has a developed computer system.
  •  Have a module of lithium battery that can carry various tasks.

  The only electric car is in Sri Lanka is not the Vega. Nissan Leaf is also an electric car that uses in Sri Lanka. But the capability of Sri Lankans visible worldwide through this invention as well as that Harsha Subasinghe said that he planned to develop this car up to a self-navigation system like tesla. There are two main computers in this vehicle. Those are well-established computer systems. That consists of super access to the internet, a super stereo system, a super air conditioning system, and a super climate controller. All those systems are superb because this is a supercar.

    CodeGen company expensed about $500,000 on this project. They got a suitable result for their investing. But they haven’t announced a fixed price yet. I think they will decide that in the future by considering their total expenditure on this project. The Vega is still in the test runs. Therefore CodeGen hasn’t released any more details about this car.

CodeGen company, Colombo

 Earlier I briefly mentioned the company involved in this project. Now I would like to say some more about the company. Especially this company succeeds through their competency in the planning task. Some of the steps of necessary planning are the initial designs, taking ideas from the staff and others, making prototypes as well as testing prototypes.

 As I told above, Mr. Harsha Subasinghe is the CEO of this company. This company is in the IT field for 17 years. They are with the motivation of giving knowledge to future generations. They have started the Vega project before about three years. They tried to achieve 0-100 km/h speed in about 2.9 seconds. At first, they decided to launch the vehicle in December. Then recently, Mr. Harsha Subasinghe said that he expects to start in April. CodeGen’s main goal to become the first best company in Sri Lanka. We all think the goals of CodeGen will achieve success quickly. As well as through this company, Sri Lanka can make a great name throughout the world.

 There are many electric cars uses in the world. I want to tell you about another electric vehicle that is using in Sri Lanka. I mentioned the name of the car at one point in the article. It is the Nissan Leaf.

Nissan leaf

 Nissan leaf is a fully electric car. It has a 40 KWh or 62 KWh rechargeable battery. This rechargeable battery can be charged within your home. Advanced technologies like fingerprint systems are using in 2019 Nissan leaf cars. As well as that it has an EPA range of 226 miles. The average distance that leaf can drive is about 150 miles, but this value is varying according to the usage. The battery lifetime is about ten years. While Nissan gives 8 years warranty for its battery.

  The world is developing day by day. Sri Lanka is named as still a developing country. I think this country will arrive in a developed country very soon. I guess we can see more Sri Lankans invention’s good ideas in the future.


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