How USA and UK become powerful countries- past to present (2019)


Do you know which country occupies the largest land area in the world? It is Russia. That is not our topic. Then you guess what is the order of the states according to their land area. I think you placed America in the proper place.

United State of America

How a young country like the USA become powerfull (below age 250 years)

America occupies third place in that order. It has a land area of 9,525,067 sq. Km. It is much smaller than the whole of Europe. A speciality of this country is, it also takes third place in the populated countries among the others. It is about 322,179,605. Usually, people called America the USA (United States of America) or as the US(united states). Do you know what is united?  It signifies the union, companionship, freedom, and independence of the people of the country.

In 1776 September the name United States of America becomes official. Before that, it was called the united colonies. There were 13 colonies. Now there are 50 states. There is a doubt that the number of provinces is 50 or 52. What do you think?  America had 50 states, but now there are 52 because Alaska and Hawaii were added. In this situation, it is necessary to talk about the American flag. There are 50 stars in the American flag. It depicts the 50 states in America. And there are 13 strips too. What does that mean? They are showing the 13 colonies. Some of the states of America are California, Arizona, Texas, Florida, New Jersey, etc.

The United States of America

I know you will be certainly like to see how that the name America came after. All of the people believe that the name came after Amerigo Vespucci. He is an Italian nationalist. He was an investigator for new continents. Sometimes people use to call this country like the US, USA or America. Are these all referring to the same? Is there any difference?  Yes, there is a difference between America and the USA.

Future of USA

The term America uses for the combination of North America and South America. The United States of America or U. S. A is a country in North America. But people are using the same word when mentioning about America. Later it doesn’t make a difference to anyone. In the above, I said this country takes third place in the most populated countries. Surely in the future, it will become the most populated country in the world. They predicted that in about 2040 and 2050, the population would be increased up to between 8 and 10.5 billion. In the USA, there is a rapid growth in population.  In other than that, I would like to tell you about the origin of America.

We were aware that in 1607, English people went to America. They went to a place called Jamestown in Virginia. But the native Americans are the ancestors of that land. After that, the people of countries like England, Spain, Great Britain even migrated to America.    Finally, I am writing about the general information about the country. Various countries surround the United States. Canada in it’s North, in the East, there is Alaska while in Mexico in the south direction.

The USA in 2019

The capital of this country is Washington. California is famous for the most populated state of America. Federal Presidental Constitutional Republic government is in this country. The current president is Mr Donald Trump, while the vice president is Mr Mike Pence. They are using United States Dollars (USD$) as their currency. In other than that the USA is a beautiful country. You can see Yosemite National Park in California, Crater Lake National Park in Oregan, The Grand Canyon in Arizona are there. There are more places, but I took only some. Then at the conclusion, I wish that you got resourceful information about the USA in the above.

United Kingdom

How a small country like the UK dominated the world?

I guess you do that. Here it means as a collection. A collection of countries. Yes, some countries can’t be equal to any other country. It is called ‘Great Britain’ be also known as ‘United Kingdom. It is very appropriate that we called it a kingdom than a country because, as I mentioned above, it is a collection of some countries. There are four central countries in the united kingdom. They are England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. But there are some other islands belong to Britain too.

We only paid our attention to the meaning of this country. Now we have to see what is the importance of Britain. It has an extraordinary history, and it is very famous all over the world. Britain has an extended history too. The link that shows the history of the united kingdom is the Royal family. Queen Elizabeth ii, her son, her grandson’s daughters, and great-grandsons and daughters are the current royal family. Not only that, people all the blood relatives are a part of the royal family. Then I would like to discuss more information about the United kingdom. Can you imagine what the land area of Britain is like? Approximately can you think?  I’ll give you an answer. You can compare yours with my answer. It is about 242,495 sq. Kilometres.

Do you know the meaning of great?

It is a vast land area when compared with others. As in the above mentioned, some other countries belong to Britain. Then we see how those countries are situated with their main island. The Atlantic Ocean surrounds the land borders of great Britain. In the south, it is the English Channel and in the eastern North Sea while the Celtic Sea in the southwest. The Irish Sea is the barrier for Ireland and Great Britain. The population of the United Kingdom is about 67.55 million currently.    Now you may be curious to know about their languages, ethnicities, and languages. It is a mixture of some countries because that united kingdom is also a mixture of various styles, religions, and ethnicities too. People are free to follow their customs and traditions as they wish. Some of their ethnicities are White, Black, Asian, and mixed. Religions that they are following are Christianity, Buddhism, Sikhism, Hinduism, and Islam. Their official language is English, while some others are using Irish, Scottish Gaelic, Welsh, Cornish, and Scots.    The A parliament rules the United Kingdom. The head of this parliament is the prime minister. The current prime minister is Mr Boris Johnson.

The present situation in the UK

The present monarch is Queen Elizabeth ii. London is the capital of the UK. It can be known as a center of the Economy. The capitals for Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland are Edinburgh, Cardiff, and Belfast, respectively. The currency that is using is Pound sterling. Now we will discuss what the significance of Great Britain is. It is known as a nuclear-weapon state. Nuclear technology is a superior technology among the most dangerous technologies. But the British scientists were capable of finding that, and the united kingdom is a developed country. It is placed in the sixth position at the economic level. This country has high power in commercial, scientific, military, and cultural. And also the British in the sixth place of the list of military expenditure.

Since 1946 the British are a permanent member of the Nations Security Council.  We know, and we play Rugby, Football, Cricket, and Golf. We represent those, but where was that originated? It is also originated in British.    The British, it is green and beautiful land. I think from all the above you get to know more details about the united kingdom. Now definitely, you have recognized the importance of this country.


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