Insurance Scam?


Insurance can be defined as a way to protect people from losing their money. However, people buy insurance themselves. Insurance is a contract between several parties. Which means It can be between two or three parties. The deal is to pay the insured party, an amount of money. In some situations, harmful to the insured person, business, or vehicle occurs in the future. Also, that insurance reduces risks that will have to face the future. 

Why you need insurance for your home, vehicle or even to you?

Insurance can cover up damage for you. Sometimes from money, sometimes it is from another way. Insurance can save your family, and it can save your car and even your home or pet. i think that is the safest way to living. Let us talk more about insurances. history, why you need one and finely is insurance scam? or safe? even we ready to talk about the future. grab your favourite drink and read this article.

   People have to pay insurance as instalments. There are various types of coverages. Some of them are life insurance or personal insurance, property insurance, marine insurance, fire insurance, liability insurance, guarantee insurance, and social insurance. Life insurance is more important to the people who depend on an insured person as well as that there are some other categories of insurance as disability insurance and auto insurance. Insurance is protection. Coverage is in the form of risk management in unexpected situations. The people or companies that provide coverage is the insurer. 

    When we are deciding about something in most of the situations, we only see only the advantages of that as this is our human nature. Nevertheless, we have to think intelligent spread our thinking to a vast area. Then focus our decision. Then only we can make the right decision. Even here, there are advantages as well as disadvantages. We think it is necessary to go through with those points. First of all, we can talk about the benefits of having insurance. Mainly it helps to reduce consumer’s risks and improve the consumer to keep his mind in peace. People, businesses, and vehicles are required to have certain types of insurances to the protection of themselves. If some loss had happened, and insurance pays as realised its’ damage. 

   Now it is better if we give our attention to the wrong side of insurance. If we get insured, it does not become relevant to all types of losses that insured person, business, or vehicle had faced. It covers only a specific area for insurance. We can not get the insurance when we have financial problems that are in the business. We can take insurance only in the case of damage or loss to the property of companies.

    Already we are aware of what is insurance, the motivation of insurance, the advantages, and disadvantages of the insurance. It is an inconvenient task that we talk about every epitome of protection in this country. Because of that, We had selected only one category to explain here. Then readers can acquire ideas of other types easily.

  Now, I am discussing the health insurance of this country as health is significant for all of the people. Everybody likes to be a healthy person. Health coverage, health care coverage, health benefits all refer to health insurance. Straightforwardly health insurance is insurance that is protecting the costs of medical expenses. Moreover, there are many varieties of protections.examples for Social welfare programs like Medicaid and children’s health insurance program.

Furthermore, those assurances cover disabilities and long term custodial care. Here national health expenditures are projected to grow 4.70% per person for the year from 2016 to 2025. The non-elderly individuals with employer-sponsored cover fell from 66.00% in 2000 to 56.00% in 2010. The primary trend in employer-sponsored cover has been increasing the costs of using out of network health to provide them, in-network providers. 

   The percentage of individuals covered by Medicaid increased from 10.50% in 2000 to 14.50% in 2010 and 20.00% in 2015. The proportion covered by medicare rose from 13.50% in 2000 to 15.90% in 2010, then it decreased to 14.00% in 2015. 

      The uninsured percentage was at the level of 14%-15% from 1990 to 2008, then increased up to 18% in 2013 and then decreased to 11% in 2015. The proportion that has not insurance is only 9%. However, 2.1 million uninsured patients were staying at the hospitals in 2011. Charity care, passed on to the insured via cost-shifting and higher health insurance premiums provide they are treating values.

    Medicare is an assurance that provides insurance over the age of 65 for the people who become permanently disabled. However, medicare advantage plans cost 12% more than traditional medicare. Medical part D provides insurance to allow medicare beneficial to coverage for the costs of prescription drugs. 

In many cases, insurance does not pay to their clients. They have many excuses, many reasons to not pay you. Some times insurance company pay double even triple of money. But that is very rare situations. Insurance is like having a knife. It can be good or bad. It is a Profit or scam. That is up to you. If you had natural disaster coverage, if there is a tsunami or earthquake, you will get paid. If you dose not have natural disaster coverage, you will get not paid. So you need to be smarter when you are going to have insurance. My advice is to get your insurance from the best company, not form the cheapest one. That insurance will be more costly. But after something happens, you will thank me.

    Medicaid is a social welfare program. It is not only an insurance program. The plan now covers everyone with income under 133% of the federal poverty level. CHIP or the children’s health insurance program is most beneficial to the people who do not have an income to buy their private insurance for their child. Military health care provides to the active duty service members, retired service members, and dependants by the Department of Defence military health system. 

     The Indian Health Service provides medical assistance to American Indians. Here they are following suitable ensuring methods. Mainly State Firm, GEICO, Progressive, USAA, All state can be mentioned as excellent service providers. 

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