iPhone 11 vs. iPhone X (10), Which one should I buy?


The iPhone X versus the iPhone 11, which one of these phones should you get. I’m going to tell you, so let’s get into it. I preferred the iPhone 10. so if you saw the iPhone 10 in this article, it is iPhone x.

Let’s talk about these phones, so yes, it is true, these phones are amazing. I’ve had the iPhone 10 for two years now, and it still holds up super well. It’s still really, really fast, but the iPhone 11 came along in 2019, and the camera is excellent.

Those cameras convinced me to get the iPhone 11( actually, I borrowed these two from my friend for this review). Even though the iPhone 10 is a perfectly fine device, but there are some pretty substantial differences between these two phones, and I’m going to help you decide which one you should get. I’m going to break it down into several categories both of these phones have a lot of pros and cons. we’re going to talk about that in this article. So let’s start talking,


So, first of all, let’s talk about the price because that’s usually

The first question I would ask somebody who’s thinking about upgrading their phone. You can get a used iPhone 10 now for about $450 to $500 depending on your country. Five hundred dollars or less for iPhone 10 is an outstanding deal. Considering it still works well in 2019.

Also, I have a dream to buy this phone because I use $200 glass cracked s9 with water damage. The iPhone 11 starts at about 700 US dollars, and it goes up from there depending on storage, the iPhone 10 is the winner just because it’s cheaper. Still, if you have more cash and you’re not going to be disappointed with the iPhone 11. also it feels like a $700 device.

Cameras (all these phones have more than one camera)

 The next thing I wanted to talk about is the camera of these iPhones. This is one of the most significant differences between the 11 and the 10. the obvious winner here is the iPhone 11. The new ultrawide camera is a game-changer when we compare this ultrawide camera with a 2x telephone, which found in iPhone 10.

iPhone 11’s new camera system will crush the iPhone 10’s camera system in so many different ways, and honestly, besides the price, the camera is going to be the most significant difference you’re gonna notice between these two different devices. 


On the iPhone 11, you get a much better selfie camera that you can shoot 4k video with up to 60 frames per second and slow-motion selfie videos. The overall image stabilization is so much better on the iPhone 11 versus the iPhone 10. it almost looks like you’re walking around with a gimbal. Also, on the 11, you get night mode and deep fusion. Which is coming soon and night mode has blown me away, the phone is really nice, like a pixel device.

One downside of the iPhone 11 versus the iPhone 10 in terms of the camera is the iPhone 11 has no telephoto lens, but instead, the 11 has an ultra-wide lens, which is a really awesome lens. Especially if you’re shooting stuff where you’re close to a subject, and you don’t want to be like seeing their pores and stuff. You can use the ultra-wide-angle to back up the camera and see a lot more of your surroundings. The iPhone 10 does have the telephoto lens, though, so you can zoom in to two times with optical stabilization.

But overall, I would say the camera is much better on the iPhone 11. 


 Let’s talk about this screen quality because both of these devices have good screens, but I would say the winner here is the iPhone 10. because it does have that OLED display, which has like the ultra quality monster Retina display or whatever. The iPhone 10 screen is amazing, and you get a much higher contrast ratio versus the iPhone 11.

But let me back that up a little bit because of the iPhone 11 screen is good too. iPhone 11 has IPS display because of that bezels, and edges are a lot bigger than iPhone 10. also you’ll definitely see more contrast on the iPhone 10.

you’ll also see deeper blacks and brighter whites and the colours look a little more saturated and text is a little bit sharper but the iPhone 11 on its own still an awesome screen and it looks really good. But the iPhone 10 display is better.this is for watching YouTube, Netflix, and stuff, so both of the screens are awesome, but the iPhone 10 is the winner because it just has a fancier display, another difference between these two phones are the size of them.


 The display of the iPhone 11 is a little bit bigger than the iPhone 10 and a little bit heavier as well. I actually kind of like the bigger size on the iPhone 11, but the iPhone 10 is a little bit lighter, so it feels smaller in your hands. It also feels smaller in your pocket, and because the iPhone 10 is smaller, it’s also a little bit thinner you can hold it for a little bit longer than the 11, and it won’t hurt your hands.

As much but the size of the iPhone 11 is also really nice, and I like that it’s kind of the nice medium between the iPhone 11 pro and the iPhone 11 pro max. So videos on it look a little bit bigger than the iPhone 10. I would say the winner when it comes to size is an iPhone 10. because of HDR, OLED, monster level display of 10.


Apple says the iPhone 11 has the craziest and highest quality glass ever. Even though the cameras are super useful on the iPhone 11, how they designed it on the rear of the phone looks kind of clunky to me. When I saw the rumours initially, I was like I hope they don’t use that as their final design, and then they used it. I’m sure we’ll get used to it, and it doesn’t bother me anymore. But it is a bit of an eyesore. Honestly, the iPhone 11 is also surrounded by a nice shiny glass, and it feels like a premium device. So don’t believe any of the hype where people are like the iPhone 11 Pro is

more premium because it has a glass. That has a matte texture. The iPhone 11 feels premium to me; it’s not like a cheap-feeling device at all, and the iPhone 10 is not cheap.

feeling either because it’s surrounded by better metal or whatever but the metal on the iPhone 10 on the sides of it scratches a lot.

And there is another thing,

so that’s something to consider. you can also dunk the iPhone 11 in water for longer and deeper than the iPhone 10. and you don’t have to worry about it. biting the dust or drowning another a difference you’re going to see with the two phones is the speed the iPhone 11 has the a13 Bionic chip which is incredibly fast. just super fast it blazes through games it blazes through the video editing. it’s just an overall superfast device so yeah the iPhone 11 is faster than the iPhone 10 but you don’t really notice it that much.

well if you’re on a tighter budget and don’t care as much about having the latest iPhone camera tech or processor, I’d go for the iPhone 10. the overall the experience we’ll get with the 10 about the same as the eleven but the screen looks nicer, it’s smaller and lighter and with the money you saved you could buy some juicy spice from it spicy shop, so it’s a win-win Baby, if you have a bigger budget though I suggest getting the iPhone 11. we get the faster processor, the new ultra-wide camera with night mode and smart HDR the bigger screen and better battery life the upgraded camera alone I think is worth the extra couple hundred bucks you’d spend on me eleven so now that you know


a lot of not so scientific information about these two phones. let me know in the comments what you think are you going to get the iPhone 11 or are you going to stick with the iPhone 10. I think it will come down to your budget.


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