Iphone SE 2 : the $400 phone from apple


Key features

  • 4.7in display
  • A13 chip
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 64GB of internal storage
  • An updated LCP antenna for improved wireless performance
  • Space Grey, Red and Silver finishes
  • Prices from $399


iPhone SE 2 Releasing Date

iPhone SE 2 prototype

iPhone SE 2 release date is in March 2020 will we get a new iPhone SE Opinions are divided. For one thing, we may never get an iPhone SE replacement that is as small a 4inch screen is rather cramped for today’s tastes.

However, some reports indicate we will get a new low-cost iPhone for a reasonable price. And it could be coming on this year 2020


In terms of how well the new iPhone is going to look, well – we have got three theories rolling around and are possible.

The latest leaks point to probably the most likely option, its that the iPhone SE 2 will look a lot like the iPhone 8, complete with a 4.7-inch LCD screen and one rear camera. It’s a claim we’ve heard multiple times. However, there are no Images still came yet.

Another theory is that the new smaller iPhone will have an iPhone X-like screen, complete with a notch at the top


From a value perspective, the iPhone SE is higher on the charts if you are looking for a phone that will last you through the day. As I discovered in our in-depth battery test, the SE swept the floor of the other popular iPhone models of the time, like the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6.

Its prowess at saving power makes sense. The screen is smaller, and its boxy design doesn’t force Apple to slim down on the battery in the way that it might for a slimmer, sleeker chassis used with its core iPhone products.

While we are short on complaints about the SE’s battery performance, it can only get better. We did not like to see Apple pushing some boundaries with its next phone with numbers that make it even high.

The battery inside the iPhone SE2 is said to have a slightly raised rating from 1,640mAh to 1,700mAh. This might be necessary to power the somewhat larger display if that happens.


iPhone SE 2 prototype

TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that the iPhone SE2, which he expects to launch in 2020, will adopt an A13 processor, as per his October 2020 research note. Kuo also believes that the new SE will offer 3GB RAM, and the SE offered 2GB RAM.

That is the same processor as found in the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max.

The SE is featuring with the A9 chip, as used in the iPhone 6S. With iOS 13 requiring the iPhone 6S or newer, it would be shocking if Apple used a processor any older than the A11 Bionic found in the iPhone 8.

Sometimes the new iPhone SE 2 will use the A10 Fusion chip. As seen in the iPhone 7.


A Chinese report from February 2018 also suggests that the new iPhone would use the A10 Fusion chip.

Guilherme Rambo refers to the code in an August 2018 tweet, This product will launch with an A10 processor and P3-gamut display, but no notch or Face ID. This could be a SE replacement, hopefully. So with these things, iPhone SE 2 processor can be more powerful more than iPhone SE 1 processor.


iPhone SE 2 prototype

We can hopefully see a 5mega pixel or 7mega pixel FaceTime camera with Retina Flash replace the 1.2Megapixel FaceTime camera in the current model iPhone SE 2.

Other than those features in-camera, the handset is likely to keep many of the featuring of the current iPhone SE, such as

12Mp camera:-The current SE offers 12Mp with an f/2.2 aperture. The iPhone 8 has an f/1.8 hole. No bump one key difference between the iPhone SE and iPhone 8 is the lack of camera bump on the bigger model. Hopefully, the new iPhone SE camera on the backside of the iPhone will be flat.


The reports have also predicted that the iPhone SE 2 will get an updated antenna design for improved wireless performance.

In a research note seen by Leaked reports, the TF International Securities analyst said the Apple suppliers Career Technologies and Murata Manufacturing would commence production of iPhone SE 2 antenna components in time for the spring 2020 launch. The new antenna will be made of LCP, or liquid crystal polymer, a class of material known as for its stress resistance and shallow ferroelectric reaction times.


The screen seems that the iPhone SE 2 will have a 4.7inch screen rather than the current 4inch. The Home button is expected to remain on the SE 2, so I can’t expect the notch in the iPhone SE 2.

New Features

The new iPhone SE won’t be a flagship, so you should not expect any new features – it’s more a question of which features will trickle down from the top-end iPhones. According to reports, The iPhone SE 2 will only be available in three colours. Those colours will be Red, silver, and space grey. That’s pretty underwhelming when you compare it to the six shades on offer for the iPhone 11 — but it is at least an improvement on the original iPhone SE’s bland colour selection. Silver, space grey, gold, and rose gold.


  • The original iPhone SE just cost £379 when it released in 2016, which seems eminently reasonable price compared to today’s sky-high smartphone prices. Of course, that was way back in 2016 when even the cost of the year’s flagship handset (the iPhone 6S) was a mere £539.
  • These days the base model iPhone 11 will set you back by £729, while the beast iPhone 11 Pro Max costs more than double prices, at a maximum amount of £1499. We are confident that the price of the iPhone SE 2 will fall comfortably short of these considerable sums, likely they will make it the cheapest new iPhone around.
  • In October, some reports about se2 leaked. The predicted the starting price of the iPhone SE 2 would be at just $399.

Why Apple needs a new iPhone SE

Apple still selling a lot of iPhones, but by the company’s stellar standards, sales have taken a dip in recent quarters. Is this down to the lack of a small and affordable handset in Apple’s range?

Maybe. Tim Cook is suggesting that China was key to Apple’s reduction in estimates for Apple’s Q1 2019, blaming the trade wars with China and the economic downturn in that part of the world. But the current iPhone range doesn’t seem well-suited to this huge and significant in this untapped market, which is amply supplied with cheaper phones from the Far East’s manufacturing.


iPhone SE 2 prototype

Assuming that China doesn’t ban Apple in retaliation for the (seemingly temporary) Huawei ban. What China seems to want is a low-priced Applehandset that would appeal to fashion-conscious customers ho don’t want to settle for a phone that is more than two years old. It is possible that Apple saw the iPhone XR [and its successor the non-Pro iPhone 1]!as fulfilling these criteria: at a launch price of $749 the XR was cheaper than the XS, and the iPhone 11 has been announced at $699 in the United States of America. But these are still higher numbers than what the SE cost when it is brand new.

Interestingly, during the first few months of 2019, Apple started selling off some stock of the SE in surprised the sales. The stock was finished quickly, suggesting that there is both demand for an iPhone that size 4inch and that people are desperate for a low-cost iPhone. Having established the level of need, could Apple now determine that it is time to re-launch a new iPhone SE?

In what could be seen as an attempt to disguise the high price of the XR, Apple has advertised the handset as if it cost $499 – but that is only as a trade-in if you have a reasonably new handset to swap. What Apple needs is a phone that costs $499.

Fingers Cross and we have to wait for Apple’s newest product iPhone SE 2. comments thought down in this article. Also, we have many mobile phone reviews. check it out


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