Journey to the metallic world

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 You know that daily news about the space field is updating. What is the main reason for it? It is because of the spacecraft engineers and scientists don’t stop their research. They finish it after reaching their final destination. But I think. Personally, space discoveries will end one day. I have an idea about that. Because there are over millions and millions of things in space that had to find. Then how can we stop seeing them? Today even I am expecting to tell you about a new mission. Then guess the large space organization that is behind in this project. Keep your answer yourself. You can find if it is correct from the paragraphs below. Then we can start now. 

What is the metal world????

   Through the above paragraph, I mentioned the name of the metal world. I know that you have an idea about the metals. But you haven’t heard about a metal world. What is meant actually by the metal world? Where is it? If there is something called the metal world on the earth, definitely you know it. Therefore it should have to be in outer space from the earth. 

  Now you know that this is an outer space project. Scientists had named this area in a particular name. It is for 16 Psyche. You can see the difference of this project by the name itself. There is the main target of every mission. The mission is not only limited to space but also for each and every task. The main goal of this mission is to “explore what is believed to be an asteroid made of metal rather than rock or ice.” As well as that this is the first mission of this kind. Then it will focus on the way how our planets formed even. 


  Then I have to tell you what are the organizations behind this project. Because I have promised earlier to show you these. There is more than one group involved in the project. Maxar’s space solutions teams, NASA’s jet propulsion laboratory, and the Arizona State University ‘s school of earth and space exploration are working for this project. What they produced to reach their destination? Do you know that? They created the next-generation solar electric propulsion system. The next-generation solar electric propulsion system is a highly efficient SPT 140. At present, this space vehicle manages three other space crafts in orbit. This is not the only project by the above Maxar’s group. We can see the Maxar group after this project. Now, this is the correct time for talking about the 16 psyche mission. 

The interesting 16 Psyche mission

   16   Psyche is an asteroid. As well as that this is a famous asteroid in the asteroid belt. Now we can see the specialists of this asteroid. 

   16 psyche asteroid

   This is an M type asteroid that we can find in the asteroid belt. Do you know the reason that this was named as the 16 psyches? The 16 refers to the sixteenth minor planet found in space discovery. Then the psyche is named after the Greek mythological figure Psyche. This was initially discovered on 17th March of 1852 from Naples. This was observed first by the Italian astronomer Annibale De Gasparis. The mean radius of this asteroid is about 113 km. 

  Do you that there are symbols for the discovered asteroids? Yes, there are symbols for the asteroids. But not for all asteroids, the first fifteen has the symbols. But there are symbols for some asteroids after the first fifteen. Therefore psyche asteroid has even a logo. I told you that psyche is a Greek word that meant the soul. I can describe the symbol. There is a semi-circle that the circular part is as the upside. Then there is a star near to the circular section from the top — these symbols made in order to recognize the asteroids. But increasing with the number of asteroids, this seems impractical. Because of that, then they use the number. This was a new idea by the German astronomer J. F. Encke. 

  I told you in the above paragraphs. There had to be a specialty in this asteroid. Why am I saying this? If there is no, specialty scientists didn’t select this for the research. Then see what they are. 

Specific features

   There is an irregular shape for this asteroid. There are two craters like depressions in this asteroid. That craters are situated near to the South Pole. These two craters were named as the Meroe and Panthia. You know that most of the planets and the natural objects in space is named after the Roman and the Greek characters. Like that, those above two names are the names of twin two witches in the Roman novel Metamorphosis by Apuleius as well as that this is not a member of any other asteroid family. 


  When talking about the composition of this asteroid, it has a metallic composition. Therefore it was named as an M type asteroid too. From the composition, 90% has a metallic component, while 10 % of it consists of silicate rock. Through the research, it can be observed that there are hydroxyl ions on the surface of the asteroid. Therefore it proves that water is on its surface. We can get more knowledge about these features after finishing the mission psyche. 

  Psyche missions

  In 2004 NASA had decided about the research of 16 psyches. Then the scientists told that psyche is a valuable object that had to study. Because there is a metallic core inside. This was planned as a 20-month space journey. As you know, this is a journey that had planned to observe the physical features and the composition of this asteroid. This mission was approved by NASA on the 4th of January 2014. Then they planned to launch this in 2023 from the earth. After then they think that this would arrive at the asteroid in about 2030.

  Then these all the above details are about the journey to find metallic asteroid. These above are the most important details that can tell. But I promised you earlier that I’ll tell you about the Maxar space solutions team. Then see it. 

The developer of the mission – Maxar solutions team

 As you know, this is a leading company in the space field. This is actually Maxar Technologies Inc. This company manufactures many things that are essential to space missions. They are such as radar, orbit satellites, and other equipment that are useful for the communication services of the space. In May of 2019, this organization is selected as the provider of the power and the propulsion element for the lunar gateway by NASA. There are many special business deals with this company. We can list them. But it is not a simple task. Therefore I’ll tell you only a few. The Canadarm used in the NAS’s space shuttle and the Canadarm 2 and the Dextre remote manipulator system used on the ISS. ISS is the international space station. 

   The main headquarters of this company is in Westminster, Colorado. The parent company of Mac Donald Dettwiller and the associate and Ltd is the Maxar Technologies Inc. You know that this company has a great name through the Information and communication technology. John S. Mac Donald is the founder of Maxar Technologies. There are about 5900 employers in this company at present. MDA, SSL, Radiant solutions, and the digital globe are some subsidiaries of the Maxar Technologies. 

 This is the end of this article. Now, this is all about the psyche mission. Now you know about the asteroid, the Psyche mission, and the organizations that participate in this mission. Then we have to wait for the other new details that can be heard in the future. 


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