Jupiter’s red spot


  You know that we live on Earth. There are other planets in our solar system as well as that those all planets consist in milky way galaxy. We don’t know how this world originated from or who created the planets and all other. There are some theories about the origin of the universe. Big bang theory is one acceptable theory among them. Later I’ll explain about them. There are not only planets but also another object like asteroids, meteorites and stars are in the Milky Way galaxy. You know that there is a large red spot on the surface of Jupiter. Today I am expecting to tell you about this sizeable red spot. But before that, I said to you that I am hoping to tell you about the big bang theory.

 Now it is time to do that.

 Big bang theory

   This theory explains to us how the universe gets spread. It is in a very high density and a very high temperature. Not only the big bang theory but also steady-state history are some acceptable theories. But many people accept the big bang theory. Therefore all the people took the big bang theory in other than that the expansion of the universe is accelerating.

   There are two underlying assumptions of this theory. They are as follows.

  • The universality of the physical laws
  • Cosmological principle

Cosmological principle introduces that the massive scale of the universe is homogeneous and isotropic. Some are identifying this theorem as an explosion. But it is actually an expansion. Therefore the distance between the two objects is rapidly increasing. Another way we can tell that this is travelling of matter to space in order to fill them. There are some types of particles present in the space as particle horizons.

  Not only the people of the society and the scientists but also according to the religious views, big bang theory is acceptable. Some of the religious communities think big bang represents the creator of the world as in their own religion.

  Those above are the details about the famous Big bang theory. In other than that I told these all the planets are included in the milky way galaxy. Now we will look about the milky way galaxy because it may be essential for you too.

  Milky way galaxy

      This galaxy is named in a beautiful name. Why is this called a milky way galaxy? The reason is the appearance of the milky way galaxy. This is made out of a thick band of light. There is a disk-shaped structure within it. There are about 100-400 billion stars within it as well as that the diameter is about 150,000 – 200,000 light-years. Milky Way galaxy has several satellite galaxies which are part of the local group galaxies, apart from the Virgo supercluster and Laniakea supercluster. Do you know how the light of a universe is formed? If you don’t know if I can tell you that. The light is produced through the accumulation of unresolved stars and other materials in the direction of the galactic plane.

   I told you about the big bang theory and the milky way galaxy both. Now before moving to my main topic, I would like to give you some background details of Jupiter. Those will be helpful for you when I’m describing the main topic

 Planet Jupiter

   This is the giant planet in the solar system. This looks in red colour. Why that seems in red colour? Do you know the reason for that? This is having a large red spot. This occupies fifth place in the solar system. It has a distance of about 778.5 million km from the sun. As well as the mass is about 1.898 ×1027 kg in other than that the surface area of the Jupiter is 61.42 billion km 2. The name of Jupiter is very significant. Why is that? What do you suggest? It is very simple stuff. Jupiter is the name of a god. Jupiter is a Roman god. This planet is named after the god.

     This is the fourth brightest object in the sky other than the sun, moon and Jupiter. also, this is composed of helium and hydrogen in its atmosphere. This is a rapidly rotating planet. This has a planetary ring system and a powerful magnetosphere as well as that Jupiter has 79 known moons. The four Galilean moons include to this list. Through the pioneer, voyager flyby and the galileo orbiter are some of the spacecraft that went to investigate about the Jupiter. At the last time, New horizon visited the planet Jupiter. Recently they have found that water vapour in the surface of Europa. Europa is one of the moons out of the known 70 moons. This is all about the basic features of Jupiter. But I have to discuss with you another physical feature. It is a large red spot. Today my expectation is to tell you about that.

The large red spot

  As I mentioned above the Jupiter is known as the red planet because of this large red spot. Actually, this is not a spot. This is an anticyclonic storm. It is even larger than our planet Earth. Scientists have told that this started from 1665 – 1831 time period. The large red spot can be seen with an earth-based telescope. Through those, there can be seen two dark red spots that next to the dark red spots. Scientists said that this is a permanent feature for this planet. But since the day this had discovered that spot seems to be decreasing. Between the years 1995-2000 through a NASA infrared telescope facility the scientists had found the spot is changing its size and shape within a short period of time.

 Through the space voyager, it can be seen the atmosphere rotates differently than the red spot. Sometimes the red spot rotates faster and then slower.

  Now you know more details about the milky way galaxy, big bang theory, planet Jupiter and its large red spot. Then we can move to the other half of the article.

 The red spot is not disappeared yet

  As I told above scientists found that this is decreasing the size and shape with time. But a physicist at the University of California tells another idea. The physicist is Phillip Marcus.

 In 1664 Robert Hooke first observed about this red spot. After that, there were no records of this red spot. Agin in 1830 the red spot can be seen. Therefore scientists thought that this storm would be getting strong after about 350 years. There were observations for the shrinking of this red spot of Jupiter in 2004,2012 2017 as well as I m 2019. On the 19th of may 2019 Australian amateur astronomer capture a picture of this red spot. It is that a streamer releases from the red spot. Then that Australian astronomer said that each stormer release from the great red spot. After a few days, this process repeated. Therefore they concluded that the red spot is not always visible.

  After that, the Aust astronomer put forward some ideas for shrinking the red spot. One of those ideas is the”, there are mergers, an anticyclone because of that they can attract other regular cyclones.”

This is the end of my article. I think you have gained more knowledge about Jupiter through my article. I think I gave you some useful details about the latest fashions. As I told above these details will be helpful for you. all pictures from Unsplash.com. also wee have many more posts about fashion. you can read it clicking here. stay with us, forever! thank you for reading.


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