Live launching of the test fire rocket for crew dragon


 This is a special step in space history. Finally, it had done. That was launched to space. Even earlier, I had told you about it. I know that you have more details about the launching of this crew dragon vehicle. Therefore recall some details about it. It will be helpful for you as well as that for me. Today I would like to tell you about something different. That is, I would like to tell the live actions of the launching. Through this, you can feel you are in that place. Shall we move to the main fact of the article? 

    Do you know how this vehicle will raise to space? With the help of the SpaceX crew vehicle, the falcon nine rocket sent into space. That rocket will send vertically to space. The launchpad was the 39A pad. Falcon 9 launched from NASA ‘s Kennedy space centre. You know that is situated in Florida. In that place, this rocket prepares to the test preparation. This was a rocket without a pilot. Now you think it is there such rockets. Yes, there is such type of ones.

starliner crew dragon

   Other else scientists are to find out the escaping emergency function in the upper atmosphere. Actually, it is not like finding out. That is like the testing of that capability. That will be planned for the date of 18th January 2020. Scientists planned to open the window of the launching at 8.00 am. Before that specific task, there is another one. It is the static fire testing of this rocket. Previous for raising this had to test. There is a special instrument to test the firing. That is the merlin main engine. For other tasks, the engine had to work correctly. Therefore that test even takes a significant place. That will be launched from the 39A engine. 

   There is another thing that is special in the rocket. Previously used first-stage booster used to make this spacecraft. And the newly made secondary stage is included. That part expected to launch without the engine. That falcon 9 raised vertically about 4.00 am. It’s ending place will be the southern perimeter of the pad 39A pad of the SpaceX.

Earth horizon and international Space Station solar panel array

  Then the next test will be the high power launch abort test. That is essential before the astronauts climb into space. The test had planned for the 11th of January. Later it was postponed to the 18th of January however. Surely you know that this is planned for the transportation of crew members to the outer space. After starting these plans, we feel the way to the International Space Station is the same as a journey to the nearest city. That journey is surprising. 

  The plantings of the test flights are not only a decision of the SpaceX but also it is a plan of NASA. You can guess what the aims of these plannings are. Both NASA and SpaceX want to check the safety and the other performance are in good condition. That is consistent with the full key system and various types of computers and other essential components. Therefore the rocket had to work correctly. 

  We all know there are two parts of the rocket. Among them, one part is reusable. Usually, SpaceX is famous for the reusable spacecraft. They are making such spacecraft in order to minimise the expenditure. It is really advantageous. This is a crew vehicle to send the International Space Station. But the first stage engines will stop after a minute and a half after the launch. The engine will cut off according to a command by the NASA team or the controlled team. Those are some auto automated commands. 

  There are super Draco engines are here. That will fill it power upto a full throttle. And also it would be able to produce 130,000 pounds for the thrusters. And the flight abort system testing is to check the work of flight’s emergency testing when there are aerodynamic forces. In this, there are small thrusters even. They will help the separation part of this capsule. The separation of the trunk without affected by the pressure. And that part will be attached to a parachute before it fell to an ocean-like Atlantic ocean. Those above are some important details about the project. We would be able to know more when it had actually happened. We have more time. Therefore we will see about the falcon 9 through the following. 

Falcon 9 rocket

Falcon nine rocket

   As in the above, this is a creation by the SpaceX organisation. This is a two-stage to orbit medium-lift launch vehicle. The power supply is even significant. The Merlin engines power this. The kerosene and the rocket grade propellants used as the energy supply methods.

  Usually, you know the productions of the SpaceX are able to reuse. Like the others this falcon nine even partially reusable. As I told above this rocket has two stages. The first stage is capable of re-entering the atmosphere. That is after the separation of the second stage. Then it will land on the earth vertically. 

  Falcon 9 included the category of the orbital launch vehicle. It performed its last flight on the 16th of December 2019. Do you know this?? It can lift about 22,800 kg. It is amazing. That mass is to the lower earth orbit. Also, that can send about 8300kg to the geostationary transfer orbit. 

 Even those are the basic details of the falcon 9. Plus there are some important features of the rocket. Now we can see them here. 

  The most prominent feature is the reliability

  SpaceX is saying that falcon 9 has high reliability. Because it is with the philosophy,

“through simplicity, reliability and low cost can go hand in hand” 

falcon nine launchings to space

   There is another important feature. That is the hold-down feature. The Falcon 9 launch sequence includes the hold down feature. That important feature allows full engine ignition and the systems check before liftoff. This is not the only spacecraft that use this special feature. On the Saturn V and the space shuttle, this feature included. And also the unloading of the propellant and the automatic shut down will apply if there are many different conditions in the falcon 9. In other than that there are a triple-redundant flight computer and the inertial navigation and with a GPS overlay. Those are some developed features.

   The Falcon 9 designed with the engine out capabilities. As I told above this us partially reusable. Those reusable parts are equipped with parachutes for the reentry of these reusable parts. But it failed to survive the aerodynamic stress and heating during the reentry of the atmosphere. 

   In the early stages of the Falcon nine rocket covered with the ablative cork. And they have made this using magnetised by corrosion-resistant saltwater metal. 

 There are many places that the falcon 9 uses. Then I have told you more details about the Falcon nine rocket and as well as about the test-fire of the Falcon 9. Then we can know more after the launch. We have to wait patiently. If there are more, I’ll tell you definitely. We will meet another article very soon. 


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