Luxury Audi PB18 become an Audi race


In the future, there are no vehicles made for one purpose. There is one car that will make for multi-purpose. Audi is one of the companies that understand this. We all know Audi is a different company. They make a lot of luxurious cars, and sometimes they make a sports car. In 2018, they made a car more than just luxurious vehicles. It is very comfortable for the ride. Today, we talk about one car which has two names. In 2018, Audi released a luxurious car. It is Audi PB 18. It is full of electric cars, and it is a luxurious car. It is more comfortable for the rider. After the make, that car they (the Audi company) decide to change it to a sports car. In this year (2019), they name it the Audi AI race. Now it is an Audi sports car. 

About car body 

          This car is very fashionable. It has only two doors. The Special thing is there are no handles in these car doors. If rider you have the key push the corner of the door, it will open automatically. This is a two-door sports car. But we can’t see the two seats in this car. There’s a big driving seat in front of this car. But there is a passenger seat because there is no one driving seat which can move the left side into the right side. If this driving seat stops in the middle of the car, there is no passenger seat.

If it stays on the right side or left side, you can see the passenger seat on the other side. And there is a unique spoiler. When you break your car after the drive very fast, you will be shocked because of the break, but in this car, you don’t need to be careful about that because this car has four sockets in front of the car and backside of the car. This car is not just a sports car; it is very luxurious and very comfortable. This car has not an everyday look. In front of this car have a big open hole.

It is not a typical look for the Audi. This car has a spoil. And also, it is had another unique facility. If the rider needs to use this car sports car, you can up the spoil. If the rider needs to use this car as usual expensive car spoils can be downed. It happens two-step. First, the spoiler Break as two, and then, both come to the middle. The second step is both of these parts go down. 

About the purpose of this car

      There are two purposes in this car. Audi corporation first makes this vehicle a luxurious car. But it is more than luxuries cars because that concept is good for the racing car more than a luxurious one. So after the Specially designed this car for drive speed race. Any speed rider needs to see clearly, so this vehicle has a full bright display in front of the steering wheel. When the rider rides this car rider can see all around the road, and what in the front of the car. The other purpose is the driving seat.

The rider can move the driving seat mil in the car. Then he is in the middle of the car, so that is the best riding position for the rider. And also a regular rider that is the more practical for the ride. In India’s future, this idea will be applied to more vehicles. Especially for electric cars. 

The best things in this car 

     Audi AI race has big storage in the back of the car, and also, it has another storage in front of the car. So, it is a very helpful thing, and that is unique things for the sports car because a lot of sports cars don’t have a big storage, but this vehicle has big storage because of that it is a sports car, and also, it is a luxurious vehicle. This vehicle has three electric motors, two motors for the front wheels, and the one for the backside wheels. So, you can see this is designing, not for the one purpose.

This is a multi-purpose vehicle. The other thing is the technology of this vehicle. Audi used more technology for this vehicle. When the driver opens the left side of the car door, we can see the driving seat come outside the car automatically. If the driver opens the right side of the car door, then the driving seat comes right side of the car. It is a very special thing that we can see in this vehicle. Before the driver sits on the seated driver, have to open another door in the driving seat. Then the first driver has to close the driving seat door. Then the driver can change the driving position left side or right side or middle of the car.

After 2019

These are a few special things about this vehicle. This is not just about the sports for speed or compatible or luxurious. This is all about Audi technology and its future vision. Because of that vehicle company design, their vehicle for each almost the customer doesn’t need that type of vehicle because everyone needs to buy new vehicles for every different purpose. And it is more difficult. The oldest customer needs to buy a thing that can be done all the purpose what customer needs.

If any seller has done this, that seller can become a bestseller. Then the Audi AI race is an example of this. That Audi company has another two ideas. Audi company decide to make an electric off-road vehicle. It will be another multi-purpose vehicle. According to this, we can see order compared trying to build their vehicle for multi-purpose. Because the customer needs the one thing can do most of the things. As a vehicle, the customer needs more comfortable. Speed is luxurious, etc. Show the future vehicle needs to be like that. The future vehicle wants to be multi-purpose. 

They already planned that vehicle. And the other idea is making a drone. Not just the speed. Also, they need to make it more fashionable with many features. Not only fly or not just record videos. The drone needs more battery life data into made a drone with a lot of battery life and also shows with a long-range signal. Because the other tricky thing is so many drones can’t fly in the long area because sometimes there were signal problems. Because of that, they design to build drone which has more battery life and for the long-range ride. This is the start of new model vehicles.


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