Must have features in 2020 Cars


 You know that there are only a few numbers of days to the end of the 2020 year. Sometimes you are readying to welcome the new year. You know that there are many features as well as the living patterns of the people are varying with the new year. Here from this article, I didn’t suppose to tell you about the verifications with the new year. But you have to know that some features may be introduced with the new year in the car field. If you are expecting to buy a new car in the next year, this will be a guide for you. When you purchase a car, consider the following features. Sometimes you wouldn’t be able to buy a new vehicle that has all the features in one. But try it. Here I gave you the list of features following. 

  1. Head up display
  2. Exit warning systems
  3. Lane-keeping assist 
  4. Massaging seats
  5. Vehicle to everything communication 
  6. Controlling cars with mobile apps
  7. Virtual reality entertainment
  8. Automatic emergency braking
  9. Keyless entry. 

 There are some features that expect to add in the is not at all, adding it is like launching. There are cars that had featured with these above features. Then there is only to launch these cars in 2020. I think you know about these features. But it is my duty to explain to you about that. 

  It is time to start now. 

Head up display

  I think you have an idea about this feature. Sometimes you have experienced that too.  I told you because some cars have included this feature already, while some car companies are included in this feature to the upcoming cars in 2020. I can name this as a safety precaution. You know that when you are driving, you have to move your eyesight towards another direction to look at the speedometer and other devices in the cars that haven’t included this feature yet. That very movement can be a reason for an accident. 

  The significance of this feature is you don’t want to look at another side to see this. You can check the fuel levels, speed of the cars, and the other navigation details from the same eyesight level of the driver. Therefore this is indeed an important feature that had to include in all the cars.

  We shall move to the second topic of the article. It is, 

Exit warning systems

   Can you get an idea of this? You know that the warning is given in some critical situations. Here I mean the critical jobs like in an emergency. Now you can get some idea about this feature definitely. This is mainly created by the Audi and the Hyundai company. There is the main reason to introduce this feature. This is designed with cyclists. In the main towns in the United States, there is a separate portion to the cyclists. That line is allocated only for them. But there is a danger of collision between a car and a cycle. In order to overcome this problem, Audi and Hyundai made this feature a solution. They have instituted exit warnings systems that flash warning lights, locks doors, and warns passengers if the sensor detects someone near the car. 

  This is not only applicable to the cycles but also for the other vehicles too. Therefore we can conclude that through this feature, there are many accidents that can stop. You can see this feature worldwide in a few years. 

  Now we can see our next new feature among the nine features in the list. It is, 

Lane-keeping assist

 This is a feature that helps the driver most of the time. You know that sometimes drivers can be distracted with their driving because of various reasons. At that time, even a severe accident can occur. Therefore this feature is introduced for that purpose. Do you know what can be done with this feature? This feature can take the vehicle to the right track when the driver distracted by driving. This is a newly added feature, but still, it is not widely spread yet. When autonomous technology has developed, this becomes widely spread. Then we can move to the next topic. It is, 

Massaging seats

  As you know, there are seats in the car. Then what is massaging? Most of the drivers need to drive their vehicle comfortably. As per the calculations, a single American person spends 18 days inside a car. Therefore if the vehicle is not so comfortable, some diseases can occur to them even. As for the solution for this problem, Ford, Audi, and Lincoln are designed this new feature. These above all, car brands are of luxury vehicles. I can conclude that this is a feature that had included the safety of the driver or the owner of the car. Now you know that the producer is also thinking about the consumer ‘s comfortable. 

 Then we can move to the next topic. It is, 

Vehicle to everything communication

We know what the vehicle is, and we know about the conversation. Directly communication is transferring information to each other. Then what is this feature, and what is the purpose of this? Have you any idea about that? We can see it now. 5G technology is ready to give the cars. This allows sending messages to pedestrians and can communicate with the infrastructure. Through this feature, vehicles, letting pedestrians know when they are coming down the road or traffic light, informing drivers of when the lights are set to change. Ford company planned to offer this facility for the ford trucks in about 2022. From here, there is even safe for the driver and the vehicle both too. This is about the vehicle to everything communication. 

Now then we talk about the next topic. It is, 

Controlling cars with mobile apps

    You know about mobile apps. Through this mobile app, customers can lock the door, unlock the door, can check the tire pressure and the fuel status even as well as that there can be scheduled the upcoming maintenance also. With these newly introduced features, life is becoming easier. To the cars, there is remote access by its owner. This is a secure convenience method. 

Then we can look at the next feature. It is, 

Virtual reality entertainment

  In this feature, the driver can use a VR headset while driving to experience better riding. This is a difference that is essential for the people that had practiced everyday driving. This is a great entertainment mind as well as this a unique way to reduce the pressure by day to day work in other than that. In other words, this is a unique way to reduce your mental stress and the way to get your mind relaxed. 

Then let us move to the next topic. It is, 

Automatic emergency braking

  You know about the breaking. When we have to stop the vehicle, suddenly, we have to apply breaks. This is also a new feature that added to increase the safety of this vehicle. This is primarily expected to be released in 2022. Bit at present even though we can find a vehicle, including this feature. This is even a feature for the safety of a car. Through this feature, it can be avoided most of the collisions. 

Now we have to talk about the only final feature. It is.,

Keyless entry.

  I think you can understand this by the word itself. This means we don’t need a key to unlock or lock the door as like as the remote access. We can open the doors and the trunk of the car by this. Actually, this is a remote controller. This is a new feature that you need with your busy lifestyle. It will be easy for you. 

  Then I told about nine new features that will include in the cars 2020. I think they all are the need for future cars. Through these features, it can be avoided accidents, Collisions as well as the deaths of the people. 


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