NASA’s lucy mission


 Every day NASA is trying to do something new. What is the reason for that?? They tried to do something. But unfortunately, their plans don’t succeed. Then they have to try another one. They have to try in another alternate way. That is the reason. Even there is another reason for that. That may be with the success of the previous plan they want to try for another plan. With these above motivations, the plans of NASA varies with the time. That is the reason. Now today we have to see what is this lucy Mission. 

Basic about the lucy Mission 

   Through this mission, the Eurybates satellites were discovered. Actually, this is a random observation. This was targeted to flyby in 2027. That spacecraft has a small satellite. 

  In the above, I told you that this is a random observation. Because this project started because of the random clicks of Hubble telescope, that is the special Hubble space telescope. That photographs were taken by the wide-field cameras in the Hubble telescope. And through the collection of photographs in the September 2018, December  2019 and January 2020. Lucy will be launch in 2021. This is the first mission in space to find about the trojan asteroids. 

Then what are these trojan asteroids? Definitely, this term has to be identified. I’ll tell it to you. 

The trojan asteroids

trojan asteroids

  These are some small bodies. These are continuously orbiting around the sun. The Jupiter trojans are known as Trojan asteroids commonly. Or you can call them as asteroids. These are sharing Jupiter’s orbit around the sun. The first discovered Jupiter trojan is 588 Achilles. It was observed by a German astronomer. 

  These are some dark structures. Those are in irregular shapes too. These Jupiter trojans include to the D type trojans. They are mostly in the outer regions of the asteroid belt. These above are the trojan asteroids. 

Back to the topic 

  These above details are related to the trojan asteroids. Now it is time to move back on to our main topic. There is another important feature in the Lucy spacecraft. That is the first spacecraft that was designed to have many destinations at the same launching. 

  About this research, Hal Levison said that, 

the newly discovered satellite is more than 6,000 times fainter than Eurybates, implying a diameter less than 1 km” 

  At first, the Eurybates was seen during the research of the search of the small satellites. That is through the Hubble telescope. That was in 2018. It was too difficult to understand it in the first attempt. Therefore, Hubble have them another three chances. They have to wait for more time. For what they have to wait?? That is until this above satellite becomes visible. Finally, fulfilling their wishes, the satellite became visible for another two times.

Involves of other groups 

 There will be some advantages after observing those above things. Through this, it can be observed that the collision levels of the space. Plus can understand the features of the collisions in outer space. There is a specific institution assigned for the tasks of the above spacecraft. It is called as the southwest research institute. The above institution is situated in Colorado. That is the principal investigator. That institution provides assistance for many structures. Some of them are such as the power, safety, and the whole mission management, mission assurance and system engineering. And the manufacturing process is for another famous company. Can you imagine who is that?? It is the Lockheed Martin space systems. 

Cost of the mission

rocket by NASA

   The mission wants the amount of $450. Comparing to the other missions, it is at the low-cost range. NASA’s planetary science division is the main organisation who is helping for this mission. There is always a principal investigator that is adjoining the production. He is the one who instructed how to make, design and the planning process. 

  This all above are some detailed description of the Lucy project. Now we can see some information about the spacecraft too. Would you like it? Definitely, you will like it. I know that without any hesitation. 

Lucy spacecraft 

  This is a planned mission by the famous space-related organisation. That is NASA. This is made out to reach mainly five destinations in the outer atmosphere. Those five are Jupiter trojans. Do you know what is meant by the Jupiter trojans??? They are some natural bodies that are sharing Jupiter’s orbit around the sun. That does not matter if the orbiting takes place ahead of or behind the sun. There is another name for this spacecraft. It is discovery 13. This Mission includes the type of multiple flybys of asteroids. 

  I told above the controller is the NASA Goddard. This had planned mission for 12 years. Lucy spacecraft has a length of about 13 metres. Exceptionally there are solar panels included in this spacecraft. They are 6 metres in diameter. The planned launch date is in October 2021. You already knew these things. The above ones, even the launch pad will be the cape Canaveral SLC – 41. That will release through the Atlas V 401 rockets. 


solar panels included in this spacecraft

  In 2017 this mission was started. That is not alone. With this mission, the foundation for the Psyche mission even started. Then those two programs became discovery programme missions 13 and 14 with the time. 

  You are reading the article you seem to be unfamiliar with the word Lucy spacecraft. There are no such names for the spacecraft. Yes, the name has a meaning of itself. That means it is to refer to Lucy hominid Skeleton. This mission is to find out about the Fossil of plant formation in the trojans. 

  Within the year 2025, it will fly to the inner main-belt asteroid 52246, Donald Johanson. Then in 2027, it would arrive at the L4 Trojan cloud.  By ending these missions, it would arrive at the earth. Other than the above, this will go to L5 and binary trojan as well. 


  Only a single spacecraft cannot perform such type of developed task. It had to be accompanied by some other instruments too. Some of them are as follows. 

  • Panchromatic and colour visible imager
  • high-resolution visible imager. 
  • Thermal infrared spectrometer 
  • radio science investigation 

Those above are some main scientific payloads. Other than the above the target plan also made by the scientists. These above are some advantageous details of the Lucy spacecraft. There is another thing to tell you as I promised earlier. Now we will see it. In the above, I told you I want to tell you about the Eurybates.

The Eurybates 

   I think you can remember in the above I told you about the Jupiter trojans. Those Jupiter trojans are from the Eurybates family. That is the connection between the Eurybates and the Jupiter trojans. They are in 68 km in diameter. This is another target by the Lucy mission. After the images, in 2027, Lucy will visit this place. This Eurybates included to the c type asteroids. 

  I think these above details are enough for your level. Scientists are still doing some experiments. Quickly the Lucy spacecraft will launch to outer space from the earth. Even the above facts can be updated quickly except for them. 


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