New cars for the Australian market


 I think you can remember my previous articles about cars even though I told you about electric cars and the non-electric cars both. Today from here I would like to tell you about some electric vehicles that planned to release to the Australian market. I think you know about electric cars. And even you have to know the advantages of electric cars. Electric cars help to the environmental balance. And you do not need to pay any extra cost to the fuels. It is effortless to recharge. You need to supply electricity for the running of the cars. See how is that very simple. 

  If you are using a non-electric car, there are many things. You have to go to a fuel station and has to refill it. But if you are using an electric vehicle, you can recharge your car from the house electricity supply itself.  About eight electric cars will come to the Australian market. That is the least number of vehicles. There are models such as Audi, Volvo, Benz, mini and the MG. The list of cars as follows. 

  • Audi e-Tron
  • Porsche taycan
  • Volvo XC40

For this article, we will see the above only. If we have time, we will talk about the others too. 

Audi e-Tron

   As you know, this is a fully electric car. This is with very automotive technology. There are two electric motors for driving. Those electric motors are producing about 265kW hours. This is suitable for four elders and their luggage. This is a working car with combining the practicality and uncompromising luxury. 

   Then we have to talk about design and outer appearance. It is an eye-catching vehicle as well as that there are groundbreaking virtual mirrors. There is an octagonal singer frame in the front end. And it is vertical grey. The matrix LED lights give the car signatures of the e-Tron car. The four horizontal struts in the daytime running lights mirroring the unique design of the alloy wheels of the e-Tron car. That is about the exterior. 

   Then we will see about the exterior part of the thee-Tron car. There is a fantastic dashboard inside the vehicle. Even the two large MMI touch screen and the Audi virtual cockpit are there. There is a multifunction steering wheel that feels driver very comfortable during the driving of the car. 

   Then about the charging, we have to see. It is the most needed factor. Audi e-Tron car can be charged with direct current up to 150kW, and it can be finished within 30 minutes. And even if it can be accused of the alternating current at up to 11W. Those above can be used in a charging centre. In the household, Audi e-Tron is compatible with the 240 V system or with the 415 V-3 phase power system. This car can drive above 400 km after a full charge. 

  These all above about the Audi e Tron. Then we will see our next topic. It is, 

Porsche taycan

   Now, this is ready to move on to the Australian market. Mainly this car has an acceleration of about 2.8 seconds of the 0-100 km/h. That is with the launch control. The combined range of this is 388-412 km. 

  The design of the car is very significant and unusual. It has four pointed LED headlights, lateral air intakes and 16.8-inch curved display. Actually, I haven’t any words to describe the speciality. Can you???? According to the manufacturers, the design is expressive, timeless and puristic. 

  Then the critical feature for a buyer us the battery. Hence this is an electric car. You need not worry. This car has an 800-volt performance battery. You can use simple charging methods to charge this car. These Are the necessary details about the Porsche taycan. Then from here, I told you about two vehicles. You can compare those two and check whether what is the better car for you. Then this is time to move our next topic. Shall we??? That is, 

Volvo XC40

   Already you know this is even an electric car. Sometimes you may be like this more than the above two. We will see. 

    According to the designers of this car, Volvo XC40 has very significant features. Some of them are smart design, ingenious design and an expressive style. This is a compact SUV. Not only that but also with a Scandinavian style. This car will make your life easy and comfortable than before. Then let’s look about the interior and the exterior of this vehicle. 

  It is wonderful. Both interior and exterior, This is a vehicle that makes the safety, comfort, environment and the performances for a journey. Now we see what those so special features are. 

  First of all, we will look at the safety features. Pilot assist, inflatable curtain, adaptive cruise control, city safety with steering supports, road sign information, lane-keeping aid, run off-road mitigation, driver alert control, side stage airbags, protective front seats, warning triangle, first aid kit, collapsible steering column, lane departure warning, brake pedal release and electronic stability control. That is not all. There are so many. 

   Then we will see about the user-friendly features of comfort. There are adjustable passenger seat, front seat, heated seats, five individual seats, heated rear seats, windscreen ticket holder, rear centre armrest with cup holders, fix lumbar support, power operated passenger seats, power-operated driver seats, manual seat cushion extensions for driver and the passengers like that there are some more. Now you can understand with all those features how you can feel like home. 


Dynamic photo,
Colour: Siam beige

   Then we will see another specification under various categories. When considering the storage facilities, you can see the following. There are cupholders, front door bins, front centre armrest with cup holders, rear seat storage pockets, wireless mobile phone charging and a lockable glove compartment. 

   Even intellisafe surround, the consensus connection, the consensus navigation, voice control, steering wheel remote control, pilot assist, power door mirrors speed limiter, trip computer, heated windscreen are some facilities helps for the driving. With those features, the driver can drive the vehicle without any stress. 

  In other than that there are facilities of the environment and for packing purposes. I can’t tell them all here. Therefore only I am describing briefly. For the maintaining of the background, there are clean zone, humidity sensor and cabin fibre. 

   I think these above details are enough for you to select a vehicle. Through the above, I told you three cars. I remember how you have chosen one for you. I am telling you about the other cars form my next article definitely.


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