New cars in the Australian market part II


  I think you had read about the previous article about the cars will be released to the Australian market. The specialty of all those cars are, they are electric cars. You know about electric vehicles. I explained to them in my previous article. These are environmentally friendly and user-friendly car. Through my last article, I said Audi e-Tron, Porsche taycan, and Volvo XC40. I told you there would about eight cars release to the Australian market. There are a few of them remaining. Now that is the time to see them. Shall we????? Those are as follows. 

  • Polestar 2
  • Mercedes Benz ECC 
  • MG ZS EV
  • Glory EV 
  • Tesla Model Y
  • Mini Cooper SE

This year is very significant. Because there is a big increase in the number of new passengers in the EVs. The CEO of the electric vehicle council said that,

      “it’s going to be a great year for consumers in the EV field because we are seeing a lot of legacy makers bringing EVs to the Australian market.” 

  “this is now moving towards the market of people saying they want the best vehicle and it is an electric car” 

   Then our first topic is, 

Polestar 2

    This is the first electric car from Volvo’s Polestar. This has a battery of 78 kWh, and 8t offers a range of 500 km. The starting price of this car is about €40,000. But I’m various markets this car has a different value. In Europe and North America, Polestar 2 has a price of between $90,000 and $95,000. In Germany, it is about $95,632. You know that this price is not so small. But there have to be facilities that match this price. We will see them. 

    There are two special packages for this polestar 2. That two packages are specially for the United Kingdom. Those two areas a pilot package and the plus package. 

  This features semi-autonomous driving. Pilot assisting adaptive cruise control system, 360 degrees camera system, AEB in forward and reverse, blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert, driver fatigue monitoring are some essential features. These above are known as the pilot package. 

  Then we will pay our attention to the other package. It is the plus package. This package is with features like a fixed Panoramic roof, LED fog lights with cornering function. Other than that, a heated steering wheel, wireless smartphone charging, Harmon Kardon premium audio, powered front seat backrests, additional rear USB outlets in the rear. 

   Polestar 2 is purchasing online except for the North America market. I think I had told you more details about Polestar 2. Now you can decide this is important for you. Is it??? 

Then our next topic is,     

Mercedes Benz ECC

    This will arrive in the Australian market in the first quarter of 2020. The Mercedes Benz can be bought online or through 9 dealers. This us the first all-electric car from the Mercedes Benz. The ECC 400 has an 80 kWh lithium-ion battery with a 353 km range.

 And it has a 405V architecture. And two asynchronous motors output a combined 300 kW/760 Nm. Other than those above, there is a fully variable AWD system. That is with a single-speed transmission linked to each vehicle axle and each motor. 

   The company announced that the price is about $137,900. According to the CEO of the Mercedes Benz Australia Pacific, 

 “The ECC is a game-changer for Mercedes Benz, but also it imposes a more luxurious standard of electric vehicle ownership.” 

   This can acquire a speed of about 0-100km within 5.1 seconds. And it uses the power of 21.4 kWh. That is for 100km driving. And it has a usable ADR driving range of 434 km with waste energy regenerated. The European WLTP cycle calculates this range more modest 414 km. The onboard charging rate of this is 110 kW. Then the user can add 220km of range in 30 minutes. There are some more. There is a 10.25-inch digital screen. That is inside the EQC. Even the MBUX infotainment system with conversational voice control is inside of it. Mercedes Benz ECC comes with a three years warranty. But the battery has eight years warranty: eight years or 160 000 km. 

   This above is the details of the Mercedes Benz ECC. Would you like it with these features??? 

  Then the next new releasing car is, 


   This is the first all-electric car from MG to the Australian market. This is at the opening price of about $46,990. According to this price, MG ZS, EV, maintains the cheapest car in the Australian market. 

   MG ZS EV is powered by 105 kW and 353 Nm electric motor and 44.5 kWh lithium battery. And that battery enables 262 km of emission-free driving. How advantageous is that? You know, in every vehicle, there is standard equipment. As same as them here even though there are some instruments. 

    Satellite navigation, six-speaker sound systems, 8.0-inch multimedia color touchscreen, three driving modes, and sunroof are such features. Here the multimedia color touchscreen is with the android auto and apple car play connectivity. 

  For the MG ZS EV, even there are warranties for both the car and the battery. But both the warranties cover the same period. It is seven years or 160,000 km warranty. 

   Through the above, I told you about the critical factors in this car. You can know some more even when it will be released to the Australian market. Would you like this card???? 

  Then we have to move to our next topic. 

Mini Cooper SE

    This is within the driving range of 270 km. This will move to the Australian market in the mid of 2020. The starting price of the Mini Cooper SE is started from US$30,750. The European cost is about €32,000. 

  This mini Cooper SE based on the current generation copper three doors. That was introduced in 2013 — a 135 kW electric motor powers this. As I told above, this car has a driving range of 235 km to 270 km after a full charge. Even mini Cooper SE can acquire 100kmh within the time of 7.3 seconds. Through those above, the power is delivered to the front wheels. 

  Altogether mini has manufactured about 500 cars. Out of those 500,450 for the lease across the California and new york. And Paris received 50 mini E Models. 

   This is about the mini Cooper SE. Would you select this as your car in the next year???? 

  Then shall we move forward with the next topic??? 

Glory EV

   Glory EV is a new coming car for the auto market. This car costs about $60,000.

   This is with a fast-charging battery. Here there is a 52.5 kWh battery. The charging about 20%-80% ends within the time of 30 minutes. Through 10 amp PowerPoint, it takes about 12 hours for a full load. But if you have 15 amp PowerPoint, it will take only 8 hours. This car has a driving range of 400km.

  In the future, I think you can buy this car online. But even manufacturers like to sell this car in showrooms. They said that they could shift this to Australia within 60 days. 

 “once we have a firm delivery time frame and therefore a firm piercing, all of those people that have said they want to buy one we will contact directly with the price for their state and delivery time frame, if they are happy to proceed we will then take a deposit “

  Now you have an idea about Glory EV too. What is your opinion about that??? Now it is time to move our last car that will compete in the Australian market. It is, 

Tesla Model Y

     This is the next model of tesla: the Californian carmaker. Then tesla has already bought forward overseas productions for three months. This is very similar to the tesla model 3 with ¾ built based on the tesla model 3. When comparing to model 3, this priced than it and have slightly less driving range.

    I can name this car as the safest car for the passengers because this is low center gravity, large crumple zone, and has a rigid body structure. With those features, it can overcome an accident to a certain level. Seven passengers can travel comfortably through this car. Even this car can supply secure storage for luggage and furniture too. 

  There are dual motors that consist of this car. Those two motors control torque to the front and rear wheels. This is capable of various weather controls such as rain, snow, mud, and off the road. This is featured with facilities like emergency braking, collision warning, and blind-spot monitoring. With all those features, tesla model Y can be recommended as an excellent vehicle for you. 

   Now we have reached the end of the article new cars in the Australian market. I think you read my previous article too. Did you get wanted details??? Or do you need more??? Because I mentioned, here are the main facts. And even I guess now you can see all the features of these cars and you can select a vehicle for yourselves.


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