New Era of 5G Network


What is the 5G network?


Technology and innovations are growing fast day by day, and 5G is the latest generation of mobile and cellular technology. There were generations of this network standard such as 2G,3G,4G, and now came the newest generation 5G. The increasing ages help you to increase the speed of connecting with the internet. The target of these generations is to provide the consumer with reliable and high-quality wireless communication. The 5G will offer the facility to download a large number of files in no time, and the lag time also will be reduced.

5G network firstly introduced in the year 2018, and it uses Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (Mimo) and mm Waves technology. MIMO helps to receive and send data at any time. 5G network utilizes OFDM and BDMA frameworks. The increase of bit rate used brings the two main features of 5G, which are the high speed and the low latency. 5G is recognized to be faster in range of 60 to 120, and lag identifies about 1 to 10 seconds than the previous generation. 5G is innovated to increase the speed, and it is assumed to speed up to 10 Gbps, and it is considered ten times faster than the previous generation.


The positive impact of 5G


The first time in the history network is going to be faster than the mind of people states Ericsson, the Chief technology officer of the Ulf Ewaldson. 5G network comes with a bundle of advantages for everyone. A video chat can operate smoothly and a high level of clarity through this network than the previous system. Many things like chatting, downloading, playing games, and streaming can do at once without taking much time.

5G network delivers faster network connections using bigger channel sizes and flexible encoding. More speed means the ability to move several data, which will reduce the time taken in previous generations. This generation comes with speed during the peak time of 20Gbps, and comparing to the 4G network, it has only 1Gbps rate during peak time. The upload speed recorded as 50Mbps, and the download speed recorded as 100Mbps in the 5G network. The enhancement of the speed is 10 to 100 times speed than the previous generations. The latest devices will be able to operate faster with the 5G network.

The time needed to move one point to another point takes reduced in the 5G network. The delays that occur in previous generations reduced in the 5G network. Low latency is another highlighted feature of the 5G network. The 4G network takes 20 milliseconds, but 5G only takes one millisecond, which shows a reduction of 1 to 10 seconds. This low latency brings flexibility to the 5G network.

5G install small size of towers, which is much smaller compared to currently used towers. This small towers will facilitate internet connection faster and will not fade. These towers will install in the distance between 200 feet to 1000 feet. These towers are smaller in size, which will not require a more significant amount of space and cost to install. This power comes with low frequency and requires a lesser amount of energy compared to currently used network towers.

The bandwidth of the space provided to use for downloads and other internet related work increase in the 5G network than the previous generations. The decrease level of bandwidth will slower the internet and devices used to connect. The system will be slower when people are in a crowded area, but G will facilitate to experience the latest technology devices with increasing bandwidth.

5G network uses Beamforming signaling systems. Beamforming means the data have directly transferred the data to smart device users from the small cell, and there is no interference as previous network generations. This system helps in handling the data traffic in the network.

The security considered as the main factor for any device used. The 5G network provides a higher level of protection to your devices than the previously used 4G network. 5G will include hardware security modules, security elements, and essential management services. The security provided will ensure that the data transfers in the 5G network are more secure than the 4G network.

The negative impact of 5G


5G comes with a bundle of advantages such as speed, low latency, and higher bandwidth. In the year 2020, it projects that there will be 4.68 billion mobile users in the world. To provide more benefits, 5G adopt a higher level of frequency than the previous generations. The transfer of data processed between a mast and a smart device. 5G network requires several ground-level poles for this data transfer to make it faster and low laitance.

Radiations of phones caused many health issues even before the 5G network, but the 5G network seems increasing these health issues with its arrival. 5G network is not going to replace the 4G network, but it is going to accompany the 4G network. This combination will increase the risk by increasing radiofrequency radiation (RFR). This RFR increases the level, which will also increase neurological disorders, cancer risk, and reproductive harm. National Toxicology Program stated that exposition to RFR of cellular phones would increase the cancer risk in the male population and will damage the DNA in rates, and it will hurt the mice of both the female and male gender populations. IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer of The world Health organization) Stated in 2011 RFR as “Possibly carcinogenic to humans.”

5G uses both millimeter waves and microwaves once, unlike the previous generation, which only uses microwaves. The higher level of exposition of people to millimeter waves can cause health issues. Exposing to millimeter waves for a short time can affect the immune system, can lead to physiological effects and cardiovascular system issues. Long term exposure for these millimeter waves can cause skin issues and issues relating to eyes.

Security is a significant concern today. 5G network doesn’t come with a 100% secured technology against cybersecurity attacks. At the same time providing benefits, it opens the users for hackers. The number of devices can connect at the same time with a higher speed, which will be an advantage to the hackers. 5G is super faster than the previous generations, which will open doors for the higher risk level of viruses and malware.

5G network has both positive sides as well as the negative side. More researches must be done in this area to find the actual positive and negative sides. To eliminate or reduce the negative side of 5G and improve the positive side of 5G.


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