New Godzilla galaxy

new Galaxy

   We live in the Milky Way galaxy. Oh, what a surprise!!! We live on the earth. Imagine if a person says I live here. Here means the village of him. After that, he can say the name of the country. Only I am living in New Zealand. None of the people couldn’t know that is wrong. Like that above example, we can see we also live in the Milky Way galaxy. Anyone cannot answer your viewpoint is wrong. What is the usage of saying living place? We live on the earth inside the milky way universe. Within the Earth, there are many countries. Plus, there are many regions within one state. 

   But today I had planned to tell you about another place other than the milky way galaxy. We can see later is that galaxy suitable for living or not. Today I have to tell you some details about this above galaxy on the topic. 

  The new Godzilla galaxy

New Godzilla galaxy

      This above only a nickname. That is one of the widest galaxies. Even this is a spiral galaxy in the local universe. And also it is a giant size galaxy that we could see. This is known as a gentle giant. Actually, that is a beautiful name for this galaxy. 

  Other than that, there is another name introduced for the Godzilla galaxy here above. That above is named as UGC 2885. You can see more details about this UGC 2885 through the following. 

  Through the above, I told the readers this is called the gentle giant. That this galaxy was having an exactly one-half portion of the rate of star formation, this is similar to the sleeping supermassive black hole. 

New Godzilla galaxy

  After the research, scientists have found out stars in the Milky Way. Do you know-how was that they revealed it?? That is through a photograph. In that photograph, there are many stars. The amount is uncountable. And the stars can be identified as a ray-like diffraction spike with the shiny rivaling inside the surface. Mainly scientists are focusing on the goal of how to find out how this galaxy grew up such a large. Yes, that incident and the phenomena is a secret.

   Until now, there are some more details about this galaxy. During the American Astronomical Union, new features were released. It is by the Holwerda. This union was held in the city, Honolulu, in Hawaii. That was held during the winter season. 

 While saying about these details, he said that,

how it got so big is something we don’t quite know yet, It’s big as you can make a disk galaxy without hitting anything else in space” 

   Those above are some necessary details about the Godzilla galaxy. I feel that the above information is not enough for you. Therefore I will give more as follows.

   You have to know that still, this galaxy is producing stars. You are providing means that the universe is creating new leads by using its own energy. And you know that the Milky Way is even producing new stars. But the rate of production of the stars in the Milky Way is higher than Godzilla. Actually, the price of star production in Godzilla equals half of the rate in the Milky Way. 

New Godzilla galaxy

   The king of monsters. What is that?? King means a person who is ruling over a country or more than one country. That name is for the same above galaxy. Here the king doesn’t mean ruling over. That name was given according to the size of the galaxy. It is a very big sized galaxy. Therefore people called it the king of monsters.

  In the above paragraphs, I told you how large the Godzilla is. Not only that, but also approximately, there are ten times the stars that contain in the Milky Way galaxy. Plus, this galaxy could be identified through the Hubble telescope. Also, this is known as Rubin’s galaxy. That was named after the scientist Vera Rubin. This galaxy is placed at about a distance of 232 million lights years. Not from our galaxy but from the constellation Perseus. That is in the northern region. 

   Through the idea of the space agency this galaxy is like this,

looks like it has been sitting quietly over billions of years, possibly sipping hydrogen from the filamentary structure of intergalactic space,” according to the space agency.”

   There is another big problem for scientists. They accuse how this was formed without disturbing or destroying or damaging anything in the space. Yeah, that is to find out. Do you think they would be able to find out that the above reason? I think it will inevitably happen. We can see there are such reasons have been proved with intelligent minds. Not only intelligent minds but also with modern instruments. 

   UGC 2885 is a member of the Pisces – Perseus supercluster. Although this is very wide, and the mass of this galaxy is about two trillion. Relatively this galaxy has a low brightness. There is a faint bar that crosses the center of the universe while there is a central bulge. Even this is a type of field galaxy. Field galaxies are usually situated in the dense and clear sections in the space. According to the theories, scientists told that this galaxy is growing fast. But why?? Because the accretion of the intergalactic hydrogen occurs. But as I said above, it is as the theory. And that can because of the galactic collision. 

New Godzilla galaxy

  The recent pictures of the Hubble telescope showed that some bar cutting ls of across the ring structure of the core. If there is no Hubble telescope, scientists can’t detect this structure. This is a galaxy that is situated very far from the other galaxies. That seems to be isolated in space.  No matter it is isolated, the other things in galaxies have included here also. The dust particles and the stars. I guess you know what a galaxy. If you couldn’t remember it, you can see my previous article. In there I had written some important details about a galaxy. How it does like and the composition and the components in it.

  Even this is a galaxy that lacks interactions. That can be proved through the near-perfect structure. The near-perfect structure of the arms and Disk. Plus that is lacks of tidal trails. 

  Can you imagine the production rate of the stars!? It is about 0.5 solar masses per year. What strange speed is this!! Then we came to the end of this article. I would like to end this new. Even I guess I told you enough details for you. Like this photography, Hubble telescope performed some other important photographs. We can expect more in the future too, with a new one. 


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