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 You know about the recently invented space crafts by the people. That people are not normal people. They are scientists and engineers. They have super minds than us. Here we are meant for the normal people who live in contemporary society. As well you know that SpaceX is a lead company through the spacecraft field. Today I would like to discuss a spacecraft that planned to launch in the next month. I guess now you are wondering what is this about. This is mighty mice. Don’t you familiar with this word. You have heard this name definitely. Now we will see the details about this space tour. 

    You know that the production company of this spacecraft is SpaceX. I told you about SpaceX through my earlier article, as well. But I assume that you have forgotten about those because I wrote that article many weeks ago. For your better knowledge, I am mentioning some of the details here. If you want more details, please refer to my above article. 



    The founder of this private American company is Elon Musk. Space Exploration Transfer Technologies Corporation is known as Spacex in the short form. Elon Musk started the company in 2002. I have a question to ask from you. Do you know that the main intentions of the SpaceX company? I think you know that. The main target of them is colonisation on Mars. Then the other target is to produce reusable rockets. They spend a high coat on one test article. They produce reusable rockets. They can produce another rocket with that money. Therefore SpaceX is the first private organisation that produces reusable rockets. Now I will turn to the SpaceX other productions. 

  Here the following are some spacecraft and rockets that are produced by SpaceX. I want to explain some of them briefly. Even you get benefitted because you can know many details about various creations through only one article. They are as follows. 

● Starship

● BFR- Big Falcon Rocket 

● Falcon heavy 

● Starhopper

● Grasshopper

● SpaceX dragon

● Falcon 9 boosters-there are some more in this type. 

Before we move to the next topic, we will talk about them briefly. 


 This Is a passenger carrying vehicle that is suitable for a long time duration travelling space. There are two parts to this starship. Altogether two parts are known as the starship. As I told about this spacecraft, even reusable. The testing of starship started in early April in 2019. SpaceX engineers planned to launch commercial payloads to outer space in about 2021.

  Starhopper, starship Mk1, starship Mk2, starship Mk3, and starship Mk4 are the prototypes of the starship. I wrote the name Starhopper in the above list, as well. If I describe these above prototypes, I think you can easily under the ongoing work. 


             SpaceX engineers started to make this test flight in December 2019 and making skin finished on the 10th of January 2019. Do you know the place that this made out of? It is the Boca Chica beach in South Texas. When we talk about the dimensions, it has 9 meters in diameter and 39 meters tall. SpaceX engineers test star hopper with a low altitude as well as that they conduct experiments in April, May, and July of this year. 

    Starship Mk1 and starship Mk2

            These are known as high altitude prototypes because they tested in high altitude feature. Those two made out Boca Chica and the space coast of Florida in cocoa. These are having thicker skin and curved nose than the star hopper as well as that this prototype is taller than the starship. The diameter of this spacecraft is about 9 meters, while it is 50 meters tall. This has a mass of 200,000 empty spacecraft. 

     Starship Mk3 and starship Mk4

          These are still under construction. These are made out in order to test various natural and physical features. We can see those prototypes in the future. All. We know that is this is constructing in Boca Chica. 

 Big Falcon Rocket. 

      This is a fully reusable vehicle that is having two parts, like is in the starship. Super heavy booster and the starship are those two parts of the big falcon rocket. This will launch to space in about 2020. This would be functioned as a vehicle that is used for interplanetary transportation and space tourism. Cryogenic liquid oxygen and liquid methane use as propellent in this spacecraft. The flight testing is started in 2019 in July. As I told above, the spacecraft is planned to use in various methods such as mass transportation, long-duration space flights, long-duration space flights, and the satellite delivery market. 

   Our next topic is falcon heavy. 

Falcon heavy

 This is also a fully reusable heavy-lift launch vehicle. This has the highest payload capacity. This launched to space on the 6th of February 2018 on its first attempt. In the second attempt, this launched into space on the 11th of April 2019. In the third attempt, this launched to space on the 25th of June 2019. This is made to carry people to the outer orbits far away from the earth. 


  As you know, this is a prototype of starship spacecraft. I told the essential details in the above topic


   You know that this is also a fully reusable rocket. This test article performed vertical takeoffs and landings. There are two prototypes of this spacecraft. In the first prototype, it made eight successful landings between the years 2012 and 2013 in other than that the second test article tested in higher altitudes. 

  With the final tests of the landing, this rocket Elon Musk said that this is landing accurately like a helicopter. 

SpaceX dragon

     This is a fully reusable cargo spacecraft. This is the first spacecraft that the commercially built spacecraft that is recovered from an orbit successfully. The first flight of this space dragon is in December 2010. There is a second version of this as dragon 2.

Falcon 9 boosters 

    There are some types of falcon nine boosters. These are made out to use in falcon rockets. I told you there are some types of them. Now you can see them. 

  1. B1046
  2. B1047
  3. B1048
  4. B1049
  5. B1050
  6. B1051
  7. B1052
  8. B1053
  9. B1054
  10. B1055
  11. B1056
  12. B1057
  13. B1058
  14. B1059
  15. B1060

Some of the above are awaiting launch or still constructing or damaged. 

  You had got many details about these creations by SpaceX company. Now we think of the future planned launching spacecraft. It is the mighty mice

 Mighty mice

    If you are a space lover, this will be a great incident for you. Scientists had planned to launch this vehicle on the 4th of December 2019. Or else there are only a few days more to the launching of spacecraft. 

 This spacecraft help to investigate muscle degradation in the space. In this spacecraft, there are about 40 mice. These mice don’t have myostatin. It is a factor that can stop muscle growth. As well as that can be used to treat various muscle disorders 

  Therefore the scientists need to test whether blocking myostatin in orbiting mice can prevent muscle loss in the space. These mice are divided into five groups. Eight mice include to one group. Those five groups are as follows. 

  1. A group with mighty mice that haven’t any myostatin 
  2. Another group of normal lab mice
  3. Other groups that given a compound to block myostatin 
  4. Won’t experience that they haven’t any treatment in the space 
  5. Haven’t any treatment in the space. 

And they block another protein activin. Do you know the function of activin? It helps to increase bone mass and bone density. As i told above, we can expect the launching of these mighty mice in a few days as well as that we can see the results of the experiment that using the mice will succeed or not. Therefore wait calmly to know the results. 

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