New secret about the Antarctica


   You know that there are two places in this world. They are as arctic and antarctic. There are two oceans, even the Arctic ocean, and the Antarctic ocean. Today I thought to tell you about a new reveal about Antarctica. I had told you about the secrets of the space. But today I am thinking of telling you about the things in this world. Even though I guess you would like to know about the things that are hidden in this own our world. Now  I think this is the time that we have to move to our topic. 

    First of all, we have to know some details about Antarctica. You know that both arctic and antarctic are icy places. See the below for it. 

Before that, there is another thing that you have to know. I didn’t tell you what the investigation is. Then I know that now you are curious about this. But I’ll let you know that in the next part of this. Therefore you have to wait curiously. Then see about the antarctic. 



     Antarctica is a continent. This is the southern continent of the world. Or else it is the southern hemisphere. This is two as large as Australia. And this is the fifth-largest continent. This is covered with 98% of ice, as well as that this is the least densely populated continent. The actual population is 1106. This is a continent, but there is no any country there. This is the coldest and driest continent among the others. 

  There is some urgent thing about this. It is the Antarctic Treaty system. Twelve countries have signed the Antarctic Treaty system. That is some kind of prohibiting. It prohibits mineral mining and military activities. Other than that, this prohibits nuclear explosions and another nuclear waste disposal. Then this is term as protection. This protects Antarctica’s ecozone, and it supports scientific research. At present, there are more than 4000 scientists are conducting research in there.  

     The name Antarctica come to regular use from 1890. That is attributed to the Scottish cartographer John George Bartholomew. Then after that, it was named the Antarctic continent. But the geographers suggested more names as Ultima and Antipodean. They are poetic names. 


   Do you know the first person that had visited Antarctica? I think you do. It is David Henry Lewis. He is a New Zealander. He was the first person to sail single-handed to Antarctica in 1972 in the 10-meter slope Ice Bird. But in 1979 there was happened an unfortunate thing. It was an accident. Air New Zealand Flight 901, a McDonnell Douglas DC – 10-30 crashed into Mount Erebus.

That is on the 28th of November 1979. That causes the death of 257 people. After that, there was a Norwegian person able to cross Antarctica. He is the Borge Ousland. He crossed Antarctica from coast to coast. That was in the summer season. That crossing Ousland holds the fastest unsupported journey to the south pole, which is taking just 34 days. 


    Through the research, it can be suggested that ozone layer depletion causes the increase of sea ice in this continent. You know that the ozone layer absorbs a large amount of radiation that is in the stratosphere. As well as that the continental mass of the East Antarctic ice sheet is held at lower temperatures and the peripheral areas of Antarctica. 

   As you know that some places in Antarctica have been warming up for a long time. Through the research, it had found that this warming is due to carbon dioxide emission. There is one region that is warming very fast. Central Antarctica is the most warming part of Antarctica. In other than that, the east region is the cold region with the ground base above the sea level. And that occupies a vast region of that. You know that this is a continent that water is mostly in the form of ice. This continent also receives less amount of radiation from the sun.


   In the above, I told you that the Eastern part of the cold region of than the Western part. In other than that Antarctica is more frigid than the arctic. There are three reasons for that. Then I would like to tell you about those three reasons. The first one is the continent is more than 3000 meters above sea level. Then the temperature of the troposphere decreases with the elevation. That is the first one. Then the second one is the North polar zone is covered by the arctic ocean.

After then, the relative warmth of the ocean is transferred through the ice pack. Then that causes to prevent the temperature becomes higher than Antarctica. After then, there is another reason that remained. Then the last reason is the, in July the earth is at aphelion and in January the earth perihelion. Then the orbital distance causes the coldest nature of Antarctica. Those above are the three reasons that cause Antarctica is more most freezing. 

  Those all above are about the Antarctic continent. I think I told you a lot of information about Antarctica. Then I would like to tell you more about the mission. For that, see below. 

Some more about the film

    The valleys, mountains, and the canyons show the path to the most profound land of the earth. Actually, this is a map. This is the new NASA map. It is called as the BedMachine Antarctica. It includes various essential measurements. Some of those are ice movement measurements, seismic features measurements, and the radar. From mixing those features, the map was made. 

  The new map published on the 12th of December 2019. That is in the Nature Geoscience. According to the earth scientist Mathieu Morlighem,  ” using BedMachine to zoom into particular sectors of Antarctica, you find essential details such as bumps and hollows beneath the ice that may accelerate slow down or even stop the retreat of glaciers.” Mathieu Morlighem is at the University of California. Through this, they have understood how the ice flows in Antarctica. Then after that, they can realize the warming of the earth. 



  As well as that there are included in the data as evidence for the deepest canyon on planet earth. I told you about the mission now. I am sure that new details will be found in the future. 

   Now we are closer to the end of this today. Also, I think you got more details from this. As I told above, new things will happen in the future. If there is anything, I would like to say to you definitely. 


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