New Space projects from NASA


   You know clearly that most of the scientists need to find secrets in the space. They are interested in a study about the surrounding of the earth. Therefore they are doing many experiments and test flights of space ships. I am sure one day that the humans will also live on other planets. The scientists will succeed in their plans.

                 As you know, two leading companies in the United States of America are researching outer space. From those two ones is a government company while the other one is a private company. Now I guess you can assume about what I am going to talk. Then check whether your assumption is correct. I told you about NASA and the SpaceX. As you know, NASA is a government company while SpaceX is a private company. 

        Today I would like to tell you about a new project by NASA. Before that, I am giving some information about NASA. Here I am trying to provide some essential details beyond you know about NASA. 


      You all know this is an American Company. National Aeronautics and Space company is known as NASA. The founder of this company is Dwight D. Elsenhower. This is working for 61 years since 1958. The actual date is the 29th of July 1958. Within these years the scientists and the engineers have done many particular tasks for the world. Jim Bridenstine is the administrator, James forward is the deputy administrator, and Jeff DeWit is the chief financial officer. Apollo moon landing mission, the skylab projects are some projects handled by NASA. 

  New Horizon is a unique robotic spacecraft mission by NASA. Continuously NASA is trying in making new satellites, new space shuttles and rockets. You know how exciting such works. Because of that, today I would like to tell you about another work by NASA. 

   Sometimes you may have heard it because it is a very recent project. It is NASA’s commercial crew programme. They have completed their first flight test with its CST-100 starliner. It is a step of a commercial crew program by NASA. This test did in Mexico. The actual place is the US Army’s White Sands Missile Range. 

 Do you like to know about CST-100 starliner? What is this CST-100? 

 The Boeing CST-100 starliner

  Crew Space Transportation is known as the CST in short form. Mainly this made with the idea to make a transporter to the lower earth orbits. As for an example to the International Space Station. This starliner can be used to transport crews to the International Space Station and other private space stations. The producer and the operator of this crew capsule are Boeing. The mass of this crew capsule is about 13 000kg. To this, nearly seven crews can be loaded. 

      The scientists of NASA planned to launch this crew capsule on the 17th of December 2019. This is the same as the Orion spacecraft. 

 As you know, nowadays scientists try to make reusable rockets. That does not apply to all the space stations in various countries. It is present in space stations that are having a higher technology. NASA applies this modern technology to this crew capsule too. Scientists said that this could be used up to 10 times. 

 This is designed with Atlas v, falcon 9, Vulcan and Delta IV. In other than that scientists have planned to launch maiden flight Atlas V N22. There are about five landing places in the United States. This crew capsule performs good airbag-cushioned landings on the ground better than in the water. There is one tourist seat inside the CST – 100.

  Do you know how this was named as CST, and who does that? It was from Robert Bigelow. He is the CEO of Bigelow Aerospace. As you know, Crew Space Transportation is known as the CST. 

Some situations in the CST – 100 development history

  •     In June 2010, the idea of capsule released publicly 
  •     In April 2011 Nasa had a contract with Boeing about $92.3 million to construct capsule. 
  •     On the 3rd of August 2013, NASA awarded another $460 million for this project. 
  •    On the 4th of September 2015, this project officially named as CST-100 starliner. 
  •     In May 2016 Boeing postponed the launch from 2017 to early 2018
  •     After that again they delayed their start from early 2018 to late 2018.
  •     Finally, it happened in 2019
  •     The first test flight finished on the 4th of November 2019.

Finally, the test flight succeed. There are some mistakes occurred. Therefore they have planned another test flight on the 17th of December 2019.

  The people who participated in the first crew are Michael Fincke, Christopher Ferguson, Nicole Aunapu Mann. And the people who participated in the next mission are Sunita Williams, Josh Cassada, Thomas Pesquet, Andrei Borisenko. Space Adventure announced that it has permission to sell tickets to space tour. 

 I told you about more about this mission. The crew capsules function together to perform tasks. Earlier forget to tell you something. NASA, SpaceX and Boeing work with the same intention. Their motherland is America. So they want to take their motherland name to outer space too. And they want to discover the secrets of the universe and want to find new things hidden.

   There are some more about the project. I cannot tell you all because of that I’ll summarise only a few. 

 The main challenge in this programme is to do a safe, secure and cost-effective access to lower earth orbits. 

More info

 For this task, the US government spend the expenditure. Because of this program one day any individual can travel to space by private crew vehicle. So the primary purpose is earth to orbit transport. The airbags are made out filling nitrogen and oxygen inside it. Pyro-explosive mixtures are not using in this procedure — six test flights scheduled for each company from 2019 to 2024. The first group to the test flight announced on the 3rd of August 2019.

 Boeing gets about $18 millions for the development of CST-100 under CCDev 1.

    Another main program that scheduled for 2022 is Artemis 2. There should be the following facilities in a crew vehicle. 

    It should be safe in 24 hours within the flight time. Have to return safely with crew members even if it is an emergency. It should be capable of delivering crew members to the International Space Station. 

  This is a bit of detail about the projects of NASA as well as that they planned to send the first women and next man to the moon by 2024. I think they can achieve their task because they have completed most of the preparations with modern technology. They will try more new things. 



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