New Toyota Supra designs


You know this is a car. If you are interested in these types of vehicles, this article would be a help for you. Today I would like to tell you about the new colors of the car. Then now you think what the specialty in the colors is.  But there is specialty certainly. What is that? That is, there are new eight colors that will introduce in the next year. After that, there will be eleven colors altogether. Then you can select your favorite color out of these all colors. Today I am expecting to tell you about the new shades of the Toyota Supra. 

  But before that, you have to know something more about these colors. Then we will see these cars now. 

  New colors of the Toyota Supra

         We can see the cars in different colors. Then with the various colors, you can see the vehicles in different looks. Now we see those varied colors. 

  I told you that there are three colors already. Then another eight colors will introduce in 2020. Now we can see them. They are as follows. 

  • Phantom matte grey
  • Absolute zero white
  • Tungsten silver
  • Turbulence grey
  • Renaissance red 2.0
  • Nitro yellow
  • Nocturnal black 
  • Downshift blue 

 Now I am giving you some more details about these colors. How would they suit cars and others? Then read the following. 

  Toyota Supra car

       Sometimes you may know the following details. As you know, this is a sports car. Toyota Motor Corporation began the production of these cars in 1978. Up to 2019, there are five generations of this car. The fifth-generation is the current generation of the vehicle. 

  Now we can move to the in-depth details of this car. 

  The first three generations consist of the direct descendant to the crown ‘s and 2000GT’ s M engine. The first logo of the Supra id derived from the Celia logo, but it is in blue color. But that is used until 1986.

Then in 2002, Toyota stopped production of the Supra in Japan. The name Mark II refers to some types of cars, such as Mark II, Cressida, chaser, and Cresta models. Do you know that this car is very famous? Yes, it is. Toyota Supra appears in various video games, motor shows, and films. Some of them are as follows. Some of the examples for those are Initial D, Assetto Corsa, Asphalt, wangan midnight, and Sega GT. 

  I told you above that there are five generations of this car. Now I would like to describe them. Those details are as follows. 

The first generation of the Toyota Supra 

  This is called the Toyota Celica XX and Toyota Celica Supra. This was started in April of 1978. The cars of this generation have the doors, and the rear section shared with the Celica. Toyota actually planned to compete with the Datsun. There are new sports packages as super suspension, front and rear spoilers. In 1981 the world’s first navigation computer was introduced. 

The second generation of the Toyota Supra

  This started in 1981. This was the end of the first generation. In this generation, cars installed with the 5M engine were slightly more comprehensive, while others reminded compliant with Japanese dimension regulations. There are two types of the Celica Supra. They are as P types and the L type. The P-type is the performance type and L type for the luxury type. There are some differences between those two types. The differences are from the tire size, wheel size, and body trim. The p-type has eighty-way adjustable seats. L type is able to a digital instrument cluster with a trip computer. These above are the necessary details of the second-generation cars.

  Then we shall move to the next generation. It is, 

The third generation of the Toyota Supra 

    This generation was started in 1986. In this generation, there is no differentiation between the Celica and the supra. In this generation, the cars are with the ABS and the TEMS. As well as that there is ACIS. ACIS is a method of controlling air compression pulses. There are many updates in this generation until it is ending. But I can’t mention all here. 

The next generation is the, 

The fourth generation of the Toyota Supra

   This generation was started in 1993. There are six-speed Getrag/Toyota v160 gearboxes on the turbo model. And there is four-speed automatic with manual shifting mode. The weight of this vehicle is reduced in this generation. Then the hood is made out with the aluminum. 

The fifth generation of the Toyota Supra 

    This generation was started in 2019. It will stop in the future. These car types are powered by two BMW source engine options. Also, the test drivings are conducted in May 2019. These cars spread in countries like Japan, Australia, Malaysia, South Africa, the Philippines, and Indonesia. You can see more features in this car type in the future. 

The above all are the details of the Toyota Supra. As I told you above, this is a popular car that is used in motorsports. In other than that, for the convenience of the importance of these car types, I am giving you the following. In 1994 the A80 Supra won the Popular Mechanics in the design and engineering awards. Then this car was awarded the import car of the year that ranked from the motor trend. 

I think now you have recognized the importance of this car. 

Then you know the importance. Now we have to talk about the colors of this car. Find a suitable color for you. 

  Phantom matte grey

      There are only 24 cars in this color. Because of that, there will be a competition for buying these cars. Not only that but also, this is the first time that Toyota colored a car with this color. Then the Toyota company decided to have a lottery to divide these 24 cars among the buyers. There is no difference other than the colors in this car. 

The next color is, 

Absolute zero white

This is such a nice car. In my viewpoint, this lovely car. You can see the color by yourselves when it will release. 

Then our next subtopic is, 

Tungsten silver 

  Some people can see this color as a pure silver color. But some of them can see this color as a mixed color of some more colors. After the releasing of this car, you can see yourselves. Is this pure, or is this a mix. 

The next color is, 

Renaissance red 2.0

    This is even a really beautiful color. Actually, this is a light red color. 

Then the other color of the car is, 

Nitro yellow

   In this car, the interior color is black, while the exterior color is yellow in color. This color becomes yellow because of the Nitro compound. 

Nocturnal black 

  The nocturnal color is the dark greyish navy blue. This color is similar to the color blue mostly.

Downshift blue

   This is a dark blue color. I can see this color similar to the purple even. You can see the correct color in the next year. 

  Now I told you about the colors of the Toyota Supra that planned to release in the next year. If you want to buy a Toyota Supra car, select the best color for you. 

 Through this article, I gave you about the new colors of the Toyota Supra and the description of the Toyota Supra. I think I gave you more essential details. 


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