Observation of a galaxy with an active centre


   Every day there are very amazing things happening in the sky. Not the sky but it is the space. There was a galaxy with an active centre. How can we prove that??? It is very simple. Through the Hubble telescope, it can be observed or detected. That is a prevalent thing. Various telescopes can observe space. But this is very significant. We will see more specifications of this through the following. But before that, we have seen what this galaxy with an active centre is. Shall we move on with our topic? 

The special galaxy

     This is a wonderful creation by nature. Did you see a galaxy ever??? No, it is not. You haven’t seen it with your naked eye. But you have seen photographs of the galaxies taken by various telescopes including Hubble telescope. Later we can see what a universe is. 

  This peculiar galaxy is known as ESO 021-G004. This is located about 130 million light-years. Usually, galaxies are made out of dust particles. There is an active nucleus in this galaxy. And even this is a complex structure. As the final reports of this galaxy, astronomers had found out the radiation emitted from the nucleus of the galaxy. Even scientists had measured that too. They are capable of measuring this radiation. 

   There is modern equipment to measure them. Through them, it can be measured al the radiations in all the frequencies or all the wavelengths. There is a special way of forming a galaxy. Do you know that??? This radiation is formed by the material fallen by outer space to the central region of the galaxy. Even that falls into the inward. When the materials fall into the centre, suddenly it is attracted by an unknown force. That is as the part of the accretion disk. 

  Then after this disk become superheated when it is swirled around and around. And that emits high energy radiation. That is occurring until devoured. 

Those above are some critical situations in this type of galaxy. This all above are only some of the details, but there are more. Shall we??? 

    This galaxy is a spiral shape. There is another name for this galaxy. It is LEDA 47660. This is next to the southern constellation of a chameleon. There is even a disk can be seen near the edge. About this galaxy, Hubble astronomers said that, 

  “while this phrase sounds complex, this simply means that astronomers measure a lot of radiation at all wavelengths coming from the center of the galaxy”

   I told in the above how that material falls into the galaxy and attract. That is because of, 

it becomes super heated as it swirls around and around, emitting characteristics high energy radiation until it is eventually devoured”. 

   In the above, there is something called the active galactic nucleus. You feel different from the other names. We can see what is it through the following. I know that you would even like to know that. 

What is an active galactic nucleus??? 

     This is the small region at the centre of the galaxy. In the above, I told you that the radiation emitted from these galaxies could be observed. That is through the microwaves, x rays, radio waves, ultraviolet and gamma rays. 

   There is an unusual name for the galaxy that contains such type of active galactic nucleus. That is called as an active galaxy. AGN or the active galaxy nucleus is a select type. That is the most luminous and persistent source of electromagnetic radiation. Through those ways, the objects in very far can be detected — the theories of cosmos related to the active galactic nucleus. 

  There are potent jets of plasma. That those jets are coming from the active galactic nucleus. Examples for them are such as radio galaxies and quasars. But their length is very unusual. That is because those jet’s range us about thousand years or that can be a hundred thousand years. That is about the active galactic nucleus or the AGN. Now we will pay our attention to the information of a galaxy. Actually, what is a galaxy?? You have seen various pictures of it. You know how beautiful.

   If you can ever visit the space, sometimes you may be seeing a galaxy. Then we will see what it is. 

What is the galaxy???? 

      Mainly this is consisting of the dust. Galaxy is made out of dust particles. Not only the dust particles but also it is with stars, interstellar gas, stars and stellar remnants. There is a white band around the galaxy. But this is visible in the pictures. But the truth is there are a lot of stars around the galaxy. This star band seems to be the white band. 

   There is even a space in the galaxy. That space filled with the tenuous gas. In this region, there is an average density of about less than one atom per cubic meter. The galaxies are organised into groups, clusters and superclusters. Through this, our galaxy is a part of the local group. You know that our galaxy is known as the milky way.

    There are some special features of the galaxies. Galaxies are an amazing creator of nature. 

Properties of the galaxies 

   There us a strong magnetic field of galaxies. Even this magnetic field is very important. The magnetic field provides a mode of transportation of the angular momentum. That moment needed for the collapse of the gas cloud for the new stars. 

  Then the typical average equipartition strength for spiral galaxies. That level is about ten micrograms. The earth’s magnetic field has an average strength of about 0.3 gausses. But the magnetic power is stronger in some places. Some of those places are cold gas, dust and in prominent spiral arms. That is the main feature of a galaxy. 

     Commonly you have heard about the milky way galaxy. That is our galaxy. There are ten of thousands of galaxies at present. But there are no such that many names. Therefore only a few have named. Examples for them are andromeda galaxy, Magellanic galaxy, sombrero galaxy and whirlpool galaxy. There are some guides to categories these types of galaxies. They are categories under according to the morphology. Morphology as the elliptical, irregular or the spiral.

  Now we have reached the end of the article about the galaxy with an active nucleus. I know that you have got more knowledge about the active galaxy nucleus or the AGN and about the galaxies. If there are much more details like these, definitely I tell you. 


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