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 Would you like to know new details about another spacecraft that launched into the sky? It is by Arianespace. I told you about many new spacecraft launches, but it is unlimited. Every day some new thing is happening. We can’t stop that until space is there. But space won’t disappear in the future. Therefore this space field never ends one day. In other than that this is the only transmission of these works through generations. This is another spacecraft by Arianespace. I thought to tell you about the Arianespace company through this article. Now we can shift to the next part of this article. I think you get more for your knowledge library. 

   In the beginning, I would like to introduce Arianespace to you. 


    This works as the launch service provider. Do you know that this is the world’s first commercial launch service provider? Yes, this is the world ‘s first retail launch service provider. This was founded in 1980. This company produced the number of aircraft. The heavy-lift the librarian and the Soyuz 2 are some creations by Arianespace. Heavy lift Arian 5 as a dual launch to geostationary transfer orbits. As well as that Soyuz 2 is as a medium-lift alternative. The headquarters of this is in Courcouronnes, France. 

    The first flight of the Arianespace company is the space net F1. It was launched on the 23rd of May 1984. Guiana space centre is as the primary site of Arianespace. Baikonur is even another launching site. This is found for the aim of operation and the marketing arm of the Ariane launch vehicle. The largest stakeholder of this organisation in France. 


The first test launch of an Ariane 1 on the 24th of December 1979. There are three test flights launched. Among those three, the two of them were successful. Another one is failed. There is another spacecraft launch that happened recently.

  On the 21st of January 2019, Arianegroup and Arianespace announced that it had signed a contract with ESA. 

      Now there are about approximately 17 shareholders in this company by 2018 as well as that, Arianespace operates three launch vehicles. And there are two versions of Arian 5. Now I would like to give some details about theses spacecraft. They are as follows. 

  • Ariane 1 – this was launched on 24th December 1979 successfully. The first launching was successful. 
  • Ariane 2 –  the first launch on 30th of May 1986 but that failed. The second launch had taken place on the 20th of November 1987
  • Ariane 3-launch on 4th of August 1984. This was successful. 
  • Ariane 4- this was launched on 15th of June 1988. This was successful. 
  • Ariane 5 –  the first launched on the 4th of June 1996, but that failed. Then the second launched 30th of October 1997, and this was successful. 

                 This all about is related to the manufacturer of the above spacecraft. Now we have another work. That is to see the details about the above-mentioned spacecraft. 

  Arianespace spacecraft

          I told you above this was launched recently. This is launched on the 26th of November 2019 as you know that this is a dual satellite by Arianespace. This is launched from the spaceport in French Guiana also this is known as Guiana space centre. The payloads are TIBA – 1 and Inmarsat GX5. The orbit is geostationary transfer orbit. This was a successful project. You know that it is named as Arianespace VA250 and it is even called as Ariane 5.

   This is the fourth flight with Ariane 2019. This spacecraft can launch two telecommunication satellites. This was for the customers. This is about the recently launched spacecraft of Arianespace spacecraft. We can know more details of this spacecraft in the future because this is a recent project. Now we can pay our attention to another spacecraft by Arianespace. This is another spacecraft that launched within this year. It is the Ariane flight VA247. 

     TIBA – 1

          This is a Military communication satellite. This occupied the upper passenger position in this space vehicle. TIBA – 1 was developed using the Euro star E3000 platform. Even this was done by the government of Egypt and the Thales Alenia Space. The weight of this space vehicle is approximately about 5640 kg. 

    Inmarsat GX – 5

         As you know that this is the other payload of this space vehicle. This is used to provide an improved global telecommunication facility. 

 Ariane flight VA247

    As I told you above, this was recently launched. Actually, It was launched on the 5th of February 2019. This is a collection of geosynchronous satellites. There are two payloads consist of this space vehicle. They are as Hellas sat four and the GSAT – 31 geosynchronous satellites. The total mass of this is 10,018 kg. 

    Hellas Sat 4

          This has a mass about approximately 6495 kg. This was developed by Lockheed Martin Space. This is 46 the spacecraft for  Arianespace by Lockheed Martin. 

   GSAT – 31

Décollage lanceur depuis Kourou le 12/12/2017

    This is in the lower part. This is mass about 2536 kg. This was designed by ISRO. This will be helpful to provide telecommunication facilities with Ku –  band coverage. This is ISRO ‘s second space be that launched to space. 

    As well as that this was the 306th Mission by Arianespace. In other than that this is the 103rd mission by the Ariane 5. As I told above these geosynchronous transfer orbit is placed altitude of a 250km. This is about another recent project by Arianespace. 

 Now you know about two of those space vehicles. Although I can tell you about another space vehicle too. The spacecraft that I am going to describe is a significant one. Then see that. 

 Ariane flight VA241

     This is not too recently launched spacecraft, and it wasn’t launched within this 2019 too. The date was launched on the 25th of January 2018. Ariane flight VA241 launched from the Guiana space centre. There are two payloads are even here. They are as SES – 14 and Al Yah 3 geostationary satellites. The total payload mass is about 9123 kg. 

    SES – 14

        This payload was the second satellite based on the Airbus’s Eurostar E3000 EOR bus. This has a mass of about 4423 kg. In other than that this is made out by the Airbus Defence and Space. This was in the upper position as well. 

    Al Yah 3

      This is the other payload of the above space vehicle. This was the first satellite-based on orbital ATK’s Geo star satellites bus. This is a production by Orbital ATK.  This was in the lower position — the mass of this payload about 3795 kg. 

    Initially, this was planned to over in 35 minutes and 7 seconds. That is to place this spacecraft in the super synchronous orbit. On the 30th May 2018, the Al yah had arrived safely to the geostationary orbit. After that, it finished its testing part. Then it entered yo perform its specified task in July of 2018. But unfortunately, the operation life of this space vehicle reduced to 9 years. Do you know what the reason is? The reason is using excessive propellent. 


   Now I have come to the end of this description. I told you about the recent launching, and about some space vehicle that launched under the same company here. We get to know some more details about the recently launched spacecraft in the future.

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some of the rocket models of Arianespace


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