Samsung Galaxy Fold 2


Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is now ready for lunch. This phone is looking so good that it might just be a day one with from me here at the top six reasons why as well as two things that have me pretty worried. The original Galaxy fold is a book a fern that folds out horizontally to make one large tablet display the fold too is looking like it’s going to be a clamshell a fern that starts smaller and falls out vertically to make a normal-sized phone. That’s an excellent thing it’ll mean a device that’s far less bulky but more importantly.

Aspect ratio

fold 2

One that solves the aspect ratio problem see with the book form factor if you’ve got two halves that are quite tall folding them outwards is going to result is a square. Also, a square is just not right for 90% of content movies games and most phone apps are designed to work on rectangular displays with a clamshell though as we’ve seen with the new Motorola Razr you can have a small squarish screen on the front and that’s fine. Because the main screen on the inside will be tall a little taller than we’re used to, but that’s far better than being too full Android Authority recently did a poll on people’s favourite foldable and the Motorola RAZR got about twice as many votes as the Galaxy fold. 

People who like the clamshell design of razor and even group of people who picked the Galaxy Fold some of them only did so. Because it’s a better spect phone if you think about it the Galaxy fold too should have the best of both worlds the clamshell design of the Razr and quite possibly even better specs than the original fold also this is a subtle point.

 Still, I think the clamshell is something that has a better chance of taking off sales-wise. Because people are or deeds subconsciously familiar with the concept 15 years ago, nobody would have even questioned what the purpose of a flip phone was it was accepted. So if Samsung can come in with the flip phone reinvented I think it’s an easier sell then welcome to the book for reading.

 Samsung’s one UI 2

one ui 2

We have got one UI 2 Samsung’s named but beautifully redesigned bit of software which is going to help all of their phones. But in particular this foldable you’ve got standard all-round improvements like less intrusive notifications and even smarter dock mode that works across more applications and just generally more customization but a big focus here has been reachability. If we are going to see this super tall display on the inside of the next fold this update couldn’t have come at a better time it’ll all of those UI elements your fingers. Need to interact with closer to the bottom to reduce the amount of reaching you need to do.

New Glass for Display

 You might already know the current galaxy fold uses a flexible display after all when the glass gets super thin it loses a lot of its structural strength and generally as a material glass is not very bent friendly. Still, it looks like Samsung has found a way a local glass supplier called “dawnsee”. I think it has opposed developed a solution that is ultra-slim durable and flexible, so this could be one of the primary criticisms of the first fold is its display it scratches easily.

It’s got this heavy crease going down the middle now I never personally thought it was a deal-breaker I got used to the ridge pretty quickly, but every time I share this phone to someone else, it’s one of the first things they point out so that kind of speaks for itself. This glass solution could solve both scratching and creasing problems at once a lot of these reports.


 I’ve been reading are pointing towards the display size on Fault to being six-point seven inches that’s great in my experience with current phone thickness and bezel size this is about as big as you can go while still being usable. Even, I could see why this is not a benefit to everyone. You could argue that there is something special about being able to carry around a seven-plus inch display. In that smaller form factor, it’ll probably also be a hole-punch screen, not a full uninterrupted panel and this will save some thickness versus having to use a motorized pop-up for the front camera.


When speaking of cameras, The actual camera Hardware on these Samsung flagships it hasn’t had a major push since the galaxy s7. Something has kind of favoured design improvements over camera upgrades that’s about to change in 2020. According to code found in the Samsung camera app, they’re already working on a firm that can shoot not just 8k video the 108-megapixel photos and this would line up perfectly with past leaks but also the fact that. Samsung has launched a 108-megapixel sensor. It’s already an authentic thing assuming then that the next fold will still be positioned as a high-end device as a good chance it’s going to benefit from this. Also if you count the number of cameras on the original fold, you get six cameras.

At any one time, you’re only ever using a maximum of three you’ve got one selfie camera for when you’re using the front screen. Selfie cameras for when you’re using the main screen and three cameras at the back it’s just a bit inefficient they’ve effectively built the same camera system twice. So you can take selfies in both folded and unfolded positions which increases cost and thickness if they can find a way on this new fold to have just one camera system that you can use to take selfies while the phone is folded. Then rear photos well unfolded that would be game-changing.

It would mean they could pour their entire resource pool into just one set of cameras instead of scattering. Their resources over three sets and that you can take not just mind-blowing rear shots but also selfies with the same quality.


The second Galaxy Fold is not going to be a traditional successor and instead of going up in price. Something is supposedly coming down if I had to guess I’d say around $1500 compared to 2,000 for this one there were a whole number of reports about this recently. I did notice which backs it up is the fact that the code name of the second fold was leaked as being SMF-700 which if right suggests it would fit below the existing SMF-900 fold because this is such a new category of devices. Samsung may be still figuring out where the fold fits in its lineup I can say one thing for sure at $2,000 there is no way the original fold was shipping at high volume numbers and so considering the incredible amount of R&D that would have gone into making.

This the thing there’s a good chance at the company’s current foldable ventures of running at a loss. Of course, it alone takes one hit product to turn all that around. The Fault too could very well be the one and what makes me especially hopeful is that Samsung have been in this situation before many people saw their original Galaxy S is just a cheap iPhone alternative. But the Galaxy s2 that came next cemented its place as a real rival Samsung’s first curved phone the Galaxy round was a complete flop. It paved the way for their future curved endeavours which whilst not universally loved have been a big hit the company has developed a reputation for bouncing back

Issues 1

 Okay there is two things I am worried about and I’m not talking about things like a lack of a headphone jack or lack water the resistance I think these things are pretty significant first of all as I mentioned Samsung would likely make the fall to a cheaper phone but it still needs to have the absolute best specifications it’s got to have the latest chipset it’s got to have plenty of RAM we already expect this stuff from regular flagships and so what I’m saying that this flexible form factor can’t come at the cost of performance now the reason I am particularly worried about.

this is because Motorola clearly thinks that it can they’ve released a firm that looks a lot like what Samsung has planned but they’ve opted for some really underwhelming hardware it’s Snapdragon 710 chip 128 gigabytes of non expandable storage any 5-megapixel selfie camera the second thing is battery there’s going to be a massive trade-off here because I have no doubt that if this thing does eventually come out the way something is going to market it one of the main selling points is going to be that you can fold it up and it’ll be pocketable and so based on this and the fact that Samsung has a bit of a reputation for giving just enough battery there’s a fair chance.


they’ll do the same here and give it only enough battery so that at the point of buying it when it’s brand new it’ll last a full day, but then 6 months of heavy use down the line you’ll probably be reaching for the charger at 6 p.m. whilst I welcome a cheaper phone I really think the who needs to be in everything phone with pro users in mind not a sleek-looking mid-range phone with a cool foldable gimmick function over form to put another way.

Issues 2

I would also add to this as a third minor concern that there is a rumour that Samsung’s also going to put an S Pen inside of this thing and I don’t think this is a particularly smart move the way I look at it is this you could see some customers as a Venn diagram.

You’ve got people who want an S Pen in one circle and people who wish to a foldable in another sphere and already both of these circles are relatively small these are niche ones but if something makes one flexible phone, and this also is an S Pen focus device then they’re catering primarily for just this tiny the overlap here for everyone else you’re just getting a smaller battery a little bit extra cost and yet.

another thing that’s going to drain your battery, so that’s the next fold it’ll probably be announced March to April next year but I’ll have more info before then so if you could subscribe that would be amazing I hope to see a firm that’s more refined faster and more durable


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