Scientists had found out the crater for the meteor


  Before 800,000 years ago there was a Meteorite shower. Recently after that Meteorite rain scientists found out the crater, think about that. So many years scientists found about its secret. But I thought why those scientists couldn’t find out that before. There may be some more reasons. Sometimes scientists didn’t pay their attention to this fact. Or else that couldn’t find out that without modern technological instruments. However, now that have found the reasons. Do you like to know more about this Meteorite rain? But first of all, we have to know what is a Meteorite rain. 

What is a Meteorite rain??

A shooting star in the dark sky

   That is an incident that can see a set of meteors as rain. You know this is a natural incident. That can be usually seen as starting from one point of the night sky. These Meteorite rains are formed from the Meteoroid. You know that. Most of the meteors include to this shower are less than the size of the sand Particle. When entering the earth’s atmosphere, the meteorites maintain its speed at a high level. 

   There are other names for this meteorite rains. Some of them are meteor outbursts and meteor storms. The Meteorite rains take place there are about 1000 meteors produce within an hour. 

   There is a specific name for Meteorite rains. Do you know how they are naming? Those galaxies are named after the nearest star constellations. Or else it was named as the brightest star. 

  Then do you know how those Meteorite rains can occur or formed?? That is the fruit of the reaction between the earth and the debris of comets. Perseids, Leonids, Lyrids, southern delta Aquariids and northern Taurids are some examples for recent Meteorite showers.     

This all above details are enough about the Meteorite showers. Then we will move to our main topic. That Meteorite rain fell to the earth with a huge force. That the meteor shower covered with 10 % of the area. In that case the meteors with the shiny black lumps of rock debris. There is a special name for that. That is known as the tektites. According to the research, the location of the crater is detected. 


Meteorite VFX by visual artist

  That location is in southern Laos on the Bolaven Plateau. That is under the field of cooled volcanic lava spanning nearly 2000 Square miles. Then after that the impacts of the terrestrial rocks on the earth. That impacted site liquefy from the intense heat. After intensive that it cooled 

  Do you know how those scientists found out about the location of the crater??? Guess that. Even you can find out the way. They checked the abundance places for the tektites. In the above, even I told the name tektites. Through the following, you can know more details about the tektites. 

   With the above features, the correct place can be located in the crater is eroded or concealed even with these above features, the location can be detected. Other than that, the impact caused due to the Meteorite shower created something. What is that?? That created a rim measuring more than 100 meters tall. And that 100 meters equal to the 300 feet. The most impact caused to the Eastern part most abundantly. Here the Eastern part of Indonesia affected. And even those tektites can be spread in a very large area easily. 


Amazing meteorites

They assumed that the diameter of the crater is about 9 miles in diameter to 186 miles as the beginning. Scientists searched about the creators in China. Other than the China Northern Cambodia and central Laos. After the detections, they found a crater. That was a suspected creator. But that was looking much older than the expected time. And also the erosion of this crater is included in the Mesozoic era. The Mesozoic era was about 252 million years ago. 

  After the investigation, the scientists had a question. That is the creator was buried or not. On the land of Laos  Bolaven, there are signs of lava of volcanoes. They seem to be hidden over some time. After more investigations, it was proved that the lava flows were also in the right age range. That range is as the 51,000 and 780,000 years. 

  Finally, with the all possible outcomes, scientists had concluded that 

this thick pile of volcanic rocks does that indeed bury the site of the impact.” 

  Then I have told you some more things about the location and the location of the crater. Even though we all think that it is the correct location of the crater. Then as I have promised earlier, I have to tell you about the tektites. 

What are the Tektites??


    Those are some natural objects. They are usually in the earth. These are a type of glossy objects. But they couldn’t identify in many regions in our world. That is present in some limited regions of the earth. 

  I know that this word seems unfamiliar to you. This name is a derived name from the Greek language. That greek word means the molten or melted meaning. Now the scientists have found out that the tektites were formed from the melting and rapid cooling of terrestrial rocks. 

  There are some types of the above tektites vary from their own size. There are types of tektites in the size of a few tens of micrometres and while some are about 10 cm diameters. If a textile larger than a millimetre it is rich in silica. And it made using acid igneous. And there are soda and potash. Other than them, there are lime, iron and magnesia even though there are many types of tektites as their shapes, colour and surface sculpture. 


Tektites art?

  The smaller size tektites were discovered in 1968. Most of the times, the silica percentage of tektites are lower than 50 %. 

 There is another type of tektites. Those can be identified as the microtektites. This type of tektites is less than 2mm. Micro tektites’ structure can be seen as Spherical shape, shaped like rods and teardrops. 

 Another type is mount and nong type. That name even seems to be unfamiliar. In which language is this derived from. Definitely, you are thinking that. This is a site in Vietnam. That is the site this type of tektites found out. Those are a type of tablet-sized tektites. 

  These above are some brief information about the tektites. But there are unlimited details. But all of them cannot be mentioned here. Now we can finish the above topic. I told some details about the Meteorite shower and the process of finding the crater formed before 80,000 years ago and the tektites. I assumed these all details are truly beneficial for readers.


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