Sgr A* or the Sagittarius A*



  I know that after hearing this, you would get confused quickly. Sometimes you have listened to this even. This is the name of a black hole. Today I would like to take you on a journey out of this earth. That is in some distance from the ground. You have to search the deepest of the space for this. Some of you are aware of this black hole, while some of you don’t know what a black hole is. Therefore I have decided to tell you about some more about the black holes too. Shall we move to our topic now?? 

  The amazing black holes

Do you have any idea about black holes??? If you have, please recall them?? As well as that do you know how many black holes in the Milky Way galaxy? Milky Way galaxy is the galaxy that the earth is in. You can know all these things when you are reading the next part. I think you have decided on an answer to the third question. Then check is that correct. According to astronomers, there are about 100 million black holes in space. Most of them are identified black holes while there are more unidentified black holes yet.

   I told you about the milky way galaxy. What is that milky way galaxy? You know that. I’ll give you some more details about the milky way galaxy. Here you go. 

Milky way galaxy 

   When someone looks for this galaxy, he can see the only light band. But it is not actually a light band. It is made out of a combination of many stars. Stars are placed as a pattern of a band. You know it is a milky way. This is the disk-shaped galaxy. In 1610 Galileo Galilei was the first person that resolve the individual stars. Most people think that all stars are included in this milky way. But later, it proved wrong because there are many other galaxies as the milky way in space. This is confirmed by Edwin Hubble. 

  Through the research, it had found that there are about 100 million or 400 million stars are there in our galaxy. Do you know the diameter of this galaxy?? It is about 150,000- 200, 000 light-years. What is this light-year??? 

What is a Light year??? 

      Have you heard anything measured by the light-years? This is usually used to measure the distance between two objects in space. The two objects are like the distance between two planets, two stars, and two black holes. That is about light-years.

  Then we have to talk about the newly founded black hole. But before that, we have to know some more about the black hole. You see the below for it. 

Actually, what is a black hole??? 

   This is a place. This is a place where there is the high gravitational acceleration. There are no particles that would be able to escape from this region. Even such strong electromagnetic radiation cannot escape from it too. Approximately the mass of such a black hole is about twenty times the sun. 

   Do you know that the main three independent physical properties of the black hole? They are as mass, charge, and angular momentum. But the static black holes have mass but no electric charge or any angular momentum. There are some types of black holes too. They are as follows. There are non rotating charged black holes. They are known as the Reissner Nordstrom metric. There is another type. It is non charged rotating black hole. It is known as the Kerr metric. There is another stationary black hole. It is Kerr Newman black hole. 

   There is no emission of any electromagnetic radiation from the black holes. These black holes are formed due to the gravitational collapse. This is not the only way to create black holes. That can be developed due to the high energy collisions too. Like human, these black holes are growing. These are growing absorbing other additional materials such as interstellar dust and other gases from the surrounding. In the future, there can be some other new black holes that can be found through the research. 

   Those above are about the black hole. Then we can move to the central part of the article. Now we can move to the reveal of the SGR a*. This can be identified as a supermassive black hole. 

The supermassive black hole SGR a*

   Basically, this black hole has a mass of about 4 million times as the sun as you know that this black hole is in the space where the gravity is stronger. This supermassive black hole is also like that. 

   Then we should talk about the SGR a* as well as that this is known as the Sagittarius a*. This is in the Sagittarius constellation. The essential star among the other stars around the Sagittarius constellation is S2. This has been used to provide evidence to the presence of and produce data about. The Milky Way hypothesized the central supermassive black hole. And to have led some scientists to conclude that Sagittarius A*.  That is beyond any reasonable doubt the site of that black hole. 

   It was announced this black hole found by using 

Gravity Interferometer and enormous four telescopes. Those are known as VLT telescopes. I told you that the most significant star is S2. As per the recorded details, the speed of this star S2 is 7650 km per second. Other than that, the Sagittarius a* ‘s radio emissions are not centered on the black hole. After that, the radio source of Sagittarius a* found as symmetrical through the research. 

  In other than that this black hole has estimated in two ways according to the mass. In such type of black hole, the observed infrared and radio energy emanates from gas and dust heated to millions of degrees while falling into the black hole. On the 13th of May 2019, this massive black hole witnessed a sudden brightness. That is 75 times as usual. That was using the Keck observatory. That proves the supermassive black hole encountered another object. 


  In other than that there is another thing that has to tell you definitely. It is that the measurements made with the high-resolution Airborne Wideband camera plus. 

  Now we have closer to the final of this article. I think I told you about some more useful details. From here, I told you about the supermassive black hole. In other than that I told you about what is the light year and about the black hole too if there are some more I would like to say to you them surely.


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