Smart features on the modern cars part I


You know that there is a very well improved technology at present. Therefore all the things are updated. New technologies are used in personal computers, mobile phones and the other all using the latest technology. Today I am going to tell you about the technology within the cars. There are many new features added to the newly invented cars. If you want to buy a car with improved technology, check whether these facilities are included in the car. I included the facilities introduced in 2019. Now we can read them. They are as follows. 

  1. Blindspot alert
  2. Power driver seat with adjustable lumbar support
  3. Heated steering wheel
  4. Multi-zone climate system 
  5. Auto-dimming mirrors
  6. Rear entertainment systems
  7. WiFi hotspot
  8. Fast USB charging outlets
  9. Power tailgate
  10. Keyless entry

 There are some more, but I think these features are only describing here. You can see the features through the next article. 

   Before starting the main points, I have to ask you about something. Why do we need to replace the vehicle with the latest technology? The main answer is, we need to replace that because with the updated needs. Not only that, but also there are some more. They are for safety, to increase the communication facilities, to perform high-quality entertainment facility, to catch up a place in the car market and to increase the car demand. 

  Now we will see them. The first is,

Blindspot alert

     This is a visual or audible alert system. This is an emergency alarm system. In which time does it alert? At the time, we can’t see the surrounding objects. If there is some object that can hit with the car. At that time, this emergency blind spot alert is useful. That object can be another object another vehicle or can be a pedestrian. Through that blind spot alert, we can be get rid of crashing the vehicle. 

The other new feature in the cars is, 

Power driver seat with adjustable lumbar support

   This is a feature that supports the driver of the vehicle. In other words, through this feature, the driver can feel comfortable. How is this helps the driver?  Sometimes you may have experienced this. When you are driving your car for a long-distance, you may feel uncomfortable. Sometimes pain can occur too. When there is the facility power driver seat with adjustable lumbar support, there is no uncomfortable nature. 

The next new features of the 2019 cars are, 

Heated steering wheel

   You know the steering wheel. But what is the heated steering wheel? This is practically useful in winter. You know that in the winter the environment is very cold and the steering wheels and the driving seats can be cooled too. At that time, the driver can’t be the focus on driving because of the temperature. Then it is not a problem with this heated steering wheel. Now only the steering wheel but also the driver’s seat. Both steering wheel and the driver’s seat get warmed there is no obstacle for driving. 

The next newly added feature is, 

Multi-zone climate system

    Multi-zone means many zones. You know the zones. The main difference in the zones is the temperature. This is also same as that. Inside a car, there is a multi-zone. Therefore if there are four people inside the car, they can feel the temperature difference from each other. Therefore they can enjoy themselves by choosing their favourable climate. Through this feature, the person can select a favourable temperature that suits himself. 

 The next topic is, 

   Auto-dimming mirrors

     When you are driving at the night time, you may have experienced the glare from an oncoming car in front of you. This is an obstacle for night driving. This badly affects the safety of the vehicle. Therefore a new feature is introduced for that. It is the auto-dimming mirrors. When there are auto-dimming mirrors, the glare of the coming vehicle reduces. 

The next topic is, 

Rear entertainment systems

    Especially when we are travelling long-distance journeys, we feel very boring sometimes. Because of that, we need an entertainment mode. This is even a new feature in the 2019 cars. Sometimes this feature is in the car as tablets. Then the passengers of the car can select their entertain mode. That entertain mode can be a film, game or a song. Even this tablet can be charged with the rear USB outlets. Because of this feature, you can enjoy your journey as well as that driver can focus on driving too. 

My next topic is, 

WiFi hotspot

   You know that about the WIFI. Usually, there is a wifi network in public places. But if you need data for accessing your mobile phone, you need to use cellular data. With this feature, you don’t need to use your cellular data. This hotspot facility is free for the introductory period but then after that customer has to pay the bill. The following is what the consumer reports had explained about this features, “ they provide WIFI in the vehicle, allowing passengers to use mobile devices without eating up their cellular data plans. Often, a hotspot service free for an introductory period, then owners must pay a monthly fee.”

Now I can move to my next topic. It is, 

  Fast USB charging outlets and wireless charging

      You know about the USB ports. This is very helpful in times of long journeys, especially. Do you know why I told this? Think about your mobile phone. It gets low battery during your long journey. You know that it is an essential electronic device. At that time, the USB charging outlet is needed. Then you can plug your all devices like mobile phone, tablet and your laptop at once. But there are some problems. All the USB charging outlets doesn’t support fast charging. It is visible through the following. 

“ the typical USB outlet in a car charges at a 0.5 amperage which charges a phone slowly. If an app is being used, the phone may lose charge even when plugged in”.

This above is according to the consumer reports. But at present, the newly launched cars have a fast charging facility.

  Now see about my next topic, It is, 

Power tailgate

     This is added newly with the rapid development of technology. This is a feature among the trucks at present. As per the details of this power tailgate, the tailgate can be lowered and raised with one touch of a button. The benefit of this feature is this can be operated remotely with the key fob from up to 50 feet away or else you can control by pushing a button from the driver’s set. The driver can close this tailgate using the button near the steering wheel or else button of the tailgate. 

Then we can see the last feature of my article today. It is, 

 Keyless entry

Simply keyless means without a key. You know that nowadays you don’t want to use keys to open your car doors as well as the car trunk. What is using instead? We can replace the key with a remote controller. You can open your car door and the trunk of the car by a single push of a button. Or else it can be opened when you are near to your car too. 

  These above are the results of modern technology. Are there any disadvantages of the above features? Think of that. I can only see that they are not bad. Now, this is the end of the first part of the latest technology of cars in 2019. We can see from the second part of this article again. 


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