Smart features on the modern cars part II


 I think you have read my previous article. I told you that we could meet through my second article again. New features of the cars 2019 I is my previous article. If you didn’t read that, don’t mind reading this. Then after that, you can read my previous one. Now I would like to recall that consists of my previous article. I told you that those new features are introducing because of various reasons. They are for safety, for entertainment and for the comfortable rides too. Through the previous article, I described ten newly added features. Now through this one, even if you can read about others. They are as follows. 

  1. Smart suspension 
  2. Track pass
  3. Head up display
  4. Smart trailer features
  5. Sound enhancement 
  6. Home assist device connectivity 
  7. Launch gear
  8. 360-degree camera system
  9. Evasive steering 
  10. Pro safe nudging

This above is the list of newly added features. Now we will see them one by one. If you have a car, now count the number of features that is available in your vehicle. 

Now it is the correct time to start. The first topic is, 

Smart suspension

     Sometimes you don’t know if this facility is available for your car. This is a facility that helps to drive the car smoothly, especially when there are bumpers. This facility can increase or decrease the load on the tires. As well as that through this facility, it can be maintained the body of the car accordingly. 

In other than that the road can be adjusted as the car needed. Then it will be a help for the driver of the car.

Then I suggest moving to my next topic. It is, 

Track pass

   This is a feature that can suggest to the drivers to see their driving pattern. If you are interested in your driving, you can see that through this feature. Or else if you think you have to make your driving differently, then you can observe through this feature and can make it easier. In other than that if you are not satisfied with your driving, then you can change it with the track pace. 

  It is an analysis of your driving. You can get a more clear idea of this through the following. 

“you get precise information about a lap and sector times you have posted on establishing track or on ones you have configured for yourself. Further information such as lateral and longitudinal acceleration, accelerator, and break padel movements as well as steering angels assist in logging and continuously improving your performance “. This is by Mercedes – AMG. I told this to get a perfect idea about this feature. 

 Now the other topic is, 

Head up display

   This is a feature that added to the cars for its safety. Because of this feature, driving made so easy. The driver can see some important details while driving the car too. The import details mean fuel level, navigation, and speed. Some systems allow controlling the audio selection via the head-up display. The driver can adjust the display by the switch in the steering wheel. As I said above, this is a new feature that helped with the vehicle’ s safety and the passenger ‘s safety. 

  Then we shall move to the next topic. It is, 

Smart trailer features

    This is an available feature in the 2019 GMC Sierra 1500, and Chevrolet Silverado 1500.yoi can do many things about this feature using a smartphone app. Some examples of the features that can be accessed with a smartphone app can do a pre-departure checklist, trailer light lift, trailer electrical diagnostics.

  Then I will move to my next topic. It is, 

Sound enhancement 

  When you are driving your car, you can hear some more sounds. When the speed is increasing, the sound rapidly also increases with that. But the vehicles made in the present are different from those I mentioned above. Now the sound is reduced, and you can hear no sound. Then the driver can drive the car silent in alone the journey. 

  Then we can continue the description with our next topic. It is, 

Home assist device connectivity 

   Through this feature, you can control something in your vehicle by your voice. Something means to close the door and unlocking the door. You can order via the commands by using your voice. This is the same as the method that use to switch on and switch off the lights. This is a very easy way to do those actions by using your hands. 

My next topic of this article is, 

Launch gear

    This is a feature that added to improve belt efficiency and increase the ratio spread. This feature is active when the speed is over 25 miles distance per hour. The popular company Toyota had decided to make this car with the feature launch gear. You can get more understanding of this feature by the following. It is, “by adopting launch gears. It is possible to improve belt efficiency and increase ratio spread by 15% without performance deterioration. “. This said by the carmaker. 

 Then my next topic is,

360-degree camera system

   You know what I am going to tell you about the topic itself. This camera gives us the bird’s view of the car. This is safer for the car. In old cars, there is only a rearview camera. But now there is a 360-degree camera system in the car. Through this camera, it can be avoided some accidents. According to the consumer’s reports, the benefits of this 360-degree camera system is “ help them check for children and objects around the car, particularly when backing up and make parking easier.“ This camera system usually placed often below the side mirrors and the rearview camera. Therefore this is a feature that has to include in a car definitely. 

 Now read about the description below about my next topic, 

Evasive steering

This is a feature that can help definitely to avoid a collision. Sometimes you can’t apply brakes suddenly. Then after that, there may be a huge collision. In this time the evasive steering is the most important feature. As in the above paragraphs, this is even a facility that includes the safety of the car. This was introduced by Ford and Lincoln. According to the introducers saying, “if the distance to the vehicle ahead of you isn’t too short and a collision can’t be avoided by braking alone, evasive steering assist can help you maneuver around the vehicle by providing additional steering support when the effort you are applying is not sufficient. “. 

This feature is very important because we can’t work quickly, similar to the applications as vehicles. 

 Then we can move to our next topic. It is the new feature, 

Pro safe nudging

   This is even a protective method of cars. In other words, this was designed for the safety of the car. With this feature, the protection of the driver and the other passengers are well assured if some collision happens. I gave you the caretaker’s idea in the above. Here I even decided to give you that, it is “….. impulse side function moves the occupant in the danger zone away from the door and towards the center of the vehicle just before an imminent side impact”. Therefore I think this is also an essential feature that had to include in all of the cars. 

 Now we come to the article. Altogether I told you about twenty features that are in the 2019 cars. Here I wrote only about ten. The other portion is in the previous article. I think now you had analyzed how many features included in your car from the above features.


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