Snapdragon 865: The new speedster


Earlier this month, snapdragon lunch its new flagship chipset called snapdragon 865 in their annual Snapdragon summit. This event needs no introduction. Every December, where Qualcomm launches the chips. That chip will power next year’s all Android flagship smartphones. It’s a pretty fascinating thing that this small chip can do so much, and each year Qualcomm manages to pack even more functionality into it. Now, the Snapdragon chip may not look exciting on the outside, but after its place in a flagship snapdragon phone, it is a monster. Let’s take a closer look gives us a peek into what smartphones of 2020 will look.

5G connectivity

6th generation data connection

About for the past few years, Qualcomm has taken charge of 5G boldly. Good news, guys. The 5G is here, and in 2020, every phone going to come with 5G. Snapdragon is making big promises about its future in 2020. They are taking a massive step in this direction bringing 5G modems to every the smartphone. These phones powered by both its mid-range and flagship processors from snapdragon. Also, we had “what is 5G” article from my friend. Click here to look at that. Also, would you like to know about 6G Click here?

Yep next year, when you buy a phone with the new announced snapdragon 765, 765G, or 865 processor, your phone will be a 5g phone. Yes, it’s exciting news, mainly because it also means that mid-range phones will get 5g. Nokia has already promised that they are making affordable 5g phones next year. Xiaomi also promises the Redmi k30, k30 pro, and the Mi 10 will be some of the first phones in the world to run snapdragon 765 and 865.


200-megapixel smart phone cameras
200-megapixel smartphone cameras

Respectively, snapdragon 865 will enable a whole lot of camera features on smartphones. There will be even more megapixel pushing in 2020. If this year, the record is 108 megapixels set by Xiaomi on the Mi Note 10.(Click here to know more about Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 and Note 10 Pro, click here). Next year 200-megapixel smartphone cameras will be possible, thanks to snapdragon 865. Of course, there are a lot of upgrades, promising and better pictures. Especially in low light, but what’s got me even more excited are the improvements to video. That meaning smartphone cameras are also going to be a beast of a video camera. Every phone with snapdragon 865 has 8k video capture, or it can now shoot 4k video up to 120 frames per second.

Display and New In-display fingerprint sensor

8K videos in snapdragon 865

Also, for the first time on a mobile device, there’s Dolby vision support. That meaning the same standard used in many movies and high-end TV shows is now on your phone. The promise is a better-looking video. Here’s a side-by-side to show you the difference you know how it’s sometimes challenging to put your finger on just the right spot when trying to unlock your phone. And one of those phones with an in-display fingerprint scanner to solve that. Qualcomm Snapdragon has increased the size of the area where you place your finger. This entire square that you see here means unlocking your phone should be more comfortable than ever. Also, if you’re looking for even more security, you can use two fingerprints to unlock your phone at the same time.

Whenever I review a phone, the question I get asked from you a lot,” is this phone going to be able to play all my favorite games?”. Welcome understands this, so they’re making sure all their phones are built with gamers in mind gamers will especially appreciate the support for 144 frames per second displays and pretty sure the next ROG phone three will have one, of course. There’s a lot of heavy-duty processing under the hood.

Processing power

Qualcomm promises desktop quality. This means that mobile games will get the same level of realism on desktop games, thanks to things like better graphics rendering, and Qualcomm artificial intelligence engine is now on its fifth generation. Hey, here’s a fun fact the AI engine on the snapdragon 865 delivers 15 tops of AI performance top stands for trillion operations per second. That’s insane. One real-world example of what it can do is live translation. We saw how a reference phone was able to live translations from English to Mandarin, and all of this happened on the device without having to connect to a server or internet.that is desktop-class processing power. This kind of smartphones will beat PC in several years from now.

Anyway, coming back to the Snapdragon 865, this right here is the new Snapdragon 865 chipset. This is the chip that will power most Android flagships next year, and Qualcomm had a reference device with this chip. Also, that is the first phone with snapdragon 865. I know this is a reference device, but honestly, this is a pretty cool looking device, but it’s all about what is under the hood.

Cpu and GPU

(center processing unit and graphics processing unit)


Well, time to talk about the flagship processor the 865 what is new and what has changed from the 855. First up is the new CPU and GPU. The snapdragon 865 is again a seven-nanometer processor, but it comes with the new Kryo 585 CPU featuring the latest cortex a77 the octa-core CPU. Inside Qualcomm snapdragon 865 has four high-efficiency cortex a55 cores clocked at 1.8 gigahertz, three high-performance cortex a77 cores clocked at 2.4 gigahertz and a prime a77 core clock at 2.84 gigahertz. Now on people, it does not seem a whole lot different from the 855, but the new Kryo 585 CPU with the new cortex a77 has improved performance and power efficiency by 25%. It brings a whole lot of game features, which I will get back to, so yeah, the snapdragon 865 brings the expected performance bump.

These are just five of the many features coming to Snapdragon phones in 2020. There’s much more I didn’t cover, like how Qualcomm and Google are partnering to make secure digital IDs. A reality that’s a work in progress, but everything else will happen as soon as the first quarter of 2020. My guess is in time for Mobile World Congress in February 2020 is looking to be a fascinating year for smartphone lovers.

Thank you. see you in the next article. stay with us forever.


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