Stardust on Meteorite older than the sun

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 Sun and Meteorites that is a good interconnection between the sun and Meteorites. But through the topic, it says Meteorites are older than the sun. Is that correct?? It may be correct because we weren’t at that time. We hadn’t seen the formation of those above two. But we can prove it in some way. We are ordinary people. There are special people assigned to this task. They are called scientists. There are other types of them even. If they forward reasonable proofs for the above topic, we can see this above as truth. Today we are going to see this is true or false. 

  First of all, we have to revise the sun and also about Meteorites. I told you them through my previous articles. It is better if you can remember them. If you don’t, I am giving you some brief explanation about them here. 

Sun is the life creator

the one and only sun for our solar system

 I think you know about the stars. We think we can see the stars in the night sky. Do you approve of this sun as a star too??? But actually, the sun is a star. Sun is doing very great purposes. In one second, the sun can convert 4 million matter to energy. How fast the sun?. Can you imagine the speed? As well as that sun is an element rich star. This is the brightest object that can be seen in the sky. The light was traveling to the earth horizon in 8 minutes and 19 minutes from the sun horizon. It takes two minutes less if the sun’s point is closer to the earth. That is an amazing star. 

   The mass of the sun is 330,000 times the mass of the earth. The diameter of the sun is about 1.39 million kilometers. In other words, it is about 109 as the earth’s diameter. The main constituents of the sun are hydrogen and helium. Oxygen, carbon, and Neon are the other minor elements. About 75% of its atmosphere consists of the nitrogen, while 23% of its atmosphere consists of the helium — this large star in a spherical shape. Sun is classified as a G type star as well as that this is called a yellow dwarf. The center part of the sun is too hot. That heat doesn’t affect the earth. It is because of the location of the earth. Earth is in a medium distance from the sun. 

Also sun,

      This is a speedy rotating object. The energy that is stored within the sun is emitting as the sunlight.  The compounds that the sun is containing are inherited when this star is formed in the interstellar medium. The heat transfers to the outer space from the sun by the radiation method. The main process inside the sun is formed with hydrogen and helium. After some time, helium gas can accumulate in the inner core of the sun. First of all, scientists thought that the composition inside the sun is the same as the composition in the atmosphere. But finally, it had proved. 

  Then this all about the sun. There is another one that we have to see. That is Meteorites. We cannot see Meteorites in everywhere. We will see such occasions through the following. 


  What are Meteorites????

comet gateway

     This is a part of a natural object. That natural object may be an asteroid, meteorite or a comet. When these types of objects enter the atmosphere, the factors like friction and the pressure get influenced. With these interactions, this gets like a fireball. Then it is a meteor. This can be known as a shooting star or a falling star. 

  There are mainly three types of Meteorites categories, according to traditionally. But later, they will divide into according to the structure, composition, and mineralogy and isotopic composition. There are silicate minerals, some metallic substances, and the rocky material is contained in this. There are some types of Meteorites that are smaller than 2 cm. They are called as the micro Meteorites. Those Meteorites are found from the moon and mars. There are types of Meteorite. It is called chondrites. These are consist of silicate minerals. Maybe there are some organic matter, amino acid, and presolar grains. 

 These above details are about the Meteorites. Not only the Meteorites but also there are Meteorites rains too. Then you know all the basic details. We shall move on to the basic topic now. 

Back to the topic… 

  In the topic, there is a word stardust. If the stardust is older than the sun, surely the Meteorite is also older than the sun. This is recent research. But the Meteorite is not so recent. That is a Meteorite that had fallen to the land fifty years ago. 

  That the fallen Meteorite had a name, that is known as the Murchison Meteorite. Especially that Meteorite wants a name. Because it is very significant in Meteorite history, scientists do continuous experiments about this Meteorite. Finally, they have found out that the components included in this type are having a history of 5 or 7 billion years ago. Can you imagine the age of it?? 

  Then what about the age of the sun. Now our sun is passing the age of 4.6 billion years old. We have a very young sun. Through the above details, it can be concluded that the Meteorite is older than the sun. 

Some details about the Murchison Meteorite

Comet 2IBorisov from Hubble

  Next, we should know some details about the Murchison Meteorite. Initially, this Meteorite was discovered on the 28th of September 1969. This had found about 160 next to Melbourne from the North direction. 

  Do you know how the stars are forming??? They are forming by combining many Particles such as dust and gases. Other than that, the heat is also a factor that has to contribute essentially. This above mixture can exist for billions and millions of years. When we talk about the composition of the Meteorite, it is rich in organic compounds. 

  After the research, this has gained the place of the oldest natural objects in the earth. This above Meteorite belongs to the chondrites. There is a separate group for them even. That group is known as carbonaceous chondrites. You know there are such types based on their characteristics. There is water and carbon presence as the main components in the Meteorite. Other than them, there are amino acids. Glycine is included. 

  Then we came to the end of my article today. I think I wrote many important details here. And the above will be useful for you one day. 


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