Strange particles from the Antarctica


This is not a new place for us. We are familiar with the two regions as the Arctic and Antarctica. Those are the two polar regions. Those two regions are the places that the minimum number of people are living. What can be the reason for it?? Definitely, that is the temperature. The temperature will remain at a low level. Therefore humans are difficult to live in such areas. Some animals live in those areas. They are made out suitable for such areas. Therefore they can live with such conditions. Temperature is not the topic. Our topic is something else. That is about the finding of strange another thing. Then we will see what it was. 

  Suddenly scientists identified some signals. They followed that path. After that, they would recognize those signals are from neutrinos. Neutrinos are a familiar name for us. Actually, what is this neutrino? You can see them through the following. 

What are neutrinos??

science particle

 There is a specific reason to name this as the neutrino. That is because of its charge 

Usually, neutrinos do not have any charge. It is neutral. That is the reason to call the above particles like neutrinos. We will see more about the neutrinos from the below. 

  Not only the charge but also the mass is also very small. That means neutrinos are lightweight. Neutrinos cannot participate in some powerful interactions because there is no such high energy included in the neutrinos. There are three generations, such as the first, second, and third. This is a type of elementary Particle. There are some types of neutrinos. Some of them are such as electron neutrino, Tau neutrino, and a muon neutrino. These above three formed by the weak connections. 

   Similar to the neutrinos, there are some such types of elementary particles. For all of them, there are antiparticles. Antineutrino is the antiParticle of the neutrino. Some methods can make neutrinos. That is through the radioactive decays. There are some incidents of such interactions take place. They are as follows. Natural interactions between the core of a star, decaying of the atoms, spinning of the star. Not only a start but also it is a neutral star. 

   Now we will see some other main features of the neutrinos. When considering the magnetic field. That is at a very low rate. But the neutrinos can react in electromagnetic rays. Then other than that, the neutrino and the antineutrino can be considered as the same Particle. Even it can connect with the nucleus easily. Using the neutrino detectors, it had found out. Neutrinos can perform fission reactions too.

These are the basic details about the neutrinos. Now you know all the essential details about the neutrinos. Then we will move back to the main topic now. 

   The above particles are highly reactive. They are a form of a ghost Particle. I think you have heard about ghosts before. But I don’t think you are familiar with the ghost particles. I am here to tell you about that. Even scientists are to that task. They will find more about that surely. 


What is this?

    I think you remember the ending of the above paragraph. We can start from there. Do you know in which way scientists found details about the ghost particles?? They have found it through the neutrino particles. There is a specific method. 

That is the ice cube experiment method. In the following, some details can be found out through the above research. 

  Neutrons are small particles. They are similar to the electrons. No charge for the neutrino particles. Plus, they don’t form connections with other particles. The flashes of the neutrinos are occurring very rarely. Then there are many records of such flashes recently. A long string has to use for the investigation through an ice cube experiment. 

  That region is a specific area. That area has an altitude of 40 km. There is an instrument that captures the hints of the above particles. That is the NASA’s Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna or the ANITA. Then we will see about the ANITA in the following. 


 This is a specified instrument. That is to the detection of the neutrinos. Not only normal neutrinos. They are neutrinos at the ultra high energy cosmic neutrinos. The method used in this is by the radio pulses. From where can be those originated?? That is with the interactions taking place with the ice layers in Antarctica. 

  Which instrument can be used for the detection??? That is the radio antennas. The pulses produce because of the Askaryan effect. And it would help the scientists to find the formation of the cosmic rays. 

  Then I’ll tell you about ANITA ‘s recent States. Recently ANITA performed three flights. Through the above flights, there were several neutrinos detected. Now many teams had included the ANITA project. 

The above description says about the ANITA or the Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna. Then we will know all the details about the ANITA. Then we will move back to the main description. 


   After the researches, scientists had found out the above details from a planet. Then it proves those are not from the higher atmosphere. 

  In the topic itself, there is about ghost particles. In the above, we saw the ghost particles. Why are neutrinos called ghost particles??? There is something behind this matter. Yes, there is. There is a special ability for the neutrinos. Neutrinos can pass through something without smashing another thing. 

 The neutrinos can form in several ways. They can form through the interconnections between the atomic nuclei and the cosmic rays. 

  Then we have come to closer to the end of this article. Finally, we will see some amount of details about the Ice Cube. You are not familiar with this. 

Ice cube neutrino observatory

ice plates

   This is a creation by the Amundsen Scott South pole station. That is in Antarctica. There are uncountable sensors on the surface of the ice. The sensors have a specific task. 

  The founder organization of the above program is ice cube collaboration. Until November of 2013, the above sensors found about 28 neutrinos. Those founded neutrinos seem to be formed in the outside of the Milky Way. This is a kind of project planned by the special university. That is the University of Wisconsin Madison. But the construction of the above ice cubes can be done in only one season. That season is the summer season of Antarctica. The initial production of them started in 2005. That was finished on the 17th of December of 2010. The estimated cost is about $279 million. Usually, such types of the project need such a higher cost. When comparing to the cost of other projects, this is maintained at a low cost. 

  You know a single instrument cannot do such a task. Therefore some other instruments also needed. The exceptional regions and other things are as follows. Actually, they are known as sub-detectors. 

  • Antarctic muon and neutrino detector array – through this part of the proof of concept, can be served. 
  • The ice top array – this is a type of detector of a cosmic rain shower 
  • Deep core low energy – this is a region that is having densely equipment 

 Not only the above, but there is also another extension here. That is known as the Precision ice cube next-generation upgrade. That is to observe the regions that are containing low energy neutrinos. 

  There are some results obtained by the above experiment. A few of them are as follows. A special behavior of the moon also detected. That is actually the shadowing event of the moon. And there are some neutrinos are also detected. Especially the pair of the neutrinos. Those neutrinos consist of some high power. Plus, the big bird is such a neutrino. 

  Then finally, I have to tell you the neutrino detectors are help to find about the natural objects in outer space. That detects the cosmic rays. 

  Then this is the end of the article. I think that I told you important details about all the above. These above are resourceful for you one day. 


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