Technological development in the motor cars field


You know that there are no places in the world there is no use of technology. For many of our day to day activities, the essential feature is the technology. With waking up in the morning, we started working with the technology. The connection between us and the technology over when we are going to sleep. That connection stops for one day. Then this cycle restarts with another new day. The lives of people get complicated if there is no connection to the latest technology. Here sometimes you think that I am mentioning only about the Internet. No, I am talking about the technological world. 

  Today I choose my topic as one part of this technological world. It is car technology. I talked about the method technology from my previous article too. But from here, I am expecting to tell you more except for the prior report. I think that you know the importance of the car. An American person spends 14 days out of 30 days a month inside a vehicle. That occurs with their busy life patterns. If the car manufacturers can make it easy, the attempt should be appreciated. There are comfortable seats. Developed navigation systems are for that purpose. The things that I wanted to tell you even help you to help relieve the stress and feel comfortable departure.

   Now we will check whether are they from the following. 

  • Wireless charging technology 
  • Road scanning technology 
  • Lane departure warning
  • Cruise controlling system
  • Tracking the vehicle 
  • Teen driver technology
  • One app vehicle control
  • Smartphone connectivity of the car through your smartphone

These are the applications that I wanted to talk about from this article. Now we can start the secure driving methods. The first one is the,

Car wireless charging technology 

   You know what is meant by wireless. It means without a wire. Here the topic says charging without a cable. How is that possible? But it is possible. We will see. This is a reasonable facility in cars like Honda, Ford, Toyota, and Hyundai. You can put your phone charging when you are driving the vehicle. For that, you don’t need to spend more time on the home. There is a charging slot in the car. You can put your smartphone only on that slot. Then no need to worry about that you can focus on your driving. Another advantage is that you don’t need to take wire codes for charging everywhere. This makes you comfortable driving. Then the next topic is, 

Road scanning technology

    This is truly helpful for a person that drives his vehicle very securely. We can scan the road before we drive to that area. By scanning, we can get an idea about the features on the way. For example, if there is a terrain ahead, you will be warned. Then. You can drive your vehicle smoothly. This will be helpful for your security and your vehicle security. 

  Then we shall move to our next topic. It is, 

Lane departure warning

    You know the lane. Departure means the end of the journey. Then warning means the advice or an alert. Then what is the need for a signal for the departure?? There has to be some more. Then we will see about it. This is important in a time when you are lost your way. If you forget the road or it will be a mistake. That every time this feature keeps alert you. This alerts you lost the road in your way. This feature does not consider it happened knowingly or unknowingly. Therefore you need to worry if you are mistaken. This feature created comfortable driving without any fear. 

Then see what the next topic is. It is, 

Cruise controlling system 

 What is meant by cruise controlling? Do you know? This is a feature that you can feel comfortable driving. When this feature is applied, you don’t need to use breaks. As well as that you don’t need to control the speed. But this is applicable if there are no specific stops until the departure. This is done by some sensors. Therefore on a very long journey, the driver can enjoy thoroughly. 

  The next feature is the, 

Tracking the vehicle 

   This is actually a help for the car owners. You know there are many thieves that stole vehicles. In such types of cases this application is precious. Not only stolen but sometimes you can forget where you have parked your car. In those times, even this feature would be really advantageous. You need not worry. That is very simple. Just connected with the drive and track down your own car. Then you can easily find out your car’s live location. Then you can rescue your car from thieves of finding where your car was parked. 

  The next comfortable feature is the, 

Teen driver technology 

    You know that most of the teenagers don’t have experience in driving. Because of that, parents got to fear about their driving. As a result of that, parents don’t give their vehicles to drive. But the parents don’t need to get fear with this feature. There is a separate feature called teen driver technology. In this mode, the teenager can’t use the stereo while driving. And there is a certain speed limit too. There are some other limitations also. At the end of the driving Parent can get the report that is with the child’s driving details. Then don’t be afraid to give the vehicle to your child. 

The next feature of the car is, 

One app vehicle control 

   This feature is included in car types such as BMW, Chevrolet, and Lincoln. What is this feature? You know that there are some applications on our mobile phones. There are known as apps. Do you know that we can control our vehicles through those apps? Yes, it is. You can control specific actions of your car through these apps. Some of those actions are starting yourcar, stopping your car, open the doors, and switch on the lights. Therefore you need not control those actions manually. With this feature, life made easier. 


Then we have only one topic. That is, 

Smartphone connectivity (control anything on the car through your smartphone)

   This feature allows you for safe driving. When this feature is active, you can see all the details on your smartphone in front of you when you are driving. You can do two works while you are driving. Those are you can keep safe driving, and you can be alert on your smartphone too. There is no need to put another effort to access your smartphone. Then this feature is for your safety as well as that this makes comfortable driving too. 

  Now we have reached the end of this article. I think you can see the uses of the developed technology in the motor car field. Those above made our lives easier, comfortable, and secure. 


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