The 10th attempt of the crew transportation of the SpaceX


 I have already told you some details about the SpaceX company. If you want to know more, please refer to my above articles. You can know the essential information. But today, I am not expecting to tell you about the SpaceX or other spacecraft by SpaceX. Then my plan to tell you about the 10th successful project of the parachutes. That is the 10th time that they tried to launch the crew vehicle with the crew. 

  Then you are thinking about what is need for crew vehicles. Think that. You know how you travel to the places where you need it. You can travel with your cars or other vehicles. Or else you can travel by bus or train. Thus, you can travel to space by crew vehicles. The only difference is that you have to maintain a higher expense only. But these crew vehicles designed for the transportation of the astronauts to the ISS. That means the International Space Station. There is one chance for an exceptional person. A normal person can take that, not for free but from paying. I am expecting to tell you more. Now we have to move on to our main topic. 

What is this 10th test????

   This time, SpaceX is a crewed test by parachutes. Then we will see the most important details of this. That test was finished successfully on the 23rd of December 2019. Even that is a safety method of crew transportation. Why am I saying that? We will see that. That is the latest design that is ready to use with the astronauts. 

   Don’t mess up the two projects by NASA. One is the commercial crew program. Then the other one is the parachute program. Even this program was featuring upgraded materials and improved stitching for durability during the flight. And as well as that the best possible reliability. 

  This parachute system named the mark three parachute system. Elon Musk stated that there have to be at least ten flights for this parachute program. He said that in the SpaceX HQ in the Hawthorne, calif. Even Musk stated that they could feel sure about this crewed vehicle after performing about 10 test flights. After completing 10 test flights, NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine said that all those ten flights are succeeded this year. With these successful flights, SpaceX planned to have its next major step towards the crewed trip. That will be on the 11th of January next year. You will be alerted surely about it. 


   That is known as the in-flight abort test. Do you know the purpose of it? Mainly that is to test the emergency safeguard system. As well as that can be mid-launch to carry the crew away from the launch vehicles.

  As I told above, this particular parachute system is known as mark 3. But there is a parachute system that is named as the mark 2. All the engineers and heads of the SpaceX said that Mark 3 is better than the target 2. Yes, that is correct according to the tests those have done already. The mark three parachute systems developed cooperation with the airborne system. 

  SpaceX announced on the 3rd of November that the test took place on the 31st of October. And it was the first time the company tested mark three parachutes simultaneously. Before that, there were 12 successful parachute launches that are with only a single parachute. In the above, I told mark three is better than the mark 2. Yes, it is correct. Mark 3 is more safety parachute. According to Elon Musk,

we think the  mark 2 parachutes are safe, but the mark 3 parachutes are possibly 10 times safer.” 

  In between various ups and downs, they decided to have ten drop tests before the end of the year. But the whole system is not included in this. There are only about four parachutes. Elon Musk said that,

we are just going full tilt on the mark 3 parachutes”

from the SpaceX. That is the story behind the recent launches. That is not all. There are some more.

  As I told above, these are some developed parachute systems. SpaceX improved the design of these parachutes. The design enhanced with airborne supplier systems. First of all, SpaceX completed the testing parachutes individually. Then after that, they started the multi chute tests. When seeing about the overall launches, SpaceX had performed 20 test flights. That is within eight weeks. And they performed one test every three days. That is an average measurement. 

  These above details are some small descriptions of the mark three parachutes. When writing about this, I had a thought to write about the SpaceX crew dragon vehicle even. Now we can see about the crew dragon vehicle. 

   SpaceX crew dragon vehicle 

    Do you know that all the spacecraft made by SpaceX are reusable??? It is true. The SpaceX engineers made these kinds of spacecraft reusable to minimize the production cost. 

    Today I am describing Dragon 2 or the crew dragon. This vehicle is even a reusable crew vehicle. The successor of the Dragon 2 is the Dragon cargo spacecraft. 

  And there are some unique features of this dragon vehicle. Some of them are the larger windows, new flight computers, avionics, and solar arrays. This space vehicle has a major purpose. That is the transportation to the International Space Station and cargo transportation. Also, it has a designed time for about one week. On the 2nd of March 2019, this space dragon was launched. There are two planned variants. That is the crew dragon and the cargo Dragon. Crew Dragon is a capsule that is capable of carrying about seven astronauts. And the cargo dragon is an updated replacement of the original dragon. 

Crew Dragon

   In other than the above, there are some more specifications of the crew dragon. What else???? 

    This crew vehicle can carry 3307 kg to the International Space station. There are facilities to travel about seven people to space.  Other than that, there is a three-screen control panel, a toilet, and a docking hatch. 

  And it has eighth side-mounted super dragon engines, pairs of four-engine pods. Even those each pod consist of Draco thrusters. Those are using attitude control and orbital maneuvers. There is an unusual trunk. This crew dragon is the third structural element in the spacecraft. There are heat removal radiators, and the solar panels consist of it. 

   This above are some details about the crew vehicle. I think now you know more information about crew vehicles. On the 11th of January, you will know more than this amount. Also, you can search for movies, science, tech on this site. Stay with us forever.


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