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 I know that you are puzzled by the topic itself. What is that the explosions.?? Shall we even will affect by this?? Sometimes you have heard about this. But we have to know about with a detailed description. Therefore I thought to tell you about that. Before moving to the report, I have to tell you something about the sun. There are even many details about the sun. That is not so easy to brief. Somehow we have to do. 

    Then you know how the sun affects our living beings. Even small children know that without the sunlight, we all cannot survive. We all mean the human, animal and plants and trees. They all need sunlight. The earth’s location is a suitable location for a living habitat. Earth receive regular sunlight. Sunlight has to fall at a medium level. It doesn’t want to be not exceeded or else, no minimum level. And you know the critical process in the world. It is photosynthesis. To. Photosynthesis sunlight is the most effective factor. Even those are the advantages. But you know there are disadvantages to it too. Exposing sunlight sometimes cause some disorders. And there are some more. 

  Then I think this is the perfect time to move a detailed description of the sun. Through that, you can know the in-depth details about the sun. 

  Our sun

 I think you know about the stars. We believe we can see the stars in the night sky. Do you approve of this sun as a star too??? But actually, the sun is a star. Sun is doing very significant purposes. In one second, the sun has the ability to convert 4 million of matter to energy. How fast the sun?. Can you imagine the fast? As well as that sun is a luxurious element star. This is the brightest object that can be seen in the sky. The light was travelling to the earth horizon in 8 minutes and 19 minutes from the sun horizon. It takes two minutes less if the sun’s point is closer to the earth. That is a fantastic star. 

   The mass of the sun is 330,000 times the mass of the earth. The diameter of the sun is about 1.39 million kilometres. In other words, it is about 109 as the earth diameter. The main constituents of the sun are hydrogen and helium. Oxygen, carbon and the Neon are the other minor elements. About 75% of its atmosphere consists of the nitrogen while 23% of its atmosphere consists of the helium — this massive star in a spherical shape. Sun is classified as a G type star as well as that this is called a yellow dwarf. The centre part of the sun is too hot. That heat doesn’t affect the earth. It is because of the location of the planet. Earth is in a medium distance from the sun. 


      This is a speedy rotating object. The energy that is stored within the sun is emitting as the sunlight.  The compounds that sun is containing are inherited when this star is formed in the interstellar medium. The heat transfers to the outer space from the sun by the radiation method. The primary process inside the sun is formed with hydrogen and helium. After sometime helium gas can accumulate in the inner core of the sun. First of all, scientists thought that the composition inside the sun is the same as the composition in the atmosphere. But finally, it had proved. 

   Now through the above paragraphs, I told you about some exciting details. For study more there are spacecraft launched. In the future, there will add more to this above facts. Then we will pay our attention to the central point about the sun. 

    I told you about an explosion inside the sun.  I think then you have any questions. What kind of bombing is that??? That is a magnetic explosion. 

 The magnetic explosion

    Yes, that is a magnetic explosion. Even scientists haven’t seen that before. That found out through NASA ‘s Solar Dynamics Observatory. Later you can know some more about the magnetic blast. Then the spacecraft spied the explosion in the scorching upper reaches of the sun’s atmosphere. Plus an extensive loop material launched by an eruption on the solar surface. Then it started falling back to the sun’s surface. 

  Then this magnetic explosion is called magnetic reconnection. NASA announced this on the 17th of December 2019. Their statement as follows. 

  “scientists have previously seen the explosive snap and realignment of tangled magnetic field lines on the sun, a process is known as Magnetic reconnection but never one that had been triggered by a nearby eruption. The observation which confirms a decade old theory, may help scientists understand a key mystery about the sun’s atmosphere, better predict space weather, and may also lead to breakthroughs in the controlled fusion and lab plasma experiments. “

    In the above, I told you that this has never seen before. But about fifteen years ago scientists have predicted this kind of explosion. Actually, it was first theorised before fifteen years. 

 Then above these are few records about this magnetic explosion. Then you can know more details about this magnetic explosion. What is the magnetic blast of the sun??? 

        You can understand it through the idea of Abhishek Srivastava. He said that ” this was the first observation of an external driver of magnetic reconnection”. And even this had been seen as a spontaneous reconnection. This region needs to be with just the right conditions, such as having a thin sheet of ionised gas or plasma. 


   You know that the magnetic lines are invisible too. Plus you know that these are observed through the SDO of the NASA ‘s Solar Dynamic Observatory. That used to keep at a wavelength of light showing Particles heated 1 – 2 million kelvins. Then the observation allowed them to see the forced reconnection event for the first time in the solar corona. That is in the sun’s uppermost atmospheric layer. There are images that were taken within an hour. Then the corona is millions of degrees hotter than the atmospheric layers below. And some other solar eruptions could have forced reconnection. Here the solar erupting are like flares and coronal mass ejections. 

   This magnetic explosion is a significant incident for scientists. Therefore they haven’t stopped the experiments yet. With those observations, scientists can understand the mechanism behind the magnetic blast. 

   Then I came to the end of this article. I think I told you some essential and useful details about the magnetic explosion that took place in the sun. We can expect these kinds of the phenomenon in the future too. we have many articles about NASA, SpaceX and also about space science. do you like to know more? click the science and technology category is above the article.


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